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  1. Got a letter from the court today: Warrant for possession be suspended in the interim on payment of the current monthly installments plus £70 off the arrears of £15776.15 commencing 24/11/08 Adjourned to 2nd January 2009 at 15:30 Easy... lol will have payed 3 payments by then subject to finding re-financing in Dec...
  2. That sounds like your landlord had rented the property to you and not kept up mortgage repayments. As an occupier your don't have any legal rights to challenge the repossession as it is not your loan/mortgage. Did you have a rental agreement that is signed and receipts for paying your rent for a year? That might be your only challenge that you can make to your landlord - but that would be a separate issue to this. RBS/Eversheds will not release data to you about the loan/mortgage due to the data protection act so going to court to stop the repossession would be a bit pointless (its not your loan and you can not be held responsible.) Keep forwarding these letters to your landlord (if necessary post them manually through his/her door.) Has an eviction date been set?
  3. From the info i have read it appears that your solicitor is not doing everything that they need to. Without a statement of account showing all charges and rates since you took out the mortgage/loan then there is no way of defending it - they must have provided one when they took you to court? A direct debit can be cancelled. I can do mine online, over the phone, in the branch or even via the ATM now. Direct Debit - your rights no-one (except your bank and yourself) can talk money from your account without your permission - time to change banks if that is the case. Good luck - i do hope you get this sorted...
  4. I used the "it would cost £30 for sky to be installed" trick as HD installation was suppose to be £150 (!) I sometimes wonder how they can justify an engineer to come out to change a box over for that kind of money. I got free installation btw. I work in a call centre and haven't come across anyone who works in a loyalty and retentions dept as yet as they work in other buildings (I have worked in the same place for 4 years). I guess that there are some real stories out there and savings to be made...
  5. Ok i called VM. Got into a new package for 12 months. XL on all (phone, bb, and TV) no sports or movies, and HD with the recorder for £62.70. It is a good deal and saves me £20 a month. Thanks for the advice!!!
  6. Well done. That is very similar to what the judge told me on Monday: pay the payment plus £70 and i keep my house (see firstplus issues)
  7. Well done. That is very similar to what the judge told me on Monday: pay the payment plus £70 and i keep my house (see firstplus issues)
  8. Sky BB and talk packages are about £2 dearer than above. I plan to check more before calling.
  9. That was the answer i was after. okies: I can get talktalk LLU 24plus (24mb down 1.5mb up) broadband as i am 1.2km from the exchange (so should get about 20mb - same as XL) with anytime free calls to landlines. caller ID and all ID blocker plus a couple of other services for £25.99 a month for 18months on DirectDebit. Sky TV with all the channels except movies and sports in SD is £22.00 by Direct Debit total monthly cost is £47.99 (set up costs are £160 ish but VM wouldn't know that) saving me £27.01 for EXACTLY the same thing. The only thing i would lose is the on demand functions but I can get them through the internet anyways. ok then... IF i add HD+ on Sky and add the sports and movies i get it to £82.99 (7.99 more than what i am paying now but with movies and sports and the HD with the Hard drive.) Interesting huh... i might call them today or tomorrow... On their own site XL everything is £45 and add the HD cable box for £10. I have been with them for 8 years so lets see... lol
  10. It is an in joke - Sorry!!! We still have the issue of possible missold the payment protection.
  11. oh - one other thing - Derek has worked out that we have approximately £33k's worth of debt (credit cards and loans etc) that is all frozen at the moment (that was done by the CAB in Jan 07)... have you seen anything as bad as that? I think we have spent the best part of 10 years earnings in 4 years... Credit Crunch? I created it!!!! lol
  12. Been up today and... Got a 28 day suspension. :) proved income and expenditure and proof of earnings. Different judge. What we must now do is pay £418 + £70 (for the arrears) by next monday and 2 payments before 28 days is up. (I can do that) I then have to either: pay off all the arrears over 9 years (£140 ish a month for 9 years) or find re-financing (or go on a buy to let) within 28days (I can do and will have to do both - pay the account as above and find re-financing.) Thanks Derek (21cn) and Ell-enn. The judge understood what it was all about and i am just glad that the worst is now over.
  13. Yes sorry - It is a 28 day rolling contract that i am now on. I am not familiar with the legal terms but I feel that i can get a better deal without changing suppliers... Sorry!
  14. I have read though the tread and might be able to help. I "Know a friend of a friend" who deals with TalkTalk on their Broadband tech desk and some of the questions in the thread i can answer. First of all check out samknows.com it is a website that will tell you all you need to know about "free broadband" (It is not really free - you pay in your line rental). If your telephone exchange is listed as unbundled then you will NOT need a MAC code as talktalk plug you into their MSAN (box in the exchange) and that is how you get it free. The problem lies in the fact that IF you don't get the service from their MSAN then chances are you probably won't get it from any other LLU operator in your area. If you try and change providor then it can cost uber money as sometimes BT declare "the last mile" (the bit from your exchange to your house) as dead as another providor owns the line and number and they cannot take it back. One guy had no service for over 3 months and in the end the solution was that he had TT on one landline and a brand new phoneline with BT installed with the up to 8mb on his line. It cost him £180 for the new line (which BT waived when he agreed to a 24 month contract). I know lots more about LLU and installation so just ask if you need to.
  15. Hello all... I am a noob. Currently going through a repossession and possible eventual bankruptcy. Found these forums very useful and i have other questions that i will post in the correct place such as TV packages and gas and elec issues.
  16. Hello I am with Virgin Media for my XL TV, XL phone and XL 20mb broadband. I am out of contract. I know lots of people who "negotiate" their contract and renew it but how much can you really get XL on all? I pay £75 a month (not including the £5 admin fee for non direct debit).
  17. I wish i had a time machine... I could have noted it all down. even my phone bill is electronic... my bank statement is online (I had to print the last 6 months out at work on Thursday!) So finding "hard" evidence is difficult... Perhaps everytime i write a letter i should send it special delivery in future! Thanks 21cn too!
  18. Ok thanks for that - that puts a new twist on it... Thanks for the extra option... We haven't said that we wouldn't pay - just didn't know how much they wanted. They wanted £150 on top of the original payment (un-negotiated) but didn't actually state what that original payment was (and i still don't know what it is!) One bit of paper states £418 - another on is £368. quite a variance. I guess that i should have paid summat - bit late now though.
  19. Yes to both - I went to the N224 hearing on Friday. I can't remember what i put on the form but have been working with a friend on the witness statement and we have pretty much redraughted a income and expenditure form, dug out all the literature and even bank statements from 1998! What gets me the most is that FP and Eversheds have never really helped me when we asked for help.. it is most annoying. (then denied that i contacted them when i call back the next time)
  20. Hello all I am a noob so please be gentle. We (do not worry if i say "I" because me and my wife are involved in all of this) took out a loan for 33k with firstplus in 2003 because Carole Vorderman was on the ads. (not not really it was to cover CreditCard and other debts) I originally took out my Mortgage with the Abbey (which is still ongoing on the same plan today, interest only) that i have kept fully uptodate. On wednesday we have a bayliff stage to contend with (yes it really has got that far). I am in court tomorrow for a second hearing to prove i can pay back the original £33k loan plus the £15k in charges.... now then... I took out a protection plan with Firstplus which was worth £6k taking the total to £39k + charges = £54k... original mortgage and first plus = £105k. value of house £110 (about - it was 145 in the summer)... I think i may have been missold the payment plan as i had various credit cards and loans at the time that i have subsequently destroyed. My income and expendenture states that if i was to pay back the current rates of all the cards, loans and mortgages etc then i would have to earn a minimum of... wait for it... £55k per year.... I am on best part of minimum wage so total income is about £23k between us... I am pretty much praying that i can get it chucked out tomorrow on a technicality and case law.. we can afford to pay it back but only just... a big re mortgage and the credit is already basically frozen now anyway. Followed all the forms - think burying my head in the sand didn't help but then again being made unemployed after doing a really great well paid job for years didn't help either... I have contacted First plus on numerous occasions for settlement figures (so i can remortgage) and they refuse or claim that they haven't chatted to me... (I work as a call centre manager - I know that they record all calls as do we)... They claim to have never recieved my mail too.. They also claim that they have sent me info and they don't... It took ONE missed payment to send it to their buddies in Cardiff - Eversheds... I am sure that these two don't communicate with each other... ("contact Firstplus", "no... you need eversheds") They can't even quote me the interest rate (and couldn't in court neither). wish us luck...
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