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  1. I was sent very little. On return of the vehicle they requested all documents agreement copies information sent be returned, along with the log book, keys, original purchase agreement, Volvo and any further warranties and anything else that came with the car or they would levy some pretty big charges. As I was under the impression by Their staff that this would be the end of the matter and nothing further due I did as asked and returned it all do as not to have the charges they were threatening.
  2. Nice one, that's what I need to know. I'll get on it, draft something and post up any response I get. Again, thanks all for the help
  3. Thank you, both. So a strongly worded letter based around all the above is the place to start? Is there a template or anything in particular I should mention in it. I don't know if any you happen to have better address, email to send it and a copy to rather than the standard customer service line, or would that do. Again, thank you very much. I'll keep things updated
  4. Thanks for the response. It needs dealing with and figuring out now, I can't just wait and hope nothing further comes of it. We intend to buy a home in the next 6 months, so I need to do something. Looking like some sort of informal arrangement and challenging the amount and fees is the way to go? I have no idea whether it was VT or VS it seems. Certainly somewhat uninformed even if the cheaper alternative would only be by the £500 you pointed out. How does one go about this, challenging it. Email, write a letter, solicitor etc?
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a read shortly. I did read and know about the £3 million or so fine they received the beginning of the year yep, something in my favour I guess. I'm just concerned contacting them could lead to all sorts of problems seeing as though it's been this long without a word. They did my but in and were as abusive as could be up until I used the word solicitor and court. Not a word since. I'll give it a read and if you've words on how to proceed, please do and we'll see what comes of this.
  6. Seems pointless yes. What would or could even be successful grounds to challenge it knowing what we do and all I've recalled? Payments could be possible but I don't have £8k laying around, I wish. Covid 19 has put me on universal credit and part time hours. The letter stated the balance owed at that time and the chap I spoke with said the sale of the vehicle would cover it. Again, I think this is my missunderstanding from the looks of it.
  7. Not really even sure where to start, totally lost with this. Is it worth the no doubt endless hassle emails and effort for a small recovery fee? Them knowing my address and starting to chase up this entirely? Really at a loss but thanks guys. Maybe fire an email or letter and see what comes of it. No ccj or contact in over a year? Is that odd? Has it just slipped through and been forgotten?
  8. Thanks for all the info and this, makes interesting reading. I'm just not sure where to start or how to go about this the right way. The intervening year with absolutely no word from MB regarding anything after the sale etc, only to discover this makes it difficult. I assumed all was well, what I owed at that particular time was paid ( it's in writing) and they'd given up when I threatened court for that difference. It's nuts they want this much I need to read and get my head around this. I still don't fully understand my apologies. Ag
  9. Nothing. Just listed and the associated red marks. No contact in over a year after my last email to them disputing the £1261 difference I mentioned. I assumed that was it, sold the car, covered what I owed at that point ( Ive that in writing) and they'd let it be with me threatening court over them selling the car undervalued. No ccj, no letters, emails, calls. Nothing until we discovered this a day ago.
  10. I must be missing something but thank you for that. I've totally misunderstood. with the first paragraph the VT at 50%, the return and sale of the vehicle, whether undervalued or not, is not included in that calculation? Really? I paid a grand and had the car for just over 3 months before the accident. So 3 payments.
  11. My understanding and apologies if I'm wrong, is that you'd be liable for half. With the car fetching £6650 and the discrepancy I've mentioned arguing with them. Is that not half, £7900. The chap on the phone said the car should fetch near to £8000, would have covered it entirely and they not given it away. Again sorry if I'm misunderstanding something. Wondering how to proceed now I know about this. Had we not been applying a mortgage I still wouldn't even be aware of it.
  12. I think I'm beginning to see yes. Not explicitly explaining VT or VS allows them to claim the lot I understand. The only words were termination and it's the only one I can find I put in writing to them. Then the call, and the aforementioned sale etc etc. if someone is eligible to pay half then they completely ignore that and charge the entire balance anyway, hoping we don't have a clue? How is that even allowed, there is a cheaper better alternative to deal with the car yet they just haven't used it. That's pretty bad they do that. We moved e
  13. I am struggling to find the emails for some reason, can only seem to find the replies. The employee I last recal speaking to we discussed returning or selling the car to hopefully cover what was owed and that would be it. Value if the car being thereabouts. I do remember requesting a final settlement figure at the time, posted above in case I decided to sell the car. Having spent years in the trade with contacts I figured I may be able to get more privately. Ultimately I gave it to them and I've not heard a word since. I'm not to up on the 50% termination an
  14. Hi guys, This might be a long one as I'm a little in the dark and don't seem to have a lot of documentation ( recent house move) but I've dug out and searched emails for what I can and hopefully I'll find more. I had secured a new job last September which required driving many miles and so I found a suitable vehicle, hit some brokers and these muppets actually surprisingly came back the cheapest. Car was purchased for £8500 on the 13/08/2019 Unfortunately broke my leg and subsequently lost my job 2 months later I don't have the enti
  15. I'm doing all I can. I've never authorised anything, no credit agreements, contracts or CPA's. They agree that something isn't right, they failed at certain things and have refunded near £400 odd I think so far. There's still around a grand missing in two or three transactions. In fact whilst they froze my account and I was on the phone, another amount disappeared. Whislt my account was supposedly frozen. They immediately admitted fault and rectified this though. I've since transferred my money elsewhere to a big high Street Bank.
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