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  1. Hi Just thought I’d drop in with an update I replied to Northern Sharking Services using the letter provided by ericsbrother on BudgieH’s thread. To date have heard nothing further if I do, I will of course be back. N
  2. I’ve been closely following BudgieH’s thread as our situations are almost identical not just the same car park but if that’s his Renault Clio in his photographs the same parking space. One difference in our situations is that having done some reading on the site I did not bother with an appeal and so have never confirmed the identity of the driver to NPS. Would I still be okay to use the reply recommend on BudgieH’s thread or does this change things? Many thanks N
  3. Okay, hope I have done this right, NPS.pdf
  4. Okey dokey, I will sort when I get home this evening. N
  5. DX and EB Many thanks for prompt replies I have all paperwork sent and pictures of signage taken at the time, do you want me to post them up? You make a good point about different companies I notice address on NTK is Newcastle address on letter of claim is London?
  6. Way back on the 28th. June 2016 Northern Parking Services issued me with a ticket for parking on private land. I had purchased a ticket but apparently ticket machine was for adjacent on street parking not for the area I parked in. I didn’t post up at the time just did some reading on the site consensus seemed to be that an appeal was a waste of time and may in fact damage my position and best to ignore. Now 3 years and 4 months later I have a letter of claim, do I need to respond to this or just wait to see if a county court claim form appears? Many thanks N
  7. Thanks EB She did have insurance so I will check out the T&Cs and come back N
  8. Morning, I would appreciate some advice if possible. Daughter was recently returning from Alicante to Leeds Bradford with Ryan Air and her flight was delayed for just over 5 hours. I accept the weather around Alicante that night was very bad, and many flights delayed, also Ryan Air were very forthcoming with letters confirming the length of the delay advising the passengers this was to assist them with claims via their travel insurers. I assume from this that Rayan Air will claim the bad weather constitutes exceptional circumstances and they are not liable to pay compensation. Only thing is during the time my daughter was delayed Ryan Air had other flights returning to the UK which took off on time, in fact my daughter and other passengers were made to vacate the gate where they were waiting to allow one of these flights to board. Basically, is it worth submitting a compensation claim or would I be wasting everyone’s time? Many thanks Nosnibor
  9. Morning All, Just to update, I wrote to CDS Global saying that I acknowledged there was a debt outstanding to Future Energy and that I would be happy to settle this but only upon receipt of a bill not backdated more than 12 months and based upon accurate meter readings (which I provided) Basically, they ignored this and adopted the usual DCA tactic of sending me text messages asking me to call them as a matter of urgency, however, I have now received an interesting e-mail stating that as they are a debt collector and not subject to OFGEM regulations then the restrictions on “back billing” do not apply??? I’m pretty sure this is nonsense but would appreciate any advice on how best to respond or if in fact I should respond at all. Many thanks N
  10. Thanks DX, I will amend my letter, best to at least appear to know what I'm talking about:wink: N
  11. Thanks for the advice so far, could you have a look at the attached letter and tell me if you think it is okay to send? N Future.pdf
  12. Morning folks, Based on the info from you guys and the meter readings I have (I continued to send them even though they stopped providing bills) they would owe me money!! What would be me best move now, write to them pointing out the “back billing” regulations, providing the meter readings I have and requesting a revised final account? Thanks N
  13. Thanks for that Andy I will have a read when I get back from hospital visiting:|
  14. Hi, Sorry have taken a while to come back, Dad taken into hospital at the weekend:| Ericsbrother that is interesting info regarding back billing sorry if I'm been a bit thick just need to get it clear in my head before I open my mouth:wink: I received demand for payment from the administrators on the 20th July 2018 does this mean they can only bill me back to 20th July 2017? Many thanks N
  15. I was a dual fuel energy customer of Future energy, joined them in August of 2016 I provided them with accurate usage figures for the previous twelve months and they set my monthly direct debit figure. Service wise it was poor from the outset their web site never functioned, just constant messages saying they were working on it and the service would be available soon. Unable to access bills on-line I was reliant on paper billing and in May 2017 even this stopped! I telephone Future on numerous occasions to express my concern that I was not receiving bills and that I was worried that my monthly payments may not be covering my usage, I was always reassured that if that was the case I would be informed of the need to increase my monthly direct debit. Fast forward to March 2018 when I receive a letter from Green Star Energy informing me that Future had gone bust and they had been appointed by OFGEM as my new supplier. I have now received a letter in the Future colour scheme with Future energy logos, but which is in fact from the administrators, they have meter readings for my electricity supply but apparently, they have no readings opening or closing for my gas supply. They have therefore estimated my gas usage and on that basis, I now owe them £700!! Questions Did Future Energy have any sort of duty of care towards me with regard to the management of my account providing regular bills and so keeping me informed that I was accruing a negative balance? After all its far easier to increase monthly payment by £30 or £40 than pull £700 out of the hat. If Future did have any duty of care as they have now gone out of business is there anything I can do? In any event can the administrators force me to pay an estimated bill? As always thanks in advance for any guidance or advice. Nosnibor
  16. Thank you all for taking the time to reply, it is very much appreciated, bit of a difficult situation on the one hand I can’t allow anyone to take advantage of her, on the other hand grateful she has secured an apprenticeship doing something she loves. I am minded not to do anything hasty, going to make inquiries at the college to see if they may be able to help, if they could have a word rather than me it may perhaps be less likely to rock the boat. Nosnobor:wink:
  17. Good morning everyone, I generally loiter around the financial forums so hope I am posting in the correct place? I would appreciate some advice regarding the terms of employment for apprentices. Situation is youngest Nosnibor has recently started work as apprentice veterinary nurse, attends college 9am to 4pm two days per week the other three days she works at the vets practice 8.30am until 7pm. Reading from the GOV.UK website it seems to suggest she should be paid for time at college, in fact I thought this was the case, however, head nurse at the practice apparently says it is not. I say apparently as small Nosnibor is rather shy and not good at raising issues like this, so it may well be down to me to very politely raise the question and would just like to be sure of my facts first. Thanks in advance.
  18. Thanks Andy, I was pretty sure that was the case but nice to have confirmation, I will ring the court Monday. Any thoughts on the mediation thing? N
  19. Morning All, Sorry that my visits are a little intermittent, life’s a bit hectic just now. I was just wondering as this case will no doubt go to mediation have I anything to lose by going through that process before reissuing the claim on paper? Also I have received notification from the court that the claim has been transferred to Liverpool, defendant’s solicitors are in London and I’m in Middlesbrough is this normal? Many thanks N
  20. Spoken to the court and it will cost me £100 to substitute the claimant, so on that basis probably more cost effective to let this go and re-issue using N1.
  21. O Dear, What is best course of action now, Andy
  22. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply as always, tickets paid for with Mrs. Nosnibor's Visa debit card.
  23. It would seem my ducks are not quite as in a row as I thought. Should I withdraw this claim and re-issue for the other two flights on an N1 Thanks Nosnibor
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