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  1. Dear all Thank you all for your advice and help, which I followed, Lowells never came back to my request for the CCA, and I never had any further phone calls or correspondence from them. I have now moved into my temporary address and we are about to reapply for a mortgage, I have obtained my latest credit report and I am worried when I apply because of an error on my credit report, and I am not sure what to do. I have both historical info showing for Lloyds TSB with an account start date of 18/6/2004 and default date of 23/12/2008 for the amount of £2,768
  2. Hi I plan on sending the failed to provide letter today or tomorrow, I have taken the letter from the library and adapted it. Could I ask would it be beneficial in ensuring i include anything saying that the letters / phone calls ceased following their receipt of my request, and shoudl these recommence it will be the harassment blah blah. Also the wording in the library letter, kind of implies i admit i owe the debt, by saying cannot provide the CCA I signed, would i be able to say, provide a signed CCA because I dont believe it exists? Thanks
  3. I thought I had replied but it isn't showing. I wrote to Freds on Thursday 24th Oct by RD, I received one call the day after, and since then have had no calls and no letters (I was receiving 2-3 calls per day on mobile and home phone, and at least 2 letters a week). If they don't respond what do I do next? As there time frame is almost up. Thank you
  4. I have been getting debt letters re the above for the past 3 years for a debt I know nothing about, there is nothing on my credit report, and all I can imagine it relates to is something from 19 years ago, which I am sure I settled before moving to my current hour 10 years ago debt free. I sent them a CCA request 2 weeks ago, and received the following response; We refer to your request for documentation relating to the above account. As we previously advised, AK is not in possession of the documents and we therefore put forward the request to the original creditor. U
  5. Dear AllThank you so far. As Fredericksons were the last to contact me, should I send the CCA to them or Llowels, I thought if i send it to Fredericksons, it would at least stop them proceeding, and push back to Llowels, but they may just reject it. Also another question, the letters all have PO Boxes should I send it to the PO BOx, or is there other addresses to send it to, i thought i would need to send it recorded delivery, and I cant obviously do that to a PO BOx.
  6. Sorry this might seem a stupid question, as Llowels have settled the Lloyds debt and now they think they own it, in the CCA letter that I have looked at in the library, do I take the bit out to CRA, or leave that in, as I am confused if they are still the CRA, or now the debt owner? Thank you
  7. Thank you both for responding so quickly, The amount owed is almost £3000. I did receive a letter in the summer from Lloyds (who I haven't had any correspondence from for a few years) saying they had sold the debt to Llowels. Then the communication from Llowels commenced. Both are showing on credit reference, although Lloyds is showing as settled at the time it passed to Llowels, although it shows my history of payments and default in the monthly tracker. Llowels just shows as defaulted, (the dates, amounts etc, all identical to the original dates with Lloyds), so the
  8. Hi, please excuse me if I have posted in the wrong area, I had a credit card with MoreThan in June 2004, in June 2006. out of nowhere Morethan stopped supplying my credit card, and the account changed names to Lloyds, and I was sent 2 credit cards in the post, 1 a mastercard and 1 a visa I think. I never signed a credit agreement with Lloyds, when they sent me the cards. Due to long term sick at work and losing my job, I got into a lot of financial problems, and defaulted on this credit card in December 2008. My last payment to them was
  9. Sorry I am back after more advice, Yesterday I said I had problems logging into the site, and acknowledging the claim, but asking for more time. the site did not recognise my passowrd or claim number. I did find an email address to send it to, and sent the court an email with a screen print, showing the problem I was having, I got a response today, just standard saying I need to log on and respond in the website (as if I didnt realise that!!). I also last night scanned the response form (N9A) and emailed that to the court to receive an email back today, saying i cant do this, if I am ack
  10. Thank you, I actually spent some time last night looking through their website, found the FAQ's, that said if you didnt want to respond online, you could by email or fax, so I scanned the documents and emailed themover, also with a print screen of the error problem as well. Once again thanks for all your help. I may be back though after I have finished with Brian the slimey snail Carter, because Wescott have started to get quite agressive with their letters to me for another much larger debt, that I intend on defending all the way.
  11. Hi guys thanks for all your help so far. The moneyserve site was down just before new year, they asked that nobody responded whilst maintenance was going on, I have logged on today as today is the deadline to respond to the claim, but when i have entered the claim number and the password, i get the following message The following errors have occurred: Claim number or password is incorrect. Which means I am unable to respond to the claim, now is this just a clever ploy from the lovely Mr Carter, or is this a problem with the website? Has anyone else ever had this problem? I hav
  12. Thank you so much for the comprehensive responses and so quickly. I will look at both the blog and thread with regard to responding if I want to pay, and also speak to my OH about challenging the debt. I am confident it is the total debt as I regularly check my credit file, and now I am back working my other creditors are all paid regularly. The date on the claim form is 14th December, and I received it on Saturday 18th December 2010.
  13. The Wescott / Lloyds debt is my other debt which is much larger than the argos debt, and I am just worried that my just paying this one, will send the message to wescott that I will roll over, when I cant afford to pay the other.
  14. I have yesterday received a claim form through moneyclaim and northampton court. The claimant is Argos, and they are being represented by Bryan Carter. This is the first I have heard about this debt in a couple of years, approximately 3 years ago, I was off work with severe depression for 10 months, with little income and struggled to pay for the credit I owed. I originally took out the Argos card in approximately Summer 2004, I think online, although not 100% sure. This isnt my only debt, and although I have managed to keep up with most of my other ones (ie getting MBNA of m
  15. I have received a court proceeding today from BC and Argos, having heard nothing from Argos in I believe about 2 years, bit shocked a week before xmas to receive this, and although the debt isnt large, and my family have offered to help me out, its almost double with the court fee, solicitors cost and interest for 1 year they are claiming. Question: Do I have to pay all the additional charges as well? Question: If I do pay, is this the end of it, and do I avoid having a CCJ Because its small I am happy to just get rid of it, but am worried as I have a much larger debt with another
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