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  1. Ok so will the 6 years start from the start date or the default date. I have looked on my credit report and the start date is 11/01/2003 and the default date was 06/07/2004. Also would my ex's mom making a payment effect the statute barred timeline even though I knew nothing about it. My plan is to not contact them or reply to them and send them a letter once the 6 years are up stating that it should be statute barred ect. Should I contact TS and OFT about what has happened or wait till the 6 years are up??
  2. Sorry but who are TS and OFT and how do I contact them. Thanks for the quick reply
  3. Ok where do I start.lol I got a call from my ex girlfriends mom who I havent spoke to in over 12 months. She was not a happy bunny at all sounding very scared. She had recieved a call from hfo asking for me she explained that I was her daughters ex bf and not seen me in 12 months or so. They then told her who they was and that I owe them £500 for a debt from 3g back in 2003. He then told her because the credit was took out whilst I was living at that address if the debt was not paid they would blacklist the house (put a money order on it i think). Due to her husband not being very understanding if you get my drift she paid them £85 and set a direct debit up for £22 a month. She managed to get my number through a friend of mine and called me and told me what happened. I told her they cant do that im sure they cant threaten sum1 to pay my debt when they are nothing to do with me also can they discuss my debt with another person I really dont know much. I lived with my gf and her parents for around 18months back in 03/04 but we split about 2 years ago. Well I got hfo's number and called them, they said that she volunteered to pay my debt and they have a recording to prove it. but suprise I couldnt listen to it. also the name he gave her was false nobody with that name works there mmmm. So I had previuosly spoken to someone from debt advice and they said what they have done is wrong. I told them this and he said she volunteered. So I asked for the original credit agreement and breakdown of what I owed and how and he said that there is only 2 copys of this and that I had one and 3g had the other and that it is not possible to get another to send me. Sorry peeps for this being so long and boring just stuck on what to do. shall I sent a cca request via post? At the moment I havent got a permenment address just stopping betwwen friends family and my girlfriends. I called them form my gf and they called her yesterday but we missed the call. If her dad answers he will hit the roof. but she said I can have mail posted there. All advice is very welcome cheers peeps and great site.
  4. Hey peeps just signed up. Looking forward to some advice on some debts and the nice people from HFO lol. Slappy jack
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