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  1. I'm doing all I can. I've never authorised anything, no credit agreements, contracts or CPA's. They agree that something isn't right, they failed at certain things and have refunded near £400 odd I think so far. There's still around a grand missing in two or three transactions. In fact whilst they froze my account and I was on the phone, another amount disappeared. Whislt my account was supposedly frozen. They immediately admitted fault and rectified this though. I've since transferred my money elsewhere to a big high Street Bank.
  2. Monzo have returned just over a third at this point. As I per the original post they seem to have got my details via the car leasing firm, after leasing the vehicle I had a half dozen or so call me re insurance and warranties. They gave quotes, all of which were above what I'd already got and no credit agreement or insurance contracts were ever signed by myself. Next I know £1100 is gone and I get this from Canford saying owe £316
  3. Thanks guys, as always. This has me somewhat concerned? Thank you for this. I've ha d a read and not really sure what I should do with it, is this them? Nothing back from either yet after emailing them re sthe above.
  4. Hi guys, have told Canford exactly that, politely and to the point. It is on behalf of ICB Insurance collection bureau working for Right Choice Insurance Brokers. Yeah, I know
  5. I'll get the SAR off pronto, I don't know how that helps but if you think it should. Will email Canford re denying the alleged debt, timeframe etc. See what happens next.
  6. Nice one, long day and this stresses me out no end. Didn't even realise it was a link. So get that off to RCIB or Canford? and as for the 30 days, a quick email or get a proper letter sent? Curious what that achieves or how it can help? Really appreciate all this help, thank you.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply, wow. The Bank is Monzo, not my main bank and they're not great at some things but they were on the ball here. Sent me a 20 plus pages letter on their investigation etc, very thorough. And they agreed to refund some of the charges amounting to around a third of what was taken. From what I recall they wanted more information back from my last correspondence with RCIB before they can do anything further, procedure they say. I'm still waiting on that and this apparent signed finance agreement. The letter from Canford Law gives 14 from today, not 30. Not too sure what the ICB and SAR are so if you guys want to elaborate when you have the time...
  8. Hi guys, I'm being chased and hounded day and night for an alleged debt of £316 which has jumped from £216 in a week. I have a letter this morning from a Canford Law on behalf of Insurance Collection Bureau for Right Choice Insurance Brokers titled Notice of Intended Proceedings. that they are instructed that I am indebted to Right Choice Insurance Brokers and that unless its paid in 14 days, its further proceedings without notice etc and, that unless satisfied they will instruct Enforcement officers to visit me and apply additional charges. Also, in bold, that they do not hold any copies or copy of the above mentioned company or their files. And that I should contact ICB immediately to arrange payment. they have no agreement or signed documents but pay this money now? Its like me saying to them pay me £316 because I say so! that's where I am at, and the calls and texts and letters are beyond the joke. This all started when I purchased a vehicle and I received calls for insurance quotes and whilst they shouldn't have passed on my details and I was pissed, the more quotes I got the better I thought. Now I need to make this clear, at no point have I signed anything, They did send quotes, various and they did send the associated schedule of the payments for me to print sign and return etc. However I never did as the premium was ridiculous, no use at all. Then, over the course of a few weeks some £1100 was taken from my bank account. I spoke with the bank who immideietly blocked my account and launched and investigation. So far they've refunded a third and agree I hadn't authorised this. I sent an email to right choice asking them what then hell was going on and to immidetaly cancel anything in my name, I had signed and agreed to nothing other than a quotation. They kept demanding payment for an account that Id yet to sign for and eventually a month and a half later sent an email stating my supposed account had been cancelled and to contact them regarding outstanding fees. usual standard stuff and simply ignore what I say or write, or the fact I've never signed for an account. Ad that brings us to todays letter from Canford Law. I definitely need to take my own action to get this money back and find out what is going on but meanwhile, what's the best way to deal with this letter and these guys? Its like they're saying pay us because we say so, they even admit not having any documentation that I owe anything, just somebody's word. Ludicrous. I appreciate all help and advice on this, I really do. Phillip
  9. Thanks, have done that but no reply as of yet. Do you happen to have or are able to link me to a template letter before action if there is anything specific I should be mentioning? At this point I'd like to be prepared to go ahead and claim at least my costs as I've had my phone cut off due to the unexpected extortionate bill I wasn't exactly budgeting for. I'm certainly unable to pay this month and phone company not interested. Obviously this may now impact my credit file if they decide to go that way. Its all getting a bit ridiculous and farcical to be honest. Near 5 months of promises it'll be sorted now, how hard can it be to send me a correct statement?? To be honest, I don't even want to pay even if they do at this point.
  10. Thank you for the quick response and the email, I shale certainly say hello. Much appreciated. I received a fairly plain scanned letter this morning from Shop Direct saying they are investigating my complaint ( finally? ) and will provide me with a final response by the 23rd August. That's something I suppose and lets say they do amend things and send me a correct statement, I've still been miss sold and would like to claim back my expenses chasing this. As stated at this point, its probably more than what I would owe them.
  11. Hi guys, In need of some advice and guidance regarding a credit agreement with littlewooods. In March this year our Television broke and so I sought a replacement. As it happened Littlewoods had some offers on their range of TVs and combined with a new customer discount tis made for a good deal on the TV I was looking for. Combined with their 12 month pay later 0% this seemed a great way to get the TV quick and set the money aside to pay for it at Christmas when I had a bonus due. Upon ordering the TV the representative on the phone struggled to get the order through, first the code wouldn't work, then something else, the the wrong finance plan, the wrong item but Finlay I was able to pay £250 deposit and place the order. The rep assured me the code would be added to the order, the mistakes he'd made ordering it twice rectified and not to worry. TV arrived as promised, just the one, everyone happy.........until the statement arrives the following month. Not only had the discount not been applied but the finance plan was over 3 months, not the 12 at 0%. These two things are what swayed me to buying the TV in the first place. Without, I'd have been better off going elsewhere. I called them, after about an hour of being passed from one place to another I was finally assured not to worry, told to ignore the statement and minimum payment and that following one would be correct and show what I'd actually signed up for. Not only did this following statement not show this, but the amount had increased and a default and missed payment charged added. This has continued each month. Me spending £50 or so and hours on the phone to them with promises of someone will surely call me back, it will be put right and not to worry. Not only have I never received a call back but the statement amount continues to increase despite their acknowledgement it is incorrect and their mistake. It may only be a trivial amount of a few hundred pounds but that is a lot of money to me and something I have to work every hard for. With the time off work on the phone and the cost of calls it adds up to more than I should owe them! Where do I stand on getting these expenses back and sorting this out as 4 months on and it still continues. Its pretty stressful and worrying and I shouldn't have to be spending days on the phone in then little time I get with my family running up expenses chasing a problem they freely admit is there mistake inn the first place. What to do? All help and advice appreciated.
  12. Hello mate, Look Ive done all thats been asked and or acted on every piece of advice given. I just dont get the time to update things on here as often as I would like. I'll give a quick overview of where I'm at and if the chap that visited was indeed trying to collect on the CCJ (we dont know, said very little) I will find out the appropriate court and send my defence again with everything that I have to date proving it. So, to summarise if anyone else can offer advice legally where I stand I advertised a vehicle for sale, a project car I could no longer finish, in many parts and pieces but all was there to complete it. There was an error or more appropriately a isunderstanding in the advert. It was advertised as a 1994. This was indeed the year of the engine but not the car. This was explained to every enquirier on the phone. One guy was really interested, many calls and chats about the car, plenty of emails showiing the rust and bad points and we covered evrything as you would. Sent me a deposit to hold the vehicle as was inundated with requests for it. He came to view the car and after ( im assuming as you would ) deeming it ok trailered it back home. His choice, the vehicle was there for him to inspect as he pleased, I ahd declared everything I was knowledgable of and ultimately he did not have to buy it. It was his choice. Emails then arrive stating it was not as described, hed found this and that etc etc. I have a feeling he was simply overwhelmed or did not have the skill or time to complete the work required. I offered to help sell the vehicle to one of the other buyers and duely put him in touch. I got more threatening emails demanding this and that, texts and phone calls. I took this to the police and after passing on his details I heard noting more. I then months later recieved the paper work ( late as I was away ) to defend a ccj claim for around £3400, over twice what hed paid. Gave my defnce but couldnt attend vor an exam so sent the order for that to be changed with my exam schedule. I heard nothing after that. Have since moved to Scotland to complete my Msc. Yesterday knock at girfriends door back home with a chap asking for me and some ID saying he was from hmc or something or other, she said he nevr said much othe rthan to ask her details nad then left. So thats where im at, if this is to do with that is simply getting together all that evidence again and firing it to the court the best thing to do? Are there other options? Id rather she not be pestered with knocks at the door all hours of the day and night. Being on her own with a young autistic daughgter to look after its last thing she needs and downright stressful and scary. Thougts or is the above all I can do? I appreciate all help and advice. Thanks in advance
  13. I did. Apologies for the long delay, I've been back at university and hears nothing of this since. Untill this morning when my partner called and said there was a guy at the door looking for me. She said he had ID but never showed a warrant or anything like that. He was in jeans a jacket and had a white transit van - bailiff? Anyway, she told him nothing shut the door and told me about it. Starting to bother me now. You've all been lore than helpful bur I just can't understand that buying a vehicle, AFTER deeming it acceptable, keeping it for months then demanding your money back is allowed? It just seems totally incredible? Any ideas on where to go next. Bear in mind we still don't know who this chap was, he didn't give a name or anything. Said he was looking for myself and left after pestering my partner for her details. Cheers guys
  14. I'll phone the court this afternoon and I have followed all advice given, which without I would've been stuck and for that I'm grateful for. I'm just confused where to go now and how such a thing is allowed in the first place, he didn't have to buy the car you know.
  15. Thanks Andy but I thought not receiving the documents as per the CPR rules was enough of a valid reason and they had to allow the set aside and give me my 14 days to file that defence? Any thoughts or ideas where to go next? Should I contact the chap himself perhaps as well as the court? Are there any other options?
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