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  1. Hi all, Amongst my duplicate credit card copies, sent to me by a well known credit provider, were 6 pages of another totally different person. What is my best course of action here?
  2. Hi Baz, Have a letter winging its way to them demanding that they remove listing or I will report them. They also sent me someone elses details amongst the dross they previously sent me.Have informed them thaat this will alsso be reported.
  3. Hi all. I had been in dispute with Co-Op Financial since 2007 as they could not produce a prpoer credit Agreement. At the time, the debt was £2300 .I have seen them off over the years, along with about 15 collection agents. They finally sold the debt to Link Financial and along with all the overdue charges and interest, the debt is now over £6000. I nave not paid anything since 2007 and in that time never acknowledged the debt, I assumed it would be Statute Barred in December 2013. Link now tell me that the Co-op didnt default till October 2012, so not SB till October 2018!!! How can they default 5 years after last payment?
  4. Hi Bankfodder, I think there has been a misunderstanding. This "debt" was not consolidated. It became statuted barred early this year, but I think Cabot are trying it on with this new tactic. The bank have admitted that they do not have an agreement, so its a no go anyway. It would just be easier if it was time-barred.
  5. Hi, HSBC agreed that this small business loan does come under the Consumer Credit Act and none of the many debt agencies have queried this.
  6. Hi All, I have been informed by Cabot/Marlin that the attached letter sent by me in 2013 constitutes acknowledging the debt. The last payment made to HSBC was well over 6 years ago and they have since admitted that they no longer have the agreement and would not be in a position to reconstruct one. I can't see that this letter acknowledges the debt. Any views?
  7. Hi Kres, If you are sure that you are going to plead guilty, then you have to show yourself in as good a light as possible. Certainly see your GP regarding your pregnancy and certainly seek CAB advice. Have you got friends or relatives in positions of authority (no matter how low!!) who could write references for you. On the day be as honest as possible and put your story to the magistrate, as you have detailed above. I now it is easy for me to say, but worrying is not going to help your situation. You cannot alter things that are not in your power by worrying about them. Things very rarely turn out in the worst case scenario and it is possible that no-one will be any the wiser after the case. If I can help in any way, let me know. Good luck and STOP WORRYING. It will only make the situation worse.
  8. Hi citizenB, I already SAR' d HSBC, which is how I knew that they did not hold the agreement. I can also see from their records when they combined the SBL with my (closed) account. I will check the BCOBS. Thanks again
  9. Hi KRES, I used to be a fraud investigator for the old DSS, but it was years ago and things have changed. However, I am surprised that you are being taken to court on this sort of case as it is usually very difficult to prove as evidence of cohabitation is virtually impossible to prove unless the investigator was with you in the house, We used to be happy to stop the fraud and if the claimant admitted it, go for overpayment recovery. I am surprised that you are pleading guilty, no matter what unless the evidence is compelling. Did you immediately " put yours hands up" at the interview under caution? What sort of evidence did they have? I can understand if you don't want to discuss this on a public forum, but you can PM me if you wish. I am also confused that you do not know the amount of the alleged overpayment as they must know this as they would not prosecute for relatively small amounts . The amount should be on the prosecution papers. I do not judge you as others have done, but you come across as a nice person who has made a mistake. As for the press, the DWP will not tell them. As already said, it depends if the press are there on the day. You have hardly committed the crime of the century, but know it is about damage limitation. Speak to th CAB and if I can help in any way, I will try.
  10. Hi folks, Thanks for the quick replies. And CitizenB, yes there was PPI included and I will be going after them for that when I have got to grips with this current situation . I have already had £3000 out of them for unlawful charges in 2009, just days before the courts ruled in their favour!!
  11. Hi y'all, Would be extremely grateful for advice. Had a Small Business Loan (SBL), which is subject to CCA rules from HSBC. The repayment amounts were made from my current (Trading As) account. Got into financial problems 2008/2009 and closed bank account in June 2009 owing them £1800. I started Section 77/78 requests regarding the SBL in 2008 and no agreement forthcoming. In fact, a SAR showed that they admitted not being able to locate or reconstitute the agreement. What they did then, without telling me, was to put the balance of the SBL, £13000, as a closing balance on my current account. I have managed to bat HSBC and about 20 of their agents off over the last few years, but they have now sold the debt to a particular aggressive company, which I don't want to name as yet, and they are now saying that the current account is not subject to Consumer Credit law so I should pay up. Whilst they are obviously correct regarding current accounts, can anybody help with this sort of issue? Many thanks for looking.
  12. Hi All, These chancers did come after me for the balance of £1300 odd in June 2012. They actually sent another letter as if they had already issued another claim form. I contacted them and they apologised, saying the letter was sent in error. I wrote back and said that I did not accept that this was an error, but a deliberate attempt to scare me. I further advised them that I would be keeping all correspondence and would be prepared to show it to a court as proof of their underhand tactics if they were foolish enough to try litigation in the future. ALL HAS BEEN QUIET SINCE THE END OF JUNE.
  13. Hi Lucky and Skemdosser. Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, I had already paid the first part of the claim, so too late to take skemdossers advice. I am not counting my chickens, but they seem to have gone very quiet over the past 6 weeks or so. Message to Lucky Lord Lucan. Would you be able to assist if these chancers come again with another claim? Thanks again to all.
  14. Hi 42 man. Thanks for your reply. Have had a quick look at Bryan Carter, but can't seem to find anything specific to partial claims. Can you possibly help further? Thanks.
  15. Hi all, not been on for some time now, but would like some advise from you wonderful people! Had a debt with First Direct/HSBC for £1700. £400 of this was for unfair charges which I had been in discussion with First Direct for over 3 years. Had gone very quiet for 2 years when in January of this year I received Notice of Assignment from Sigma Red/SPV. I notified them of my dispute with First Direct and they answered this with this claim form: http://i343.photobucket.com/albums/o473/pabrmu/SigmaPOC.png I contacted them to ask why only claiming £299.99 plus costs and they said it was to keep costs down. I then spoke to a learned associate of mine and he said that if this was him, he would pay the claim as he considered that they had shot themselves in the foot as they should be claiming the whole amount. He quoted case law Henderson vs Henderson of 1843 and this was still current law. This law states that it would be an abuse of process to make the same claim again after already starting litigation. I have no doubt that Sigma will claim that on their POC, it stated " part only of monies due", but the law states that all should be claimed. When I settled their recent claim by cheque, I enclosed a letter stating "Full and final settlement of their claim" and have not heard from them yet, except for them to state that they would now be demanding the balance of £1400. Any views would be much appreciated.
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