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  1. Sorry, it's actually a council tax debt. I live in England. Can they legally call at that hour?
  2. Hi, I had a jacobs bailiff knock on my door at 6.30 this morning! What should I do? They're demanding full payment of nearly £1k and won't negotiate unless I let them in my house, I don't want to let them in and they're accusing me of not co operating!
  3. Hello, I know, It's a bit of a strange one. I've been looking for a stairlift for my Mum for some time, I couldn't find a decent one for under £1000 refurbished. After much searching I came across this company http://www.superglide-stairlifts.co.uk. I rang them up and explained the circumstances and our budget and before I knew it they were at my door with a stairlift the following day! I couldnt believe my luck when it turned out to be a refurbished Acorn that I was quoted £2,500 for! Thought I'd share it anyway in the hope that maybe it helps someone else too.
  4. @st24 mondeo is your case still ongoing? If not what was the outcome? What's the background of your case? Just sat in the solicitors waiting room now, hopefuly they will ease our minds a bit!
  5. Received another lettter this morning inviting my partner to another iuc!!!!! We have an appointment to see a solicitor at4.30 today so we'll explain the circumstances to them and see what happens. Anyone been on more than one interview??
  6. Hmm, I've really screwed myself by the looks of it!
  7. Bank accounts with A&L in august 2009. Is that incriminating or what!? I did receive the above. They actually had the credit application forms, they knew every ounce of information on them!
  8. THanks again for all your replies. Ok, worst case scenario. If my partner was to admit benefit fraud, what's the worst possible outcome? Bearing in mind out of the alledged 12 months 6 of them I was unemployed not claiming any benefits, she was however claiming income support hb and ctb as a single person. Jabbajones are you an investigator? Thanks again.
  9. From what I can gather, They have a new type of data matching exercise. I don't want to alarm you but it's not a pleasent experience at all, If you ever want to talk about it we're going through the same thing just PM me. What's it about, do you know?
  10. I think it's just a case of weeing-in the wind, No matter how much we plead that we're innocent, Evidence contradicts it. I can't believe how stupid we've been. I've typed a statement of things that they "want to hear", let's just hope they're going to be gentle when I tell them the "TRUTH :evil:" (what they want as a truth anyway). Thank you all for your kind words, Wish us luck.
  11. Because of all the incriminating evidence against us, Do you think it'll just be better to admit it? We can't go through all this trying to fight our corner, the odds are really against us. Would they look at it in a different light with a confession? We really do not know what to do for the best.
  12. I'm really pulling my hair out, I can't ear or sleep, I had to have the day offs work sick today. I feel drained and run down, I really need some advice.
  13. I have started a new thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/benefits-tax-credits-minimum/252186-interview-under-caution-please.html
  14. Thanks for your replies. I also have another concern, What will happen to my Job? I work for a Local Authority, Although I haven't commited an offence and it's allegedly my partner that has will I lose my Job?
  15. The unknowing of the outcome is the worst, Would you say this is a serious case? I worked it out to be circa £7500
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