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  1. Hi annie, I'm no expert in these matters, and I'm sure someone who is will be along shortly, however why dont you pay them back the 400 you agreed to, then at least its only 100 that they will be chasing you for and accruing interest. Wink
  2. Your first loss is your best loss, scrap it, learn a lesson and dont buy french again. You could try to find a second hand engine, but they will be hard to find because they all blow up eventually and if you do find one the scrap guys no they are like hens teeth so they want a premium for them, also we did an engine swop for a guy with one of these about 12 months ago andit was a very time consuming job, and one that I said I would never take on again. Best wishes Winkler
  3. Can the queen call a election?? Because if she can why hasn't she? Reason I ask is surely it would have been in her interests, Wouldn't it? Surely she would of understood the mood of the nation in the summer? Just a thought.
  4. They could never of given the money to the people to reduce their personal debt, because the people wouldn't of reduced their debt, they would simply of gone out and spent it, thus making the situation worse. What we need is education, the populus needs to understand the situation we are in. The debt needs to be repaided, yes you heard me right people, no more holiday homes, no more extensions, no more 4x4's. I speak to people everyday who simply don't get the real problem, they think it will all go away in a year or two!! It won't and the problem for people who havn't jumped on the debt bandw
  5. Pat I'm sure someone at the treasury will think of it soon, HMG are going to need every penny they can get, for a long time........GL Winkler
  6. Balanced view,... Yes were in the site big time, the governments got no idea, the tories have no idea, and the Liberals are unelectable, but it wont go totally tits up..?? will it ???? and if it does what will that mean for the man on the street??? what do we need to do???? should we be stashing cash????? or is it worse than that? cheers
  7. I too have started to cut back although I've had to replace certain items in the house. However I would have preferred to pay off more of my mortgage. I think alot of people are doing the same, and for that reason I agree QE wont work.
  8. This has to be the "thickest" government ever!. They just don't get it, it's not that credit is'nt available, people don't want to borrow anymore because they are frightened that they may lose their jobs and not be able to repay it if the jock thinks he can just print money until we do spend hes in for a long wait, most of us have had a ball for the last 5/6 years and have woken up to the reality that it's time to pay it back!! All spending in our house is on hold, and I dont care how much money they print it's staying on hold for at least a year or two. And could somebody please post the
  9. When is this government going to wake up and smell the coffee, they can lower interest rates all they want, 0% if they like, but joe bloggs is trying to service credit card debit, maxed up to his limit, paying the minimum which is going to take him 40 years!!!. Stop giving the money to hairbrained silly schemes, and banks! Start a system to write this debt off at best, or convert them to loans from the government. But make sure that joe cant do it all over again!! Coz he will if you let him....
  10. And the longer it takes the more you pay!! Vehicles like most things now are highly specialised, complicated bits of kit. The days of some guy whoes a bit "handy with the spanners" are over. The number of times we see vehicles that someone has had a go at and screwed up, is getting alot more frequent, only last week we had a Range Rover that a guy had tried to fix using a 12v powerprobe, trouble is these days lots of vehicle systems are at much lower voltages, some even work on a signal via a optic cable, so he merrilly went round giving various systems a 12v supply, upshot blew 4 contro
  11. I beg to differ, "a mechanic is a mechanic, a car is a car". Try it ask a technician at a Fiat dealership to sort out a 2006 Mercedes cls600 that has a fault with the instrument panel. Funny the Rolls Royce technician did'nt spot the fault with the light sensor! Pub Mechanics we call um.
  12. mercedes are not a french company, sorry if I mislead. But never,ever buy french Was just a footnote. Their technology wont and it costs joe public alot of hard earned to put their rubbish right. Wait all you want, but pay in the meantime. cheers W
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