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  1. Hello again An update on this situation and would be grateful for some advice as to what my next move should be. Regarding the Current account overdraft I took the matter to the Ombudsman, basically with a complaint that Natwest claim an outstanding balance on the Account an I say their isnt, providing evidence. The Ombudsman has NOT upheld my complaint and just bangs on about 'Charges' being fair (Suprime Court determination etc) It would seem that the fact I have paid the bank MORE than owed since 2005 has been ignored. Naturally I have rejected the decision. My challeng
  2. Hello all Just looking for a bit of info regarding an offer I have had to redeem a mortgage on a by to let property with substansial cash back. I have a challenge that it would seem that adverse credit (late payments) on a property that I sold (residential) in Aug 2010 means that I am struggling to find a lender to take on the property to re-mortgage. Other that that my credit history and score is good no CCJ's or Defaults. Can anyone enlighten me as to any ways around this challenge...would the lender in question who has their loan satisfied be willing to remove the entries if
  3. Hi again My claim was originally rejected by Nationwide, I refered it to the FOS but this morning I recieved a letter from them. Nationwide have agreed to settle based on the ombudsmans general approach, using Simple Interest. However all of the calculators in this forum use Compound Interest. Can anyone enlighten me as to the difference between the two and what I am entitled to? Thanks dmb
  4. Hello all I have a very interesting situation, I have an idea as to how I am going to deal with it but would be interested to hear others thoughts. I have recieved from N/West a PPI offer of around £1400. I made the compaint as I found an old bank statement showing amounts being paid and refunded on redemption, no agreement so do not know the interest rate so cannot calculate as to whether this is a correct figure and the breakdown is simply: PPI Refund xxxxx Net Interest xxxxx Additional gross int for delay xxxxx Net Interest xxxxxxx Total offer xxxxxxxx
  5. Hi TTS You don't need to fill out there form just send them another signed letter (put X's through it) and any other addresses that you have had. bear with me regarding defence. dmb
  6. So basically as they did throughout this whole saga are trying to batter me into submission because although they eventually used all of the rope to hang themselves they are offering a stupidly low amount for the work and wasted time that I have found myself spending on defending against these goons who have abused both the CCA, OFT guidelines and the court process!! Well I have a decison to make then... they have offered an unacceptable £100.00, I having taken into consideration the point raised re: set aside am at £274.00!!
  7. Nope they just sent a letter in post #82 and the only valid point raised was that I was awarded my applicatioin fee after winning the Set Aside (at which point they knew they didn't have a valid case) it wasn't part of my Bill (only the time spent and travel) and I have taken that on board and reduced my Bill by 25%. Why would I have a small risk of loosing? Because I didn't send my bill of costs without an N252? as I said in post #100 they made an offer of own costs knowing dam well that they were liable as their abuse of the process took it to a stage where a DJ ordered Fast Track, wit
  8. That is the way that I have seen it Donkey and have alluded to that in my correspondence (which I intend to send today as I am out of the country for 10 days) Under CPR I understand that once they make an offer I have 21 days to counter? So what is the process once I submit this offer, which although I won't say in the letter is a fair and final offer. How long do I wait for as response and can I then enfore the N252? or do I then only have the option of spending £300 for a hearing?
  9. They sent a letter with the discontinuance stating own costs so I sent my bill with the n252
  10. Thanks Citizen But why would they not put that at the top of the letter with their offer?
  11. Hi TTS Maybe FAX a copy of the e-mail as well...that will be date stamped on your 'sent document'. With regard the statements I can only read one, however what I really need is what you have paid off the OVERDRAFT since 2003 when the accounts were I assume put with Metropolitan for debt collection, by the time that the alleged debt found its way to CLF in sept 07 including the charges refund was that element (the overdraft) at a ZERO balance, if so your defence becomes very, very similar to mine.
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