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  1. Thanks Andy - always a superstar. All adapted and emailed to our friends. They shall hand deliver to the courts tomorrow. Will keep you posted. x:)x
  2. So sorry to read the news. I've been absent for some time as well. I'm back to help some dear friends - one who is over 70 years old and still having to deal with DCA and court proceedings. My dearest MIL passed away in 2012 and our dearest 21 year old cat Smudge passed away last year but all is good my end. Our daughters who were mere youngsters when I found this site are growing up fast - one started secondary school and the youngest in her last year at Primary. Working full-time and loving my career. Hope all is well with my CAG friends who treated me with compassion and guidance
  3. Hey Andy, We are all very well thank you. Since my last post with CAG, I am now working full-time and our eldest daughter has just started at secondary school. Time really does fly! Okay, I can complete the N244 for them. I'm assuming under the other documents I should include what you have stated below. Could you please help with a draft defence which I can include in their application please. fkofilee - I have been advised it was the court mediating service that contacted Mr & Mrs W. I have no idea why they had this conversation over the phone Whose to say it was
  4. To my dearest CAG friends, I hope you are all well. It has been a lifetime since I have been on here for advice. I have some very dear friends (Mr & Mrs W) who are in desperate need for some help. A DCA, MKDP LLP are chasing funds (of less than £1000) for a credit card balance. Reading through their paperwork (in my limited knowledge) Mr & Mrs W may not have followed the procedure correctly in replying back to court documents. Let me give you a brief overview. Debt was assigned from HSBC to MKDP LLP on 13 March 2013. Mr W requested a copy of the signed agr
  5. Dear Gerri, I wish you the very best of luck - the advice you are being given are the small steps to becoming empowered Just like you, I had no idea about what a SAR, DN, CCA, let alone a POC were but the most important points to remember is start creating a paper trail, as opposed to telephone calls. Make sure you have marked on your calendar when the 40 days are up following your SAR request. Try and read around different threads and learn from the experiences, it can be quite a journey but post up whatever you feel or need to ask, it is all worthwhile in the end... I have sp
  6. Thxs evreyone please accept our donation into the CAG Mr & Mrs Tex ps We have just put our costs claim into IM, watch this space. "I would love to be a fly on the wall when the Grade A solicitor sees them"
  7. Thxs Brig - you can say that again Tex - hows the family Brig? X
  8. Thanks so much Caro and IainHL - the support has been tremendous. Iain I do hope you get the right result in the end Tex
  9. Cor blimey Andy ... There will be another donation to CAG, absolutely guaranteed! I'm glad we got the excellent result in the end and more importantly to each and every one of the 52,715 individuals who have viewed this thread, the confidence to believe in standing up and fighting the big boys I have made some great friends on this thread, including yourself, Gezwee, CitizenB, Womble (in the early days), Goldlady, Silverfox, Robcag, Caro, Determinator, Brig, PaulWlton, Ghostdebt, nevos, yourbank and the countless others of support. Thank you to everyone I love making Oscar
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