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  1. Sorry to post the template, I assumed that once I had altered it to suit me I could post it for comments, once again sorry. In their letter they state that "The "cause of action" that resulted in future payments becoming due and payable on the above mentioned account was the issue of the default notice" Should I send them a copy of the default notice pointing out the date it was issued (22/10/2010) and say surely by their rules the debt must be statute barred? Regards
  2. Sorry I can't seem to lay my hands on the termination notice, I have found the default letter, it is dated 22/10/2010, is there any mileage in sending them a copy? Regards
  3. Thanks everyone. Is there any chance of me re-setting the 6 year clock by, for instance making a request for a CCA?
  4. The original lender was Lloyds. Yes the account was terminated some years ago. No it is not a live card.
  5. Hi everyone, I hope all are well? I recently responded to a letter from 1st Credit regarding a very old debt of mine. I told them by way of a letter from the library that the debt was now statute barred, and that I had no intention (or ability) to repay. They replied to me as follows: I would apreciate some comments and suggestions. Thank you Regards
  6. Can no one answer this question for me please????????
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