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  1. Do you think it's best to wait and chase hc for dn and terms
  2. I wouldn't say confident but would they not have got this when they sent the agreement and statements etc
  3. i am just thinking its taken almost 3 months for them to provide the docs so far. If they dont have the DN to goto court then its pointless anyway - isn't it?
  4. Should I not put a defence in about the agreement and then add a clause so I can ammend the defence later once CPR request is responded to?
  5. I will file the defence online now but just need help. not sure what to do
  6. i was told not to file until i had docs as have been furnished - hc have not done anything apart from tell me they are granting an extension
  7. but i can file it online - i have been waiting on cpr
  8. Acknowledgment of Service was received by the Court and processed on 21 December 2009
  9. Claim received: 18th Dec 2009 Acknowledgment: Yes
  10. I was going to file an embarrased defence for now but unsure of what to do. What do you think about the credit agreement?
  11. I spoke with them on the 17th march and that have said they will get the default notice and terms - they sent me that letter to say they will give a further 14 days from when they supply the info but surely I should be filing a defence anyway? what do you think?
  12. I dont really want to wait another month or two for HC to send the default notice and terms/conditions etc.
  13. They have failed to provide the default notice under the CPR 31.14 request. I think i need a shorter defence as 8000 chars max on moneyclaim online. I think the credit agreement is missing prescribed terms as well - and it seems to refer to itself as an application form. At the moment HC have said I can have more time but this case was sent on the 18th december 2009 and i think it looks bad on me that no further action has been taken more than 3 months on.
  14. Notice of Assignment HC-NOA-MODUPL.jpg picture by creativealpha - Photobucket Alleged "Credit Agreement" ccaclf.jpg picture by creativealpha - Photobucket Allowing More Time (good of them) HC-TIME-MODUPL.jpg picture by creativealpha - Photobucket Allowing even more time HC-MORETIME-MODUPL.jpg picture by creativealpha - Photobucket
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