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  1. steven could you shed some light on this hidden commisions thing,or even give me a few links where i can read for myself as to how this could make the agreement unenforceable,
  2. yeah they were nice enough to send me a default notice at the weekend
  3. i,ll dig all the information out and send it to you. i know how busy you guys are but do you mind if i pm you with a question regaurding my account with welcome i dont want to post it on here to pre warn them
  4. i too have been trying to get this information off them but no joy,i got a call today offering to reduce my payments as long as i set up a direct debit
  5. if i beleived everything welcome put in writing i would e free off them and owe them nothing
  6. im sure i was informed on this site even if you sign if the office you still have a cooling off period
  7. yeah its been quiet for a while now,i had them on phone last week when i told them i wasnt paying.the girl on the phone was very rude to say the least,i ended up speaking to the area manager who was fine.they have made a massive mistake on my secured loan which is going to let me sleep alot easier at night,thank you welcome
  8. post,we had conversation about cooling of periods for secure loans signed in the welcome office a couple off months ago,got a letter from the fos stating that isn,t correct.not doubting you in anyway,do you know where i can get it in black and white to send to the fos
  9. been told this is what will happen,feel free to correct me postggj,the administrators will keep the company running to collect on accounts while selling them off then once its not financialy feesable to keep staff and offices they will sell the toxic debt off to anyone who will take them for pennies
  10. they give you 14 days to recall unless they havnt served the charging order,once they serve the charging order thats you you have no right to appeal this.surely this is wrong in england they can setaside a ccj years after it has been granted.so if you have been stuffed by a credit company and dont realise till after the decree has been granted then you have no rights.SCOTTISH LAW IS GREAT it looks after us well eh
  11. sorry mines is a decree as im in scotland,i have read you only have 14 days to recall it if you dont do it in 14 days then its too late.now i have a company who reckon they can challenged the decree 10 month after it was issued.any views on this
  12. hi all im looking to set aside a ccj and charging order,i know this wont be easy but i beleive it can be done,any info would be grate thanks
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