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  1. Hi All, Just a quick update to let know what happened in the end. With help from a solicitor and the advice offered to me on this forum (thank you!) I put up quite a good fight. I went through two hearings in the end with different people. Unfortunately, as the solicitor told me would probably happen, I was 'believed' to be guilty. Unlike in common law, the employer doesn't have to prove guilt beyond doubt, only to have a belief of guilt. Makes it a bit easier for them to get rid of people doesn't it! However I must have put up a reasonable fight as they offered me a choic
  2. Thanks again. I've been with the company 4 years, I have been advised that I can take in a witness (and did on the earlier meeting with them) and unfortunately no, I don't belong to a union. The company does not have it's own union (apparently the last two people to try and set one up many years ago were 'made redundant').
  3. Hi thanks for all your responses, it really is helping me build up an idea as to what I can say in my 'defence'. They've now however changed the allegation again.... They are still saying I withheld the money for my own deliberate gain, which is rot and can be disproved (they appear to have removed the 'breach of mutual trust' allegation from their latest letter) But they are now also saying because we are an FSA regulated company I break the fitness and propriety requirements: Honest, integrity and reputation Competence and capability Financial Soundness Anyone hot on
  4. Thanks for everyones replies. I was notified Friday afternoon that my next hearing is Tuesday morning, however I think I need to discuss this with an employment solicitor which I cannot afford to do until payday (Thursday). Am I allowed to postpone the disciplinary to seek legal help? Also, am I allowed to record the disciplinary assuming everyone in the meeting agrees?
  5. Thanks for the response Ed1237. Looks as though I'm done though. I just got a second letter from human resources. The notes are not exactly accurate from those taken in the meeting, but they are now 'charging' me with deliberately withholding the funds for my own financial gain and also by discussing the matter with co-workers I am in breach of mutual trust and confidence provisions in my contract of employment. So now they have two things to nail me over.
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone would be able to give me some advice please? I've scoured the net but am unable to find anything similar to what I'm going through. To start with, I haven't committed fraud in my opinion, I've been stupid, but not deliberately criminal. In 2006 I closed my company pension scheme. At the time the monthly payments were better off in my pocket. The scheme administrators sent me a cheque for £200 odd (after a few errors of sending the cheque to the wrong address and then losing the cheque in their system). They cancelled the original cheque that was lost i
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