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  1. Or maybe the packaged account charges that was linked to your account forced charges to inccur
  2. I think that packaged accounts started in 1997 - 13 years worth Will they provide?? I'm not so sure
  3. Ps the debt is £4400 and there's bank charges but I've tried and failed on that one
  4. If anyone could help with what the packaged accounts fees were prior to 1992 I'd appreciate or if you have a rough idea I'd appreciate Thanks dx I just got to get and idea what the value will be also what compound to charge
  5. Hi people I know your the best in the business so I would like your help I have a old bank account with Lloyd's tsb I ditched it in 2010 because of the CSA long story it's still on my credit file but I feel it's statute barred but what I'd like to do is claim packaged bank charges I had the account from 1986-2010 so I make that 24 years I have never claimed and since 1991 I have been self employed , I was never explained why I needed it? I'd love to give this a go and win this one!!!! I'd like your help please
  6. 7th April I appreciate your help I would like to set up a debt plan but not sure how to move forward with this esp as my ex wife is splitting blood She was never that calm
  7. Basically no They sent the forms to ex wife which she stuck in the bin And a guy knocked on her door to let her know the deal and she has sent me details via PDF yesterday So it was a surprise to me to
  8. I know blimey Ok debt not paid since jan 2010 not SB From what I gather they got ccj jan 2015 And have now made application for charging order have PDF file for that My ex wife has deed of trust both signed say I have NO financial interest in property They are going for a interim charging order on April 7th 2015 I spoke to pay plan today to discuss debt plan Really not sure on next move Btw it was a Lloyd's cc and Cabot own debt and they are represented by Restons
  9. Long time no hear but need some assistance That credit card for Lloyd's has come back to haunt me Checked my credit file and they have given me a ccj But worst of all they are trying to get my ex wife's house Ok Run Debt £5580 now with £600 court costs So £6180 Restons have got a charging order on my ex wife's house as she never took my name off mortgage when I left 11 years ago I am also on the land registry But she has a 0% interest declaration of trust And she hates me !!! I can't afford to pay it obviously Any advice would be welcome
  10. My advice Shop her...... Drop her in the poo!!!!
  11. Um, my ex doesn't pay for school trips, trainers etc, so I don't have it both ways, what's your point No..... You recieve CSA! That's my point ......... You use CSA guidelines Once 18 no more---- stop moaning simples
  12. No jadey u receive CSA So WHY should u have it both ways That's what's CSA for What I'm Trying to say is .......... You chose to receive £ from CSA then stick by there rules
  13. Önce They turn 18 They are are suppose To be responsible for themselves! You girls Will never learn
  14. 18 or in employment I USE to pay school trips/ new coats every year/ Holidays/trainers etc! İ Just pay csa....... NOTHİNG else Thats for The PWC now You cant have it both ways ladies
  15. Hi honeybee Not upset but not gona play te csa game anymore Sorry
  16. Yes Try to agree a private agreemant
  17. I mean can you imagine Mr Dennis are you paying child maintenance? Yes your honour direct to my daughter sEND HIM TO JAIL Bull
  18. I want everybody to know on this consumer website that 1. I will never pay csa again 2. I will never pay my ex again 3. I will pay my daughter who's nearly 15 on a weekly basis And I will post up all the results of my quest! The csa has to go........... I am a free man I really can't see a judge ailing me because I want to pay my daughter Can anyone..... I mean seriously would it go tat far???? If it did I'm going to te bloody papers with a story to sell
  19. True I must agree with you Lille But who dragged in the csa Me or the ex? It's all about understanding I have heart and soul My ex has bitterness Sometimes you gotta fight for what you believe in I'm one of these people Sorry if that offends you but I don't believe in being controlled!
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