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  1. Default date was June 2010, the DN is faulty and they terminated the agreement due to the expiry of the default notice.
  2. Where have the other posts gone by the person who had the same issues as me? Who is your question to brigadier?
  3. MKRR is showing the defaulted loan on CRA files.
  4. My last communication with them was regarding the inaccurate default date and also the fact that my credit agreement had inaccuracies within it, such as total charge for credit, how the interest charge had been worked out, appearing to charge interest twice on fees etc. They wrote a few weeks ago stating that they were waiting for the information to come from Welcome. Have been to and fro for about 2 years now and still waiting.
  5. Heard nothing from either DG or the court since 11th November. The court letter at that time states that they have 28 days to continue or after that time the claim will be stayed and DG would have to ask the court to lift the stay. I also wrote to DG late November offering an informal arrangement to repay on the same terms as previously but I've heard nothing back, at least I've tried!!!
  6. Letter from the court stating that my defence has now been submitted to DG Sols. They have 28 days to decide whether to continue or enter into correspondence with me otherwise the claim will be stayed. At the current time is it best to wait to see what they decide to do or enter into correspondence with them myself, offering the amount they claim by way of monthly payment as was before. If they decide to proceed, will they have to then provide the information that I have requested to prepare my case? If they don't have the information, surely there is no case for them to proceed with? T
  7. Next steps for me are? Wait for the response from the court and any response from DG or is there anything else, subject to receiving from DG. Thanks Andy
  8. Defence submitted online on Saturday. As of today though, I have still received nothing from DG solicitors, I had requested a CCA agreement and a CPR request. They received it on 28th October. Do I now write to them saying they are in breach of the regulations and see what they plan to do or do I need to wait.....for whatever?
  9. Defence to be in by the weekend. Have the basics of the defence drafted. Do I at this point query the CRA information which says the account was closed 15 months ago showing settled with a balance of zero, do I query the CRA date of default being different to that stated in their POC, do I query the fact that I haven't to my knowledge received any statements that I should have received. As yet I have not received any of the information I requested on the 24th October which they have received, signed for Royal Mail. Thanks in advance
  10. Have to have some sort of defence in by the weekend and have been reading Ironroadman's thread regarding lack of information from AKTIV solicitors. DG Solicitors received my CPR and CCA request on the 28th (sent on the 24th) as well as the £10 fee which has been cashed. So how do I formulate a defence on the information I have or do I wait until say Thursday for my request and submit defence on MCOL.
  11. Acknowledged online, both requests sent today by "signed delivery". Is there anything else I can do now, next step will be my defence but until I receive documents I have nothing to work with. Thanks
  12. It was agreed with DG I think. This leads to my next question. Who do I send my CCA request to, claimant is HSBC, don't believe it was bought by anybody else although I do recall years ago Metropolitan Collections being involved although that was a few years ago if I recall clearly.
  13. In the claim form they have mentioned the agreement number, date the agreement was started, default notice and " defendant has failed to make repayment of the arrears of installments as required by the statutory default notice". As they have mentioned the arrears/instalments in their POC, is it enough for me request a statement request in my CPR request or will I still need to make a separate CCA request
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