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  1. Just read a few of the similar posts, although HSBC are trying to make this look like a service; it is still a penalty charge for breach of contract. As far as I can see they have to either prove that the cost reflects thier actual losses or give me my money back. I think a second claim will be going thier way soon.
  2. Since getting my money back from HSBC they have started applying more disproportionate fees to my account. Previously it would always appear as TOTAL FEES but now they have re-worded thier letters and are calling them ARRANGEMENT FEES. They have stated it is because I have exceeded my overdraft limit more than once in 6 months and are going to be applying a £100 fee at the end of this month. Is this reclaimable? I can guarantee that this £100 will make me exceed my overdraft limit again thereby giving them justification to exactly the same next month, and every month after unti
  3. Hi, after sucessfully claiming against HSBC, over £5,000 reclaimed by myself and two sons, I am now helping a friend with her claim against the Abbey (she doesn't have internet access) She has received her statements and sent the prelim letter. LBA was due to be sent on 27th Ocober but I felt I needed some advice first. She is a single parent, with two young children, her mortgage is with Abbey as well. She only has her income support and child benefit and pays in money on a weekly basis. she has charges of up to £140 in one day when she was only overdrwn by a couple of hour
  4. Hi my own claim against HSCB was successful and I am now helping a friend in her claim against the Abbey. (She doesn't have internet access). so far they have sent two letters trying to fob her off, the Letter before Action is due to be sent tomorrow. she received a letter yesterday saying they were closing her account and she sould send back her card. Can any one direct me to info on how to reply to this.
  5. I didnt need the MCOL in the end. HSBC made an offer of £2000 which I have accepted. As soon as the money is back in my account I will be making a donation here. Thanks again for all the valuable information.
  6. Well, i've given them well over a week to respond and have received nothing. The last thing I need to know before proceeding is........ Filling out the MCOL do I need to provide the information relating to the charges? e.g. dates, amounts, descriptions, etc or do I just include the total amount? There is very limited space for text on the form. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all the advice, im going to give them another week to see how they respond.
  8. OK the LBA deadline was a week ago, I am in the final stage of submitting my moneyclaim online, its has taken a while as i've never done anything like this before and I wanted to make sure everything is correct before submitting. However, I have now recieved a letter from HSBC responding to my LBA, it reads... Thank you for your letter dated 10 July requesting a refund of all your bank charges of £2572.33. In order that we can consider you request please provide a full itemised breakdown of these charges to include date, description of the charge and the amount applied. Please
  9. I sent my DPA request, preliminary request for payment and my LBA to my local branch. Should I still use the head office for the defendants address? thanx.
  10. The deadline of my LBA is today and I have had no reply whatsoever from HSBC!!
  11. No reply from HSBC whatsoever, send my LBA today. After I recieved my 6 years worth of statements HSBC wrote me a letter saying they would send me copy statements as that's how they hold the information, they then sent me the entire account history again!! The second lot of 30 envelopes arrived yesterday on the deadline of the prelim letter.
  12. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the great information everyone has provided here, I've learned so much in the last few weeks!! Sent my dpa letter to my local branch on 25 May 2006 and recieved a reply stating it was being dealt with on 7 June 2006. My account history arrived on 13-17 June, totalling 30 envelopes, HSBC decided to waive the £10 dpa fee and returned my cheque. I have calculated they have taken £2265.00 in the last six years plus £307.32 charged in interest. Preliminary request for payment sent 22 June 2006 recorded delivery. Currently awaiting response.
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