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  1. Update........ Went to court for N244 application, Other side did not bother to turn up! Judge asked what I wanted and why, explained I has made an error and suspected unlawful charges, had requested proof of debt etc but received nothing. Judge then decided to allow N244 application to defend the whole claim and also decided to slightly re-write my AQ making an order that CL Finance supply CCA, Default/Termination & Assignment Notice. So initially a good result. If CL or HC's don't supply info then I am to apply for an unless order. Keep you all posted , thanks fo
  2. Thanks for all your help everyone, Letter has been sent requesting they withdraw there case against me and advising them without a credit consumer agreement the debt is unenforceable by law. Unless situation changes I will wait 4 weeks and then try writing to the court/judge asking for the case to be thrown out, failing that do a N244 application. Not sure what HSBC can do, they have admitted they don't have original cca or default notice or any copies of them?
  3. Update.... Hearing is in 7 days, what should I be taking with me to court ?
  4. Update... Letter from court advising that my N244 application will require a hearing
  5. Hi citizen b, sorry got a bit mixed up, HSBC wants me to withdraw my embarrassed defence and submit a fully particularised one which I can't do until they provide me with proof of debt. Sent one last letter advising them account is still very much in dispute and pointing out a blank cca agreement with no terms at all mentioned does not constitute a cca. Explained that without a valid cca agreement the debt is unenforceable by law and they should withdraw there case against me. Will keep you updated...
  6. OK update... Sent letter before action to card processing company. Apparently they are a UK based company therefore they should not be processing illegal transactions? Any ideas if I am correct ?
  7. I filed an embarrassed / holding defence to this claim as they did not provide any proof to amount claimed. The POC just documented amount owed / claimant. I am thinking of sending one more letter stating:- 1) My withdraw my defence as they have failed to provide any proof of debt. 2) SHould the case go before the judge they will have to provide true copy of cca, default notice etc. (A blank agreement is not acceptable) 3) Request they discontinue there claim against me as they have no real prospects of winning Any thought?
  8. Hi CCmug, Solicitors are HG, HSBC in house team. My other case is Cohens / C L Finance. As mentioned I have heard nothing from court since they acknowledged my defence. No AQ etc.
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