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  1. Have spoken to the council today, they seemed to think we have to deal with the baliff, but i'll be speaking to them again tomorrow- might have a wander into the offices to find out, face to face tends to work better in any case. As far as the baliffs concerned, is there any point in contacting him again? don't want the guys still living there to get an unwelcome visit
  2. Just wondered if anyone could help with this A bit convoluted but here we go Have discovered recently that there's been a baliff visit to the house I used to live at regarding unpaid council tax for last year. The amount in question is the bill for the whole year, which was left unpaid for a number of reasons, lack of funds etc. Now in a position to pay all of it off, but having read some of the stuff on here and looking at the correspondence from Equitas and their charges, I don't feel particularly inclined to have anything to do with them. The complicated part of this is that the n
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