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  1. Can anyone inform me of the number of accounts that SPML still hold and are current. Loan or mortgage accounts or both.? Have any existing customers had any dealings with any of them in recent months or are in litigation with the bully boy tactics of the solicitors and what solicitors are you getting mail from as they seem to change frequently? I have been battling with them for years and have been to court more times against them than I can remember, but have never given up fighting back. Thanks in advance for the info It will be very useful to my case.
  2. Markez, You only pay what the court order tells you, not a penny more. So your payment date changed, no big deal! It happens all the time. Trust me IF they decide to go through court the judge will certainly go against them. Further, they are putting you in a vulnerable position by demanding MORE money from you which could put you in financial hardship. Clearly they are not working with you but against you. They have a duty of care to look after clients. The courts know all about bout these cowboys and in your case they would be laughed out of court, don't forget to refuse the notorious third party charges which they seem to slip on to the account. i know you maybe feel the underdog but stay strong , you are making the payments all they can do is threats and more threats , this is harrassment and is now a serious offence which can result in them facing the FCA AGAIN with more sanctions or revoking the licence. Just think of all the stress and worry over the years they have put you through, it's harrassment. !!! if all the VICTIMS stuck together and provided the FCA with evidence they would act a lot faster than they do. above all at this time my advice is Do not contact them but if you feel you have to record every second of it because they deny everything. My saga has been ongoing with them for over 10 years and they have tried every trick in there underhanded book, from false accounting to misleading the courts with pure B******t. Interestingly, they have just changed solicitors again, maybe the old firm realised they were complicit in illegal activity they thought to get out while the goings good! it will all come out in the wash very soon I'm certain of this. keep fighting keep strong keep records keep off the phone. best wishes
  3. Lester, We, as in most of the normal working class , were not informed by phone, txt, email or god forbid a letter that we knew that this underhanded deal was done in 2016 , my accounts via sar and letters confirm the sale and or accounting or restructuring or whatever Else you wish to call it, ( I have my own version) , Not long before the bricks come tumbling down on these sharks and we all get vindicated, it just takes a few judges to show some balls and agree that thee re out and out crooks who have made a very healthy living out of the underclass or the ill informed , fight fight fight al, the way at court and have the confidence to challenge everything they say because it's all make believe, and ask the judge not to award costs at any level. Let's get the top people to face the judges and not the underlings who are trying to make a name for themselves and get more businesss for there clients . They know it's not within the law but money is money and they also need to pay the bills or just keep there job as most are on targets these days. But honestly, they take an oath and it is severely compramised when they are telling "untruths " in front of the crown. I hope that when this is all properly exposed the solicitors who represent Kensington and SPML and other similar outfits are struck off the register for life. Can they pay there bills when they are out of work or struggling !!!!!!
  4. Totally agree , these are clever trying to hide their ill gotten gains but we are in the case, Don't worry about May, she's finished
  5. Hi , They changed the accounts over as the company was sold on again back in November 18. Obviously no one knew this as they kept it quiet but if you ask for a statement you will see it in black and white. Apparently it's being disguised as an account upgrade to there system. Northview own Kensington now so expect your rates to go up and up. Funny enough I believe they also own Southern Pacific now and you'll never guess what it's all ran by the same crooks that ran it before. Check out the directors of SPML , Kensington and Northview , it's all the same people just appointed one day, resigned the next and appointed to one of the others for a few more months(it appears) and off again. More slippery than wet manure IT STINKS THE WHOLE LOT OF IT. Let's just keep the faith that one day soon they are all bought to justice and the luxury 6million pound homes that most of us have paid for, are subjected to the indefencable behaviour we have suffered over the years. After all , most of the Lehman outfit the other side of the pond have faced jail time so it's just a matter of time before the penny drops here and justice is dished out to these in bucket loads . As a footnote to all may I suggest a film to watch " The Big Short" it may show you how they set up this [problem] in the first place. Good luck and keep everything in writing recorded and or taped that's my advice as they will deny everything.
  6. Do not worry about Kensington threatening you with eviction, it is a standard tactic to intimidate you into surrender. REMEMBER THEY ARE KNOWN CROOKS, in every court in the land. I have faced them nearly 20 times in court and every time the judge sees through them and refuses point blank to give them possession. Do not fear them or should I say there agents as they will never show themselves in court as they prefer to call the shots behind the coat tails of others. Bear in mind in near,y all cases the facts are incorrect and they have a habit of adding hearty fees to the account. Do not trust anything they say and question everything. Do not ever speak with them on the phone always in writing recorded delivery and keep copies. One point I would also make is that when the crooks applied for repossession originally did you agree with the figures they presented to the court, i.e. They say it was xyz and you say abc? If so go through the account and if you can show the figures are false you may have a case to have the order revoked. Bear in mind you have been paying interest and solicitors costs along the way all of which are added to the loan. Trust me I. Know it's a nightmare to do but it's worth it. For me I won't stop until I see these greedy underhanded crooks get what they deserve, Good luck In my case I am still suing them for harrassment and false accounting which has resulted in several refused offers from me,
  7. Thanks for the reply. So if I get this right we can still claim back the excessive fees and charges going back to 2006. We know that they agreed to do this when the FCA had them fined back in 2010 and note that notice was modified in 2014.
  8. Hi All, We are seeking to claim back overcharged amounts on our account which go back to 2006 to date. We have made a counterclaim against them and they (Kensington) have come back with the excuse that the amount owed to us is statute barred.we have calculated it runs i tom thousands and I find this hard to believe as I thought that in relation to a mortgage we could claim back excess fees and charges up to 12 years or more , I'm not certain. Can someone throw any light on this matter as if they are correct it could mean many of its victims will never see a penny paid back. Even though the FCA' final warning document states that Kensington would pay back its customers.
  9. Hi All, Sorry to hijack this thread but I have forgotten how to start a thread. I have a question for all you Kensington / SPML victims which should spark some interest. In relation to a mortgage / loan going back to the 2006/7/8 period where clients were charged heavily for arrears, late payments and other illegal charges, does this potential claim in reclaiming fees and charges become statute barred due to the 6 year rule???? I would be very interested to hear your comments
  10. Now that is put to one side we can now concentrate on Kensington and the bad practice tactics they use to evict VICTIMS of greed and fraud. Dont forget they offered us £few thousand pound as full and final settlement but we declined it as we beleive it is 4 or 5 times that, also letters of apology and £100 compensation fess ect, When the judge saw the letters he call for an emergency hearing.They are well aware its only a matter of time before they will face the serious fraud office as all the other libor Lehman connected companies.Just hope we can set wheels in motion for a prosecution through the legal aid if we can get a lawer to take on the case. The difference is we can proove the broke the banking and mortgage codes and are preparing our case for a 45minute emergency meeting in court against them and us. any other snippets of info please send me as it will all be included in my case as evidence. As for Ascenden , we have had a reply from them offering a small amount of money and a letter informing us to take SPML to court as they sold on the mortgage. Seems like they are all starting to pass the buck now!!!!!.
  11. contacted Offficial receiver and had the apointment cancelled for a month, but supplied him with our mortgage statements ect, He called back to say he could see we have a deficit and that the offer of £1500 full and final is available from family but didnt know how long it was available for. I suggested to the OR to contact the claimant and expain. Either that or nothing will come. but this is annul the bankruptcy.
  12. I also told the bancruptcy judge that i had been in touch with the legal ombudsman and that they upheld my complaint and were taking on the case. I understood it to mean that after my interview and letters to the ombusman they were taking on the case to investigate. I asked for a letter from them to provide me with a letter for the court but it never came. No Proof on the day.
  13. i am writing to the legal ombudsman to explain whats happened and hope they will annul it pending their investigation as they have asked for all the paperwork, letters notes, emails ect previous to me being bancrupt which we are finalising now to post off next week.
  14. It is a firm of solicitors who acted for my husband on a probate matter , a price was agreed then i get double the bill. I refuse to pay, Served ccj, stat demand, Sherriffs costs with debt of 5 sherriff went away on appeal, tried to contact solicitors, offer charge, no thanks,,, offered what i agreed to pay not the service cuz the service wasnt worth it, appealed in court, something in the contract was questioned by judge , but ruled for the solicitors. This isnt a small firm but they operate in the same town as the court. Contacted the legal ombudsman to formally complain as i was advised to give them 8 weeks to try and resolve the matter, but all we got was if we didnt pay the 3750 they would continue with petition. In court they offered 1500 payment today and the balance over a period but i do not honestly believe that i agreed to 3750 only 1500 based on a pre qualifying interview regarding the matter. I have been to court, the judge made it clear what was on the table and that i should take the offer but again i stated £1500 take it or leave it. The agent declined and i was made bankrupt.
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