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  1. ting...or anyone else remember me? you helped me in november to sort out some problems i had with bailiffs over a parking ticket. i'd like to bring you up to scratch on the latest developments. i did what you advised but the "out of time declaration" was refused. i have now made an N244 application which is set for brentford county court. first though i need to serve, by march 27th 09, further evidence verified by statement of truth explaining why the statuary declaration was not filed in time and in default the application to set aside the Order dated 31st december 2008 do stand as struck
  2. hi Ting. thanks for your advice. ive done all you said, got the forms, got them signed by the local court and posted, emailed and faxed them. that was last thursday, havent heard anything back yet. what a superstar you are. thanks again bazzaffc
  3. ting thanks for all your help. i'll get on to northampton TEC tomorrow. didnt understand the last post about filing cabinets and the reference to #3 and the link regards bazzaffc
  4. ting it must be an informal one as ive never seen a "notice to owner". the letter is just says "challenge refused". i have changed address but my son still lives there and he gives me all my mail on a daily basis, we work together. thanks bazzaffc
  5. ok ting, here goes. 17.10.07 PCN issued by RB ken and chelsea. statement obtained from eye witness. 18.10.07 made appeal by email on their website. unfortunately didnt save or print copy and dont know if i still can 12.11.07 RBKC write to me saying they"aim to display signs within 30m" and my appeal has failed and i should pay the £60-00. 19.11.07 second appeal sent stating i was unhappy with their decision and if they decided not to cancel the PCN i was willing to defend myself in court. included copies of photographs and witness statement and original letter. heard nothi
  6. thanks for that Ting. yes i do no al the dates, i have copies of all the latters etc. how do i call off the bailliffs though? regards
  7. in november 2007(13 months ago) i parked in a pay and display bay. i paid and put the ticket on my windscreen. on my return 10 minutes later i had a ticket for parking in a bay that was suspended. i looked up and down the rd but saw no signs. then a lorry drove off which was parked three bays away and lo and behold there was the sign saying my bay was suspended. i challenged the ticket and was told i was unsuccesful. i re-challenged it and said i was prepared to defend myself in court if i needed to. i heard nothing until last week when i had a bailliffs letter stating i had to pay £544-7
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