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  1. Thanks for the replies...just wanted to add that since the visit from Accuread, I have had a letter from a creditor saying that they know I am resident at my address using the utilities!! (no doubt that this has come from Accuread), am now dealing with the creditors!!! Thanks again for your replies.
  2. Yesterday afternoon, my husband pulled into our drive after picking up the kids from school, there was a car parked on the road & a man popped out of the car when he saw my husband parking up and approached him, the conversation went like this : Man: Does a Jo Bloggs live here. Hubby:Why whats it concerning Man: Oh, its some documents Hubby: Do they need signing for Man: No they're just damaged H: Where are you from, the Post Office? M: No, I'm from Accuread, we read meters but we also do other things. H: Well, I'm her husband, so I'll take the documents. M: I dont have t
  3. Good news, have had a letter from Simply Be saying that basically they cant find the C.C.A & if I want to pay, please do but if I dont, they will instruct a DCA to chase me but cant go any further than that, ie not go to court. Thanks to everyone who replied, I appreciate your comments. :D
  4. Just a quick querry, have just received a letter from SECHIARI, CLARK & MITCHELL -Solicitors, they are using the same address as Lloyds TSB's consumer debt recovery team ...are they the same people just trying to send me a scary letter?
  5. Ok here goes for the last time (hopefully!!), minus personal details.. Doc1.doc
  6. sorry but i'm having trouble getting this on here in large.
  7. not sure if I've done this right, please bear with me.
  8. I recently CCA'd Reliable Collections & received a reply this morning, stating how much the debt was for, acknowledging that they have received the £1.00 postal order fee etc, the paragraph that I need the advice on is as follows: In relation to your request for a copy of the true executed agreement under section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, under regulation 3 (2)(b) of the Consumer Credit(Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983 there is no requirement to provide a photocopy of the agreement bearing your signature, it is sufficient that we supply you with a
  9. Well well, I CCA'd one of the DCA (cant remember which one now) but they were acting on behalf of Kays. Anyways got a letter form Kays yesterday stating that they couldn't find an executed agreement but here's the current T & C's etc. Basically they can blow me if they want anything now. Any future demands for payment will now be met by the "bemused" letter (adapted of course) and a copy of their own letter together with an invitation to sue me. This is what happened to me with Kays, no signed agreement, just T&C's, what is the bemused letter, where can I find it? Thanks.
  10. Any advice on this would be very much appreciated asap as I'd like to start the next step(if I have one that is?)..
  11. This evening, I received a call from Lloyds about our accounts, I informed them that the account was in dispute & their customer services department had been informed of this and that I wanted all future correspondance to be in writing & no more phone calls, I refused to give my mobile number & made a note of his name.I then thanked him for his call & hung up. A minute later, the same man rang up & told me that future correspondance would be in writing & untill I paid up what I owed they would continue to phone me, I said well thats harrasment & would report t
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