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  1. Whoops, I also meant to ask, if I will be able to defend the second claim, could someone please point me in the direction of a suitable letter to send to Sigma regarding split claims and possibly the original dispute/ HSBC being unable to supply a CCA, something along those lines. Thank you very much. CM.
  2. Hello and thank you for responding, for what it's worth Andy, I did follow the link you kindly provided at #2 and it certainly helped me with my defence, so I am very sorry you feel that I didn't take your advice. I very much regret sending it by post and realise it was an incredibly stupid thing to do. At the time I felt it would be better to put it in writing but obviously that's come back to bite me very hard, which I know serves me right, but all I can do is try to make the best of it from this point forward. I assure you that I am very grateful for any help and advice that I get from CAG members. martin g, regarding the split claim, the one in question now is the standard Sigma costs which everyone here seems to get first. I assume after this that they put in a second claim for the larger balance, which as HSBC added many charges to while ignoring our contact and requests (all done following CAG guidelines) now stands at several thousands. When you say that you are only allowed to bring a claim on the same facts once, do you mean that they should not now be able to submit a second one? If we pay the first one to get rid of the ccj, will we still be able to defend the inevitable second claim? I recall reading that they are not supposed to split it up and if that is true, why do they seem to do so with everyone? I would really appreciate your input on this so I can work out what to do next. Thank you very much. CM.
  3. Thank you very much for your response, I will certainly contact the court about the situation and set-aside. Obviously, as i have very little knowledge or experience of the matter, I can only plead with you wise and wonderful CAG members to advise me on the process, because without you i am lost. In addition, could you please confirm if i would be correct in thinking that as HSBC (or Midland Bank as it was 25+ years ago, when the account was opened) could not provide a CCA at all (nor any paperwork with personal details, let alone a signature) and the fact that the account has been in dispute since 2009, they should not have passed it on to any third party? They have consistantly done so, despite my pointing this out on many occasions and I have been forced to write and argue the point with many other DCA'S prior to Sigma. They have just ignored me completely, wih it 'pinging' back and forth each time - and now this mess. As Sigma have been using this strange ploy of submitting court papers for their 'costs' seperately, in the first instance and i assume now intend to do the same again for the larger balance, i am keen to put in writing, that the account is in dispute, HSBC know this and should not have passed the matter on etc. I have also read somewhere of others, in this situation (same DCA, Court and in receipt of initial 'costs' claim for the exact same amount) and i recall other experienced Caggers advising that Sigma should not be applying to a Court twice, for the same matter, i mean they are not supposed to split their payment demand up in this manner and should only be permitted to do this once, kind of like a 'double jeopardy' scenario i presume? Would someone please be kind enough share their understanding of this point with me? I certainly don't want to make matters worse with incorrect comments, so this is very important. The worry that this mess is causing me is terrible - my husband is working ridiculously long hours, trying to hang on to his job and is also away lot. I am home alone with three children and serious health problems. I honestly don't think i can face another sleepless weekend with this hanging over my head, having panic attacks and palpitations, every time the doorbell rings, so i'd really like to get the letter off to them today. I know doing so would make me feel a lot more positive. So given the above information, should the letter to Sigma be modified from the sandard 'account in dispute' style template that i've used previously? If you can spare a little time so that i can get this done, i'd be so grateful. I am honestly thankful every day that i found this wonderful site, you are all amazing, unselfish people and have helped restore some of my faith in human nature at a very dark, trying time. I will keep this page open this afternoon, in the hope that some will be kind enough to respond. Thank you so much and very best wishes to all. CM.
  4. Hello again, I am back to ask for your help & advice following recent events that have complicated my situation regarding this post & left me distraught & terrified. I have been through some devastating personal issues recently & that's why I have not been here in a while. However, I did take your previous advice to ensure my defence was completed & posted in reasonable time. Due to events I faced at the time, I stupidly put the envelope into a post box that evening, rather than using Recorded Delivery the next morning. I recently returned & was horrified to discover that the court had no record of my defence & therefore had ruled against us. I am sickened & devastated by my own stupidity, in ignoring one of the golden rules of CAG & I know that there was no way this would have been the outcome had the paperwork been submitted correctly. They, as well as HSBC have no paperwork at all regarding the account, which was opened with Midland Bank over 25 years ago, as stated in my original message. Additionally, the account has been in dispute since May 2009 & should never have been passed on to a third party, although HSBC have contstantly handed it out to one DCA after another, despite being fully aware of this. .As this first claim was just for the DCA's 'costs' they are now obviously going to submit another one for the full amount & I have no idea what to do next. My distress over this, along with chronic health problems, mean that I am not coping at all well with the situation. I feel defeated & lost, to the point where I don't think I can face going on & that everyone would be better off if I ended it. I've let myself, my family & even you guys down by not doing things properly & I have no idea what to do to try & sort it out now. I'm also furious with myself. Please: is there anyone that can help me rectify this huge blooper? I know I don't deserve it after being such an idiot, but I just wasn't thinking straight at a very bad time & I can only say how sorry I am. I have most certainly learnt a very big lesson from it, for what that's worth. I'd be so grateful to hear from anyone who can advise me or may have been through/heard of a similar situation. Or if not, would anyone be kind enough to bring my plea to the attention of any member that you feel may be able to help me with this mess, as a matter of urgency. I will be checking back frequently today, in the hope that someone will take pity on me. I honestly feel like i'm about to lose the plot completely, so this is my last hope. Thank you very much for your time & I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, CM
  5. Update: Just wanted to let you know that after looking at the claim form in more detail (I hadn't when I posted earlier & was in a panic timewise) I have now answered my own question re the 'acknowledgement of service' & I have just submitted my intention to defend the whole claim online. This also means that it was done within the 14 day deadline. Phew! Now I have a little time to start working on the defence & I could really use some good advice for that one. Obviously, this will have to be more specific & geared to individual circumstances. I'll keep studying. Andy, I've now read through the link that you posted & have to say the defence letter that you supplied is mind blowingly awesome! Unfortunately though, our circumstances are not really the same, so I'm trying to figure out which ponts to use & how to word it so it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, as much as possible anyway. I'm presuming that the fact HSBC messed us about & were very late in 'supplying' the CCA & SAR, could be one point. Then, the fact that the credit card account was opened in the mid 80's & their response to our CCA request was a photocopy of an old Midland Bank leaflet, (which as well as no signiture, had no personal details on it at all, as it wasn't even a form). They also enclosed a more up to date blank 'sample' HSBC CCA, which of course came many, many years after the account. Their SAR respose was approx 2 years of the most recent statements & nothing else. Then there's the fact that although the account has been in dispute since 2008, it has been passed to & fro many different DCA's, all of which returned the account to HSBC each time we made them aware of the dispute. Until Sigma of course, who seem to have bulldozed in & are carrying on regardless of the law it seems.a So I would really appreciate any feedback from you wise ones, on the use of these points raised, as we attempt to prepare our defence. Thank you for your time It really is greatly appreciated. CM.
  6. Hello, apologies for my delay in posting - I had to drop everything & drive 300 miles to be with a friend who received some very bad news & only got back last night. Very bad timing with regard to this matter, as I now only have a couple of days left to do this 'acknowledgement of service' & have no clue what I'm doing. Thank you Andy for the link you supplied, I'm going to start reading now & I really do appreciate it. And to Knet2020, I was so happy to read your post. It will be awesome to be in contact with someone going through the same, though you obviously know much more than I do, so I doubt you'll feel the same about me! You are right, I shouldn't let it get to me but it's hard sometimes to keep positive when you feel scared and alone - so please don't give up on me. Have you made any progress, since your post? I'm going to make a start on the thread link Andy supplied, as 1st I urgently need to get this acknowledgement off. Am I supposed to use the form to do this, or write a seperate letter? If so, is there a template for it? At least when that's done, i'll have a bit of breathing space to try & get my head round the rest. I really hope you see this in time & I will be checking in regularly from now on, so please keep in touch.
  7. :sad:Hello to all, I am very badly in need of some good advice & help regarding a court claim form from "Sigma", in the sum of £364.99 & received last friday.This is supposedly for "part only of monies due" & is made up of fee's & costs. I did post last friday on another very similar thread, but i'm gutted to have got no response. I'm desperate for help, so i've started my own in the hope that more members will see it. I'm going to cut & paste some of that post here, as I don't know how to provide a link for it - apologies for my lack of PC skills. I will however, try to post a photobucket link here, which shows the claim form. This belongs to the member pabrmu & I hope he/she will forgive my using it & I only do so because it is identical to mine. http://i343.photobucket.com/albums/o473/pabrmu/SigmaPOC.png The account connected to this, was an HSBC credit card that my Hubby was given approx 25 years ago, by what was then Midland Bank. It has been in dispute since 2008, using your great letter templates, after a SAR gave us only a small amount of more recent statements & a CCA request yielded 2 photocopies of an ancient, damaged Midland Bank pamphlet & a modern HSBC CCA, with nothing pertaining to my Hubby whatsoever on any of the paperwork. What we were sent was way outside the time frame for compliance too. Despite HSBC being well aware of our dispute, the matter yo yo'ed back & forth between them & various DCA's for a long time, before a lull & now this bombshell. I'm finding it very hard to cope with this, Hubby works abroad, I have major health problems & i'm home alone with 3 kids. Feeling hopeless & helpless & don't want to go any further down that road, cos it leads to a very dark place. I'll be eternally grateful for some good advice, or for the best placed member/s being alerted to my plight. I'd also love to join forces with anyone who is in the same situation with this company. Thank you very much for your time. CM
  8. Hello to pabrmu, rayin & anyone else kind enough to offer their advice & expertise to our plight. I wanted to introduce myself & hopefully connect with you, as this thread closely mirrors my own & I am desperate for some help. Have you made any progress since posting this thread? Unfortunately, serious health issues have kept me away for quite some time & make it hard for me to keep going at times. So receiving my own near identical copy of the Sigma letter you have posted here, really devastated me this morning. After comparing, they are the same, right down to the date 21/12/2011, in the 'Particulars of Claim' box, name of solicitor, stating it as a demand for 'part payment' & identical amounts for claim, costs & fee's. I agree that something just feels a bit 'off' with it, especially given that this is the 1st i've heard of Sigma. The account connected to this, was an HSBC credit card that my Hubby was given approx 25 years ago, by what was then Midland Bank. It has been in dispute since 2008, using your great letter templates, after a SAR gave us only a small amount of more recent statements & a CCA request yielded 2 photocopies of an ancient, damaged Midland Bank pamphlet & a modern HSBC CCA, with nothing pertaining to my Hubby whatsoever on any of the paperwork. What we were sent was way outside the time frame for compliance too. Despite HSBC being well aware of our dispute, the matter yo yo'ed back & forth between them & various DCA's for a long time, before a lull & now this bombshell. I'm finding it very difficult to cope with this, as it's a new one on me & i'm alone with my kids, as my Hubby is contracted to work abroad. How can they be permitted to do this? Do our rights count for nothing? They've done everything wrong, ripped us off in the 1st place (won't go there) & now i'm having panic attacks (big ones) in my own home. I really have had enough & only keep going for my children. Wow, sorry to sound morbid. Please, is there anyone that can advise me on what to do with this? Just knowing someone has listened & pointed me in the right direction would help me stay strong i'm sure. Thank you for your time & best wishes to all. CM.
  9. Hello again to all, thanks so much for your input & advice, I really do appreciate it. It's been difficult to get online for the last week. as we've all been struck down with a horrible bug. I have popped in briefly to read any replies but that's all I could manage til now so apologies for that. I've come online now, to share the very upsetting incident that has just occurred here, in the hope of some more of your great advice. Despite my writing to Redwood Collections & the 2nd Davis Coleman guy, to explain the reasons that they should not be threatening to attend our home again, re the SD, I've had no response from anyone except one email from the D.Coleman guy, thanking me for my email but insisting that he would be attending at the threatened time & date, unless he was called off by whoever instructed him (by which I presume he meant Redwood.) So not a word from Redwood or Davis Coleman, either in response or acknowledgement to any of my written attempts/complaints to ask them to see reason, given that I'm in full contact with the school & that the outstanding fee amount on the school records is just slightly over £1000. Because of the email content from 'Mr Bozo of The Doorstep the 2nd' (Davis Coleman), I was quite sure that he was going to turn up, despite telling him he was not welcome & that I would call the Police if he came onto my property. Sadly, I was correct to be concerned, when he started thumping on my front door at 6pm as threatened. This in itself was completely uncalled for, given that we have a prominently placed doorbell, in full working order. It was so hard that my door was jumping in the frame & as it was just my kids & I here, we were all absolutely terrified (I'm still shaking now). The top half of the door is glass & although there was no way on earth I was going to answer it after that, I did peek round the corner to see who it was & this guy was huge, which of course scared me even more. My children were cowering with fear & I can't help feeling like i've let them down. After a while he obviously realised that no one was going to open the door, so he tried to put the envelope through the letter box. We don't use the letter box at all, haven't for years due to idiotic bully's from my daughter's old school, threatening to set our house alight. So the letter flap has been sealed off & we have a metal post box outside on the wall, again prominently placed next to the door & we have never had any problem with people/postmen working this out - until now. The envelope was the large A4 size & when he realised that it wouldn't go through, he forced it over & over again, until he broke it open, damaging my door. It then all fell to the floor inside the hall, along with his envelope & then finally he left. I haven't opened the envelope yet, cos I'm trying to calm the kids down & will wait until they are asleep. It's a foregone conclusion re the contents anyway. My Hubby's working 18hrs a day & therefore wasn't here again & i'm too scared to tell him what happened, for fear he will do something stupid & end up arrested. This has been yet another terrible & intimidating experience & I'm so scared & upset. I can't understand how people like this are allowed to exploit the legal system & then hide behind it as if they've done nothing wrong. Obviously, we are now going to have to learn how we go about the 'Set Aside' procedure & I intend to contact the school company again, to tell them what has been happening, despite the fact that they are supposed to be looking into my previous letter, which was intended to allow both parties to reach an amicable solution. I have no idea if they know the tactics that Redwood/Davis Coleman have been using to intimidate us, but I'd like to think as a Christian organisation, that they do not. I would really be so grateful for any advice or thoughts you wise one's may have, cos I don't think I can take much more & I certainly can't continue to live in fear like this. Thank you so much & best wishes to all. CM. P
  10. Hi BB & thanks for the very useful links & your input regarding Redwood. It's good to hear from someone that maybe has experience of them & their 'business practice'. Apologies, but I have obviously not explained clearly enough the situation regarding both companies so to clarify, Redwood are the ones that have been calling our landline & mobile phones for the last 6wks or so. As our numbers are x-directory & protected fiercely, they have to be the instigators as they could only have got this info from the school files. Although Davis Coleman have more recently been tormenting us, the calls from Redwood have never stopped. Then on receiving a threatening letter again yesterday (from a 2nd Davis Coleman rep) we found enclosed, a photocopy of what I presume is the SD & it states that Davis Coleman have been appointed by Redwood to come to our home & intimidate us. So basically, both companies are targeting & harrassing us at the same time. At least that's the way it seems to me now, although i've only just found this out & so have not as yet written to Redwood. I have no idea if this kind of situation is common practice. Our problem now is that the new bozo from Davis Coleman has taken it upon himself to ignore my complaint & the issues raised (including the fact that I am in contact with the school owners, who are aware of our wish to settle the matter as soon as humanly possible) & he has now threatened a doorstep SD against my Husband on the 10th October. Due to this guy enclosing the SD photocopy, I have now finally been able to get an figure for the outstanding fee's & i'm actually quite surprised as it was not as much as I envisaged - the school's final amount was just over £1000. I know that's a lot of money but given that they charge 4 times that amount per term, I thought we'd done pretty well. Of course these leeching DCA's have added on their cut, so they are now demanding just under £1500 total, which I think is outrageous - what kind of low lives think it's ok to bully vulnerable people & take a wage for doing so? It's so distressing to live like this & I feel pretty beat - if it wasn't for my kids i'd have no reason to keep fighting. I'm sorry for rambling on & really hope this makes some kind of sense to you. I feel really lost & very small so I could really do with some advice or ideas for what to do next. Once again, thank you for being there for me - I know we'll probably never meet in person but you guys are so amazing & unselfish & you've definately shown me that there is still a lot of good in this world. Very best wishes Calamoli.
  11. Hello again & thanks so much for your replies. As of yesterday, I know have an update regarding this matter & would really appreciate your thoughts a I am back to square one & pretty upset all over again. It all went quiet after my letter's to Davis Coleman (head office & their prince charming of the doorstep) so I guess that led me to believe that they had finally got the message & gone away. Additionally, my PC finally threw in the towel & as I just don't have the means to replace it at the moment, I have been pretty much unable to get online. After yesterday's developments, I have managed to borrow a friends laptop as I feel it's imperative that I'm able to contact you guys. I think without your support I'd probably break down completely. Stress & worry do very bad things to a person, as I'm sure everyone here knows - but additionally, not feeling safe in your own home is so much worse. So please stay with me if you possibly can - I promise I'm trying to stay calm! I've not heard anything further from the school owners yet, but then I wasn't expecting to as they are investigating the situation, as stated in their acknowledgement letter. All went quiet until yesterday, when we received an A4 envelope via Royal Mail (regular postage) & addressed to my Hubby. I was almost pleased to see the Davis Coleman stamp as I presumed it was a response to my complaint but sadly not. It was another threatening letter from a different 'Process Server' whose P.O Box address is for a town in a neighbouring county. This guy is quite obviously the next nearest to our home now that the 1st one is out of the picture. I have had no reply to the letter I sent Recorded Delivery to their management, so they have just ignored me & passed it on to someone else. This person most definately knows what has already gone on, as in the middle of his page of threats he says that he is aware of the complaint made against the 1st guy. This is the only reference we have that they are aware of the issues I have raised, so they must also be know that I am in contact & dealing with the school owners & that I have made a formal complaint to Trading Standards. Despite everything, this new guy is threatening to come to our home on 10th October to serve the SD on my hubby. Enclosed with his threats, is a photocopy of what I assume is part of the SD & I have just noticed that they state they are working on behalf of Redwood Collections - so that's why both companies have been at us. Is this usually how it works? I'm so confused & worried, all over again. Any advice or ideas on what I should do next would be wonderful if possible please. I can't help wondering why I try, if they can just get away with ignoring me & carry on regardless. Thank you for being there & best wishes Calamoli.
  12. Hello again, apologies for not updating sooner, especially after such great support & advice. I've been wanting to get online for days but with perfect timing, my PC went loopy & it had to go off for therapy - have to say I wish I could've gone too! Rockwell: thanks once again for making me smile (2 in the space of a week is good going for me of late). It really helps to know you are there - CAG are awesome! Anyway, to update our situation, I have now received an acknowledement letter from the school owner's head office, thanking me for contacting them & promising to look into my concerns before sending a full response. I also sent the bully boy doorstep caller from Davis Coleman, a similar letter to the one that went to Melanie McCall at head office. I did this because the timing was very tight & I wanted to be sure he got the message before his threatened date of return. I waited, full of dread at 6pm on Monday but he didn't show thankfully. Unfortunately, another problem has reared it's head now though. I'd almost forgotten that a few weeks ago, we had been getting plagued by phone calls to both our mobile phones, my private ex-directory landline no (that next to no-one has) & work no too, from a company called Redwood Collections. This absolutely must have been re the school, as only they could have supplied our private information. We refused to speak to them on the phone & after a while, they stopped calling. Until today, when they have suddenly started bombarding us again. My Husband's mobile is used constantly for work & they won't leave him alone. He has a really stressful job without this & ther's no way he can change his number. They have a London (020) prefix number & a lot of his business calls are from the same area so it's a real problem & I have to do something to stop it. As there's no way this has been sent from Redwood to Davis Coleman & back again in such a short space of time, I can only presume that there are 2 DCA's harassing us at the same time, for the same reason. Is this allowed to happen, does anyone know please? I have tried to find the answer myself by searching this site but have had no luck. If this is not permitted (& it does seem very unfair to me) could you please advise on how I deal with them? Redwood specifically at the moment I guess. Obviously, I really want our telephone numbers removed from their records & as I am now liiasing with the school company, I want them off our backs too. Any ideas or suggestions on how to do so, or which letter/s to send for this situation would be a huge help. I don't want any DCA having all our private contacts & certainly worry about them being passed on to anyone & everyone behind our backs. Thank you very much in advance. Calamoli. X
  13. Hello again, thank you for saying that Rockwell - 1st time i've smiled for quite a while! I wish you could be here too, lol - he wouldn't be so brave then would he! I'll sort something out for Monday if the other half is working away again - guess I should be thankful that at least he won't be able to use my shock against me this time. I'll be packing the kids off for the night though, they've seen more than they ever should have already. Yes I took your advice & spoke to a lady at Consumer Direct this afternoon (I did call my local Trading Standards but they redirected the call.) Got the reference no & she said she'd report it back to TS, so now I need to finish these letters. Btw, I read somewhere online earlier that DCA's are using the 'threat of Statutory Demand letter' as an attempt to scare people into paying, but are often not keen on going through with it as it's a big risk, due to the high no of successful 'Set Aside' responses in defence. Just wondered if anyone is in agreement with this? Ok - better rush to catch the post - please stay with me if possible, cos you are really helping me keep it together right now. I'll be back later & would love to hear more opinions from anyone that can spare the time. Thank you so, so much. Calamoli. X
  14. Once again, thank you so much for the advice & the operations manager info & letter idea rockwell - i'll prepare it now but wait a few hours before going to the post office, just in case anyone has time to check it, as you hoped they might. This is awful at the moment - i'm shattered but I can't sleep a wink cos i'm so scared that he'll be back here soon. I'm not usually such a wuss but if you can't feel safe at home, then what's left? I'm trying to keep calm for the children's sake & my surgeon's orders - but it's easier said than done. I'm amazed how quickly my post has disappeared down the forum pages - CAG is even more popular than I realised. I'm in awe of how incredibly knowledgeable, supportive & unselfish you all are & it's a good reminder that there are many decent people in this world, so thank you again sincerely. I'm pretty inexperienced & don't want to break any forum rules, so I don't dare contact anyone directly. I'll just have to hope that my post doesn't get too buried. Any contact helps me feel less scared - even though we are probably many miles apart. I'm in Dorset btw, since you asked. I'll drop back in later & will pray that someone in the know will find my post & check that the letter details are ok. Thank you all again. Calamoli. X
  15. Hello again & thank you so much for your replies & advice, it really means a lot. In response to your comments: Rockwell304: No, the SD has not been served. When the Davis Coleman guy came to our door last week & asked for my Husband, I asked him what he wanted, he said "to give him something" - so I basically told him to go away or i'd call the police. He was rude & intimidating but he did go. At the time, I just assumed he was here regarding other matters re our useless 'claims co helpers'. Then 2 days ago, he sent a letter to my Hubby, stating that he'd been there to serve him with an SD & would be back next monday to do so. It was only cos he'd scribbled 'Re: The School in Question' at the bottom, that we have any clue why he's bothering us. Unclebulgaria67: The original school owners went bust during the summer hols of 2008 & this new co snapped it up & rushed it all through so that the pupils were able to return in sept, which of course was great in an education sense I guess. I originally enrolled my Daughter (with the 1st owners) in the summer of 2006 & dealt with all paperwork. Invoices & all letters have always been in my name & addressed to me & I specifically remember their asking in the registration forms at application, for the lead name for financial matters & specifying my own. Of course they have my Hubby's details, along with Grandparents/Emergency Contacts etc but I just don't get why this guy is targeting him in view of the above. I would much rather it was sent to me. Additionally, I don't have, nor can I recall, anything to do with updated forms, after the change of ownership. Just a mailshot home via my Daughter, stating that they had agreed not to increase the fees until the next school year - which they more than made up for, lol - but I digress! Please don't think that I am trying to say that as they took over, possibly without updating things, that I may legally not have to pay what I owe. I have always been happy to do so but if I do manage to get a final figure from them & they have added interest or other charges, then I will have an issue. My reason for quierying this is purely cos I don't want my Hubby involved & I'm appalled that they could do this when they could have just tried asking me! I will find someone for some professional advice, so thank you that sounds sensible & I'll also send copies of the letter I'm about to start to the co's you've suggested. The School's HQ should get my RD letter tomorrow so maybe they'll cut us some slack & call this Davis Coleman goon off - but I won't hold my breath on that one. It seems even more intimidating to me somehow that he lives in my town & i'm so disgusted that he tried to bully me & scared my children. My immediate concern is getting a letter to him strong enough to stop his threatened visit & that needs to go very soon, so could you guys please give me an idea of what to say, or which letter to use - or kindly bring this matter to the attention of someone that could advise me? I'd be so grateful - this is a tricky one for me given the nature of the creditor & I don't want to word it wrongly & cock it up! At least then i'd buy a little extra time to study what to do next. I have trawled through the forum for similar stories as I don't like to bother members if the answers are already there, but I can only find 2 other posts on the topic of school fees & they didn't help with this particular problem. Please, please don't forget about me - I really do appreciate your amazing expertise & help. I'll keep checking in for your advice. Again, thank you so much everyone. CM.
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