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  1. Hello all not been here for for a long while. wrote a letter to OPUS but no reply, Anyone have an address for them please
  2. sharmads I would start by requesting a subject acccess request which will cost you £10 and should go back at least 6 years, You can pick the template letter up from this site. I understand your sceptism as they are devious and crafty. By stating you never had PPI whilst with Barclays does not mean you did not have any while you were with egg. Another advantage with the SAR is it will tell you what charges have been applied to your account. The unfair ones you can claim back. Regards
  3. whoops another thing is that they should go back 6 years for your statements that is a regulatory minimum. they can obtain them from citi. They had mine right back to 1999. I think the postman needed a truss after delivery.
  4. One more thing is that I was informed by Credit Card Asset management while i was with OpUS that my account would be passed on to 'progressive management' and that my account would be closed. i still recieve monthly statements from 'opeless' stating I have £9750 credit. OPUS complaints department are pretty useless too.
  5. Hi karenr I requested CCA via CITI 2 years ago. After 18 months I recieved my £1 (cheque from CITI) back with a letter apologising for not being able to find my original CCA and that it would be unlikely that action would be taken via the courts to recover any debts. in the meantime they would still be looking for it. Well I dont owe them anything anyway, I aint heard from them any more, but I am going after OPUS for £7500 for interest overpayment due to removal of promotional rate. I reckon you stand more chance of being struck by lightening, twice in succession d
  6. Hello folks, long time since I have been on site. To summarize recent events I have paid OPUS the outstanding amount owing circa £7000 but now I dont have £200 interest to pay a month. I sent them a letter regarding the unfair removal of my promotional rate in 2008. I recieved a rather condescending reply explaining that it was because I had breached my agreement. I do not believe I had. I am drafting a reply now. I had made a late payment actually 2 in 6 months. Recently by mistake I discovered the Credit Card Accountability, Resonsibility and Disclosure Act 2009 (little ole USA) interestin
  7. it is very comical to see the dialogue. it does however depict the level of intelligence of barclays banking staff as well as the lack of sensitivity required when somebody has passed away
  8. 4 cans yes look through and fine relevant templates, this site is a great source of help. With regards to ur VAT, you need sort this asap. Contact HMR&C and tell them of ur cash flow predicament and ask what they think is best for u to do. ask if you can pay in installments and ask for as much time as you can. At this stage if you have not been late with VAT before they will from experience help you. They are human and do understand the problems businesses are having. The worst they can say is they want paying now as is overdue and even then you will have a little grace as they wil
  9. Hi 4cansastella I would not be too bothered about trying to maintain ur credit rating as banks aint lending anyway. I recently tried to open a current account with HSBC basically to put money in only. I was told i had too much unsecured debt this is despite me wanting to put over £90,000 into the account. So you need look after number 1 ie yourself. I would if I were you plead financial hardship and offer token payment of £1 a month to creditors. Let them know that you intend to pay more when ur financial position improves. U must address the issue non payment of VAT, I was in a simila
  10. Yes absolutely must be in writing. Very odd evening phone call however! regards all
  11. I sent a letter to OPUS 3rd Jan via special delivery. 5th Jan informed by the OH that i have recieved a phone call from CITI wanting to speak to me. Would not say what about and told it was defiinately CITI. Very odd!
  12. Well not got time to redo. Just will say account still with OPUS and not progressive credit ltd.
  13. oh wondreful just wrote out my ongoing dispute with OPUS then I am told I cannot submit reply:mad2:
  14. Words fail me as this is absolutely discusting. As individuals there does not appear much we can do apart from take legal action against these parasites. As a group we should achieve far more. So the question must arise what can we do as a group ? I have had a problem with CITI which the account is now OPUS owned by BOS and now OPUS are moving the agreement to "between myself and Progressive Credit Limited) It would appear that every time you submit a formal complaint they move you on. Why? They either fail to reply to your correspondence altogether or take months in replying totally di
  15. Hi m22. Have you recieved correspondence from opus yet. I have had a letter informing me that my agreement will be between myself and Progressive credit Ltd under license from CCAM.
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