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  1. ok, I though the language used was a bit vague, so last night emailed them again. This is the Revenues Recovery team Leader, so in theory she should know her onions! So, I wrote: Dear xxxxxxxx Thank you for your response. If I understand your response correctly: You will not recall the account from Equita, so he will continue to attempt to levy my goods and chattels. When he returns the account to you as 'refused entry' you will consider my proposal based upon paid up installments. Is this correct? If so, how long does the account remain with the
  2. ok, I have a response from the Council: In law if I recall the account from Equita I am abandoning collection which prevents the Council collecting the debt by other methods should you fail to maintain your proposed payments. If you refuse entry to the bailiff and he is unable to collect the account it will be returned 'refused entry'. At that point I will take account of any payments made direct to the Council and consider your proposal. I have noted your account that you wish payments to be allocated as instalment with additional payments to come off the arrears.
  3. Wow guys, thank you so much for all of this info. For the record, the Bailiff has not been into the property before, and so presumably he does not have the right to force entry. There is so much fear, Uncertainty and Doubt over what Bailiffs can and cannot do, so much so that my wife was in tears on Friday, until I showed her the posts up until that point. She will be much more confident now. As an update, they did not attend Friday, or indeed over the weekend. I would guess though that they will attend during this week to try their luck. In the mean time, I have written to the Counc
  4. Hi all, Thank goodness for this site, if this wasn't here I would haven into to the Equita threats long ago! We owe on last years Council Tax, but have sent TomTubbys letter to Equita and Council, and have paid using online methods both this year, and installments of last years. Ok, Equita have visited and left a 24hr notice yesterday. (No entry) No one is at home today, and my wife has been told that Bailiffs may use locksmiths to gain entry. All doors and windows are shut & locked. Surely this is illegal is it not? Is this common practice? Obviously I don't want
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