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  1. Hi Everyone Just an update on this, decided on issuing a final written warning rather than dismissal. I know this is putting my faith in the employee, and hopefully this faith will be repaid! Fingers crossed it does the trick and the employee will at least give his all between now and Xmas, and then if he wishes to move on to pastures new, he can do so with everyone's best wishes. Thanks for all the advice and help, it was really appreciated.
  2. Again thanks for all the responses, much appreciated. Papasmurf, in regards to targets I understand where you are coming from, however our targets are set as a framework to successfully do the job, so everyone who works for me needs to be able to achieve them, although our monthly appraisals are used to try to identify areas where people are struggling and any agree training, coaching or different ways of working which may help them. In relation to this particular employee not achieving them, I do not think it is a capability issue, as another member of staff has achieved them and in a sh
  3. Thanks for the response sidewinder, your points are really appreciated and have given me much food for thought: When you gave him the warning, did you give him advance notice that this was to be a disciplinary hearing and give him the right to be accompanied? Did you confirm this in writing and give him the opportunity to appeal? In regards to your first point in respect of the monthly appraisal where the I spoke to the employee in regards to being on the football forum during work time, the intention of this was the "friendly word approach" to make clear his conduct was not acceptab
  4. PS thanks for the person who emailed me about the personeltoday website, i wasnt aware of it. Really appreciate the tip!
  5. Yes, terms of conditions have been issued on start along with all company rules policies and rules/policies in a handbook, as I want to be a good employer! We have already adopted and followed the ACAS code of practice for disciplinary procedures, which is why the quiet word approach is always tried first. Misuse of the internet is not specifically listed as Gross Misconduct, although failing to follow a clear and lawful instruction is? His colleagues (both of less experience and more experience with the company) are clear on the internet/email policy, and the policy does refer to t
  6. I run a small business with 7 staff. Last week by chance I noticed a member of staff was on the internet for personal reasons during the work time (he was on a football forum). I was having his monthly appraisal later that day, so I decided not to say anything until then. At the appraisal I gave him clear verbal warning, reminded him of the company's internet policy (personal use should not interfere with work), he accepted the warning and apologised and so I thought this friendly word had worked. In regards to his work performance he has not hit his main target and has in fact gone backw
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