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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I know someone else who applied for a court transcript a couple of years ago, it works out about £500 per day for the transcript and will take months. If you were thinking of any further court action then you would need the whole transcript of every day if you want to dispute what a judge said - and another judge will always try to stick up for his colleague!!! It often happens that many Judges will hear the same case especially if there are periods between hearings, its not important what Judges name is on the paperwork for it to be legal.
  3. I am trying to find out how to do an appeal as a lay person to the Queens Bench Division? Basically my friends partner is in prison and a POCA case is due in a few months, they CPS are looking for crazy money or do 15 years in jail extra. Due to a breakdown between the solicitors and the client the court wont allow a transfer of Legal Aid to a new firm as its costing the public purse!! Now Legal Aid is withdrawn my friend is trying to find out how to help him by making an appeal to the Queens Bench Division as Legal Aid Rules clearly say it can be transferred if the relationship breaks down. The judge has said he has to represent himself (hes not English and its an impossibility), he would pay privately but the accounts are frozen. I had done an internet search but cant find any information anywhere and was wondering if anyone can help even with just the form to send the appeal to the Queens Bench Division. Any help appreciated. Thank you
  4. But if they are both working then can the court order monies to be deducted from their wages to repay debts?
  5. The property was rented unfurnished, they have purchased a whole load of brand new furniture since moving in, its still all quite new so to speak, their TV is much larger and better than mine. If the hold off on chasing the rent till they are gone do I still have to go back to court to get permission again? Thank you for your advise.
  6. I am thinking over what you said about restarting again. The county court has ordered the eviction and the date has expired so that wont need to be redone. Do you now mean to put in a new application to the county court to take to High Court along with the arrears of rent and the court charges? Seems they have no intention of paying any more rent and would love to get the bailiffs to state on the enforcement that there is outstanding rent as then they wont get rehoused by the Council which is what they are after. It costs around £130 that I had to pay last week to the courts for the enforcement.
  7. I couldnt go with the HCEO as they were not over £600 in arrears at that time. Now they havent paid any rent at all which is £650 a month and I can put on arrears charges @ £25 a month for 6 months and court fees so it brings it much higher. The HCEO charges were also quite expensive and they could give no guarantee that they would recover them and I would need to go back for two more court applications before they could do anything. They want another £400 in court fees and their charges on top. Can I still change it to an HCEO now? The County Court has been paid for enforcement action. They both work and have salaried jobs, he drives a car as well.
  8. I have gone back to court to apply for enforcement action last week. Now the tenants wont pay the rent at all and are living free. Along with court fees, late rent charges they owe me roughly £1,600. Can I issue a Statutory Declaration (I think thats what its called) to try and force them to pay up? I really need the money to cover the mortgage. Thanks
  9. It seems to be the way council housing works now, you have to be evicted to get a place. They could have got a place months ago if they want too just looking for cheap rent when they can afford more.
  10. The court hasnt said how long it will take just I have to fill in another form and pay more charges. Great life it isnt.
  11. No they make sure they pay the rent - albeit late up to 2 weeks every month. Housing told them if they get in arrears they wont rehouse them.
  12. No mine have made it very clear they want the bailiffs as its the only way to get a council house now for many.
  13. The Section 21 was issued in February and expired in April. The possession order was issued 21 July and expired 30 August 16. Needs to go to Bailiffs now to be enforced.
  14. I have the possession order, they havent paid my costs or left the house, need to take next step now but not sure which way to go?
  15. I have tenants that have refused to leave the property even after a court order has expired. They are playing the game to get a council house and wont leave my house until the bailiffs turn up to evict them. Since they are both working they should not get a council house and their drama is causing me so much expense and stress. I have to hire Bailiffs by Monday but I dont know which ones to choose. I still have to go back to court and pay more fees and am so sick of it. Does anyone know of a good bailiff company to hire for the Birmingham area?
  16. I have now had more details from the Bailiffs and Birmingham Council, apparently I went into a bus lane and didnt know it at the time, there is video footage of it so cant dispute that. They have confirmed that all post went to my old address until April this year. I have been sent Form PE2 and PE3 to complete and take to court tomorrow to get witnessed. I have ticked the box I never received it and attaching proof of the date I moved house (March 2014). Is there any other wording I should use on the PE2 or PE3 form or is it just pretty standard?. The Council have put the Bailiffs on hold for 14 days while I get it sorted.
  17. I occasionally go to Birmingham but I have never had a parking notice, I am very careful where I park and I always display a disability badge. I have received no tickets I know off. I moved house about 2 years ago, the address has been updated with the DVLA but they lost the original and I had to renew it several months ago. I received it today (23-04-16). The Notice of Enforcement is dated 21-04-2016 but details say warrant issued 07 Oct 2015! There is no date to comply on the papers. The baliffs are Bristow & Sutor.
  18. I have received a letter "Enforcement Process Commenced for a penalty charge notice to Birmingham City Council for which I know nothing about. I am now stressed wondering whats its all about. The NOtice of enforcement says I owe BCC £97 but sum outstanding is £407. A warrant was issued 08-10-15 which I have never received or even know whats its for. How can I get a stop put to this while I find out much more information about whats going on and why I have never received any other correspondence or court papers? Please give link to relevant document/process so I can sort it out this weekend if you know of one. Also BCC is not local to me it takes me a hours drive. Do I have to go there or can I go to my local magistrates courts? Thanks for any assistance.
  19. The police have now sent me 2 letters to pay £100 each and 3 points each. I have not been offered any course which I would have preferred. Can I do anything about this?
  20. I phoned them up and all I got was a machine, saying photos are only released for cases going to court otherwise they dont provide them. How is that allowed as I havent seen no proof?
  21. No proof is provided which I find quite strange, I thought they sent pictures out these days???
  22. I am shocked to find I received 2 speeding tickets this morning (16-02-16). 1) Dated 02-10-15 doing 36 mph in a 30 mile road 2) Dated 11-12-15 doing 35 mph in a 30 mile road. Since its 16 February 2016 the first ticket is over 4 months old. Obviously I have no recollection dating back that far. The "speeds" are so minor over the limit and I would welcome any advice on whether it it possible to challenge these tickets fairly. Amazingly the only memory I have of this particular road is being stuck in between lorries in traffic jams where a 10 min drive would take you up to an hour - seems rather strange and weird, unless a gap appeared and I moved??? On the letter its says pay £100 fine and then talks about a speeding course does it mean do one or the other or are you supposed to do both. Never had a speeding ticket before so quite shocked. Any advice welcome. Thanks
  23. I dont have the V5C as it was sent to them and never got a new one which I had forgotten about till this morning.
  24. I sent a form to them about a year ago but it looks like its not processed. The MOT's contain the new address as well and the road tax is paid from this address as well. The car is not adapted for disability but I am registered disabled. I even received a form here to claim rebate on the disability tax part but havent done it yet as been really ill.
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