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  1. Have just spoken to lovely man in the bereavement and he said I could do it all by post....what a relief. Thank you for eveyones help:-D
  2. Thank you so much for replying. Where can I get one of these forms?
  3. wasn't quite sure where to place this post. My husband died quite tragically after I donated a kidney to him in September and I have only just found out he had an online savings account containing £2400. He left no will. My problem is that since he died I have suffered with PTSD and agoraphobia and can't leave the house to get to the bank as they requested. My sister-in-law has been sorting most things for me and NatWest allowed her to bring paperwork home, should we be able to do the same with Lloyds. he worry of this is distresssing me very much. Thanks in advance anyone who can help
  4. My husband passed away suddenly due to complications after I donated a kidney to him on 8 September. He had been ill for many years and died without leaving a will. We do not own our own home and he has no assets. I have been chased by several companies including Capital One for debts he owed them. They are asking for the death certificate and details of executor. I'm not sure how or whether to reply as he left nothing and as I was his carer I have no income at the moment. Please help as this is a very distressing time. Thank you in advance
  5. I had exactly the same letter yesterday and had also requested a copy of my true signed agreement with Barclaycard way back in 2008 which I never received, this is the first correspondence I've had from BC since their non-compliance. I could tell it was a pretty standard type of letter probably sent out in bulk. At the time I requested my signed agreement my debt was also in the hands of a debt collection agency who didn't bother me again after I informed them the debt was unenforceable. I too am unsure about what to do next but I'm very wary about re-opening up any line of communication with BC after all this time until I have further advice
  6. Hello all, I hope you all had a happy Christmas. I just thought I'd update you with my latest letters with regard to requesting CCA's from my banks, this little lot are from Capital One, I received the first one on 18 Dec The next letter arrived on the same day but in a seperate envelope and is supposed to be my credit aggreement (I've included the covering letter) Page one Overleaf and here's the leaflet sent with the above The following letter arrived on Monday 22 Dec and crossed over between my receipt of the above so called ' Credit agreement' and the 'account in dispute' letter which I sent because I'd received no replies during the 12+2 days (as advised by 42man, many thanks) Page 2 Page 3 Any advice about what to do next would be much appreciated but even I'm pretty certain the so called credit agreement is not a true copy. Many thanks to everyone again and I wish you all a happy new year
  7. Many thanks loobyloo85 but I did originally make repayment arrangements with Community Legal Services which were very quickly dieregarded as seen in my original post Thanks for the advice anyway
  8. Thank you all for taking the time to offer help and advice and if nothing further developes between now and Christmas I hope you all have a happy one
  9. Thank you 42man and gemspan for your replies gemspan this is the document exactly as sent (the only parts that I've changed are the blackened out parts) with no actual signatures by me or the bank just a tick box signature done online, the previous post by 42man advised that the document is acceptable because the loan was taken out in January 2007 and following his link to another thread (Template Letter needed PLEASE!!!! )it states "The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (Electronic Communications) Order 2004 came into force on 31st December 2004 and allows for a signature to be simply a tick in a box for on-line credit agreements". This does seem to leave things open to all sorts of trouble as anyone could tick a box, surely something at some stage should require a physical signature? I'm quite confused as to what to do next Thank you both for your help and advice
  10. Thanks again for all your previous help I sent the second letter as advised to my creditors after having received no reply from any of them, but the day after posting I received the paperwork below from Barclays with reference to my Barclayloan and in answer to my original request for CCA. I applied for the loan online and am not sure if this is a legitimate copy of a credit agreement, it has been 'signed' online but has no personal signature as such, help would really be appreciated as to how I stand now Thank you Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
  11. It's been just over two weeks since I sent off CCA letters regarding Barclaycard, Capital one and Barclay's personal loan and so far I've had no reply from any off them, not quite sure what if anything I should do next. Many thanks for any help
  12. Thanks again all, I'm sending off the CCA letter today will keep you posted
  13. Thank's so much for your reply, I have been worrying about this situation for ages now, it's good to know people are willing to help with advice
  14. Hello I joined this site a couple of days ago and am quite grateful and amazed at all the advice offered, I hope I've posted in the right place I have Debts amounting to about £10.000 over two credit cards Barclaycard and Capital one and a Barclay's personal loan, the credit cards were taken out approx 4-5 years ago, unfortunately I fell into difficulties with payments last January as I had to give up work and care for my disabled husband, we now live on benefits. Initially I contacted all my creditors informing them of the situation, sending all the relevant paperwork and offered reduced payments which they all rejected, so I contacted Community Legal Services and they put an advisor onto my case, eventually she got them all to agree to a minimal payment in line with my circumstances, (Capital One sent me a very nice letter accepting the offer and stating they would stop interest on the account) after which she sent notification that she was closing the case as she had resolved the situation as far as she could. My problem is that literally within days of receiving her letter of closure the banks started sending me letters demanding full payment also threatening me with a home visit to collect the money, needless to say no mention of any previous agreements were mentioned, its as if they were waiting to pounce as soon as the third party with some legal weight was out of the picture. I initially felt very embarrassed and ashamed that I couldn't pay my debts but because of their attitude I've decided to use as many of my rights as I can, I'm in the process of writing a letter asking for all copies of my credit agreement using template N from this site (thank you) my only worry is that I've been making my reduced payments regularly and am not sure whether this will make a difference as I'm acknowledging the debts and should I keep paying them Thank you very much in advance for any advice offered
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