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  1. Thats the next thing im going to have to do. DO I Just ask the engineer to look at it and find the fault? Or acually get it repaired and put the claim to them... What if it happened again to the Laptop if it was to be repaired
  2. Hey Guys, I Recieved a reply email today from the email i sent monday. I did also send a letter out today just putting it in writing so it is all official, along with a copy of the reciept. What do you think?? Thank you for your email dated 19th November 2008. I was concerned to learn of the difficulties that you are experiencing with your notebook and apologise for the frustration and disappointment caused. We understand that products can develop a fault outside the guarantee period. Please could you provide us with a copy of your purchase receipt and an independent engi
  3. Here is the letter im going to send to them via post. Does it look ok\/ On 8th November 2007 I purchased the above laptop from your Wolverhampton store at the St Johns Retail Park, It cost me £520, I paid £52 cash and the rest I had on your finance option, On 14th November 2008 I encountered a problem with this laptop, when turning on the system, the screen doesn’t come on at all, the system doesn’t sound like it is booting up correctly, it just sounds like its trying to read a disc, which there is no disc in it. The Laptop has been looked after and has had no damage to it. O
  4. Hey guys, I got this email this afternoon from Consumer Direct, what do you think? Thank you for your email to Consumer Direct dated 17/11/2008. Your reference number for this case is xxxxxxxx, which should be quoted in any future contact about this issue. Based on the information you have provided, the key legal points in response to your enquiry are as follows: The issue you have raised comes under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). This implies that in most consumer contracts the goods provided are of a satisfactory quality (free from minor defects at time of purchase a
  5. What do you guys think to think i shall send Dear Sir I purchased a laptop from your Wolverhampton (St Johns Retail Park) store on 8th November 2007. The laptop came with a 12 month warranty fault which lapsed on 8th November 2008. The laptop has developed a fault in that the screen does not activate/light up when the laptop is turned on, the system also doesn't sound like it boots up correctly. I contacted the store and have been informed that it will cost £230 to repair it from the "tech guys". I am not satisfied that a laptop that is 12 months old should develop a fault and I refe
  6. Renzo, Great reply, thank you... What shall I put in this letter?? Do you think something will get done about my problem??
  7. Hey guys... Im sure someone can help me out or give me some advice one this problem I have.... I purchased a nice new laptop from Currys Last year It cost me around £520 at the time... I payed via finance... I have only just finished paying it off last month infact! Yesterday morning I turned the laptop on, and to find that the screen wouldnt come on... It doesnt sound right either, doesnt sound like its booting up correctly as it just sounds like its trying to read a disc. I decided to take it back to currys today, with the reciept,knowing it was 8-9 days past the warranty
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