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  1. ok, this is going to be fired off first thing monday morning. If i don't receive a response in the required time, then cancel the DD?
  2. Ok cool. I'll watch that thread for sure! What do you recommend i do in the meantime? Shall i cancel my DD straight away? or send them the above letter first, as per the original advice i had been given?
  3. Hi everyone, After thinking long and hard about this, i intend to follow through and fight Welcome Finance all the way (whatever it takes). I had initially decided to start paying them a set amount every month (£40) - and then 2 weeks ago i recieved an income and expenditure form from them, basically saying they wanted me to up the amount or they would DEMAND the rest of the amount in full. I phoned them and upped the DD payments to £50 per month, which they accepted. However, now reading this forum some more, and plucking up the courage i'm ready to take them on. Shou
  4. Surely you could sue your ex employer for Libel, since they have damaged your reputation by claiming you were doing something illegal, which you were not.
  5. Ok, so tomorrow i'll send this off and i'll post the reply (if/when i recieve it) on here. I'll also phone the bank and cancel the DD. I'm going to have to find out their bank details i guess, in order to set up a standing order. I bet you that won't be easy? Or perhaps the bank can use the DD details to make it into a standing order? Again, thanks for the help!
  6. Thank you for the speedy responses. So should i cancel the DD and set it up as a standing order instead? I'll send that letter out first thing tomorrow morning, recorded delivery. One thing i am concerened about more than anything else here is winding them up so that they then request the full amount oweing. At the moment they are saying that i could pay £2000 to settle the entire matter. If i persue this, is it likely they'll take that option off the table?
  7. I was sent the letter below a few weeks ago by welcome finance, on a loan i had taken out with them 2 years ago. I phoned them up after recieving the letter in order to arrange payment. I had been intending to make payment to Welcome Finance after i had started working full time again last year - but as i hadn't paid them in quite some time, my account had apparently been moved to a DCA, and thus any attempt to actually pay them was put off. I was told a couple of months ago to do nothing until i hear from the DCA. So that's why i hadn't paid welcome finance. And then this letter arr
  8. The CC and loan company do not have my current address. So should i contact them in order for them to send me a letter? Otherwise, anything i send them will not get responded to at the correct address. They are both around 2 years old.
  9. For the HSBC overdraft one, no suprisingly not. The amount owed is the amount used by us at HSBC. Although curiously, we had no overdraft facility, yet somehow they allowed a couple of cheques to go through. I'm not disputing that debt, just suprised that they gave us the ability to spend money in an overdraft that doesn't exist, and that they've passed it onto a supposed solicitors for collection. With regard to the loan company and credit card company - should i just sit tight and do nothing?
  10. Hi there, I'm new to these forums, and have spent the better part of the last 48 hours reading before I registered. I've been through financial hell for the past 2 years - although having read some of the nightmare stories on here it sounds like i might have had it easy. I owe a few debts, all of which are with DCA, and i'm now at the end of the tether with them. Some background... A couple of years ago I took out a small unsecured loan (£2000) with Welcome Finance. It was registered at my old address, and I was due to work a couple of months later with a new company and w
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