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  1. Would it be worth contacting Egg then to negotiate a settlement?
  2. Update - I've had a letter: "We are instructed by Egg Banking Plc to collect the above debt which is seriously overdue. You have failed to pay the balance of £1716 which remains outstanding despite previous repeated requests for payment (I've been paying DLC for 3 years; I only stopped recently to offer F&F!). Our client now requires payment in full to avoid further action. You must contact us immediately blah blah etc." I'm a bit puzzled. I've never really had much hassle from DLC (other than, we want more money/I don't have more to offer). Then when I offer full &
  3. > When was the last time you made a payment towards the debt ? > any chance it might be statute barred ? Nah, I was paying DLC £25/month until November last year. There's still about £1700 left on it.
  4. Thanks everyone - looks like they now own the debt, they've sent a letter to my parents' address today (I've not lived there for over 4 years) - I've not seen it yet but I suspect they'll be demanding the full outstanding amount. I'll send off a CCA request when I see the letter. That's pretty infuriating though - I was offering DLC 40% of the old debt in a lump sum within 14 days of their acceptance; I was also prepared to negotiate with them just to get it cleared as I'd managed to raise a bit of extra cash recently - and they don't bloomin' want it??!!!! Where's the logic in that?! Stu
  5. I've got an old Egg card debt which I've had DLC chasing me for over the past 3 years. I had been paying them a small amount each month but stopped recently and tried to negotiate a full and final settlement. The last I heard was 6th January when they said they would contact Egg to advise of my offer and get back to me. I've heard nothing. Today someone from Fredricksons International called and left a message to speak to me regarding a debt - I don't have anything else outstanding so it has to be related to the Egg card. I'm wondering if DLC are connected with Fredricksons? If
  6. Hi, I wonder if anyone can give me their opinion on this: On 3rd November I cancelled our buildings/contents insurance with Direct Line. I cancelled the DD and sent a letter first class. The instalment for November had been taken by that point. We got a letter back dated 5th November advising the policy had now ended. A couple of weeks later we received a letter/statement claiming we owed one month's premium for December plus a cancellation fee of £21. I checked the policy and it stated a cancellation penalty would apply of one month's payment (nothing about any extra cancellation fe
  7. Hi, I'm new (what a fab site!). Looking for a second opinion on something... A DCA are chasing my husband for a debt from 2001 - however, when we checked his Equifax record it claims he defaulted in April 2004. No payments were made to the account in 2004 (or 2003 or 2002 for that matter). Am I right in saying the debt is statute barred from 2001 if they cannot send proof that any payment/acknowledgement has been made since then? Can I also ask, are debts stat barred for 5 years in Scotland, even if the creditor (Aktiv Capital) resides in England? Thanks guys!
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