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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi, I have received letter from court advising that case has been stayed. Is it best to wait for the outcome of the test case or should I object to a stay?
  3. I have a claim going on now with barclays, and the interest almost doubles the amount im claiming. I am also claiming interest on the interest that i have paid. If you go to the templates library, you will be able to download a spreadsheet calculator which will help you. -you put your charges in and it will automatically calculate interest which you can charge the bank.
  4. Hello All, Well, I took back the allocation questionnaire with REVISED draft order. Didnt hear for a while so i thought id give the court a ring, just incase the postman had posted they response through someone elses letterbox. To my dismay, they are now telling me that because there are so many claims a hearing date has been set for 14th August to hear all the bank cases. This will be in THE HIGH COURT (CARDIFF). So, even though I sent the revised order, it seems like they havent looked at it. The guy on the phone said the letters to confirm this date will be sent out in the
  5. Hi, I was in Cardiff the other day and I said to the lady behind the counter, "Barclays never turn up anyway", she said"oh, they do, theyve got 210 cases coming up on the 26th of March". I said "they havent won any though have they?". "I dont know" she said.
  6. Hello All, Allocation questionnaire time. I have looked through the forum, and Bankfodder has a post :New strategy for AQ. Should I copy this and attach it to my Allocation Questionnaire? Any advice appreciated asap as I have to send it back. Thanks
  7. Just rang sainsburys for statement. They want five pounds for each statement up to a max of £100. I told them that they were obliged under data protection to supply. They said the terms and conditions changed in october and they can charge £5 per statement up to £100. The operator said she would transfer me, and her manager told me the same thing! She would not transfer me to anyone higher, but said she would put that in writing to me. I eagerly await.
  8. Hi all, You will be pleased to know that the ball is now rolling. Issued claim in County court this morning. Words are not enough to express how good it felt! If any of the Barclay brothers are reading this thread, I would like to take a minute to thank them for all theyve done for me, : Dear Mr Barclay, I am a hopeless saver but thankfully, you have been saving my money for me. Unfortunely, I now need to raid the piggy bank. Thankyou very much for saving it for me. I owe you one. Cheers See you in court!!!
  9. Hi, - urgent advice needed. Weather permitting, Im going to the court in the morning to lodge my claim. would it be wise of me to amend my particulars to include preparation costs at this stage? Ive been looking at a thread, and in the particulars of claim, they have an extra section claiming administrative costs: b) Court costs; c) administrative costs and other costs incurred in the course of researching and preparing the claim; d) Interest pursuant to section 69 County Courts Act as set out on the attached list of charges or at such rate and for such periods as the cou
  10. Ecuse my ignorance, but I take it that you mean 3 copies of the N1, and 3 copies of the charges im claiming
  11. Hi, Well, Ive recalculated figures with interest and am now ready to go to court. Does the court bundle need to be handed in with the N1 form or can I wait til they request it?
  12. Has anyone successfully claimed for charges over six years old.
  13. The way i look at it is:- if they hadnt taken the money I wouldnt be overdrawn, If they charge me interest on an overdraft caused by them surely I can claim it back. Can anyone clarify this? Its over six months since my last correspondance with barclays, I am about to go ahead with proceedings; I am going to send an updated copy of charges that I shall be claiming. When I send this to them (with 8% interest) should I give them one more chance to cough up? Any ideas on wording this? Although, I dont want to linger, theyve had long enough, if they offer me what i wanted originally I coul
  14. I am about to put court proceedings in motion. I have gone through the figures again and made a list of charges as follows: Paid referral Unpaids out Overdraft Interest Interest Charged. I have downloaded the spreadsheet and it has an interest calculator. Can I enter the interest charges off my list that they have charged me? I presume that I can, but want to make sure that everything is right. Also, I didnt request interest in my previous correspondance, Ive just read that if im going to add the 8% interest, i should have. is this true? Cheers
  15. hi, my next step is to file claim with the court. Im going through my statements again to make sure i havent missed anything. Should I include interest charged for my overdraft? as i would not have been overdrawn if they hadnt taken so much money from me. also, what are the keywords i should look for: commission unpaids out paid referral fee can anyone add to this list? Cheers
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