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  1. Hi folks, A query regarding continual nuisance calls to landline and mobile from PRA Group since 2014... are they in breach of GDPR Rules with this continual harrassment? They send a yearly statement still, for a 2009 debt long since Statute Barred. I'm not concerned about any further action from them as the debt was unenforceable (and they know it). I never speak to them on the phone and have their number blocked on my mobile, landline just goes to answerphone, will they ever stop? I dont think I've ever sent them a SB letter, do you think that would help... .is there a link to a template. Thanks.
  2. There seems to have been loads of instances of people receiving this letter at the weekend. I'd be inclined to wait for their next corresspondance, I'm sure you will all hear at the same time what their next plan of action is- or hopefully they will not follow it up. Just sort out your default notice that Mercers sent - they were all non compliant giving 12days or less to remedy.
  3. I had the same letter + formal demand for payment after not hearing anything since 2009. Their CCA consisted of a badly photocopied Terms and Conditions Leaflet from around the time the Credit Card was taken out (1999), this, they insist fulfils their obligations under s78 1974. Their Default notice, however does not! Dated 7th, payment by 21st, recieved on 9th.
  4. Was the DN asking for the arrears or full amount?
  5. "Will it reset the 6 year SB clock to the date of submission?" To be honest, if you have been paying them since Feb this year, its not going to make much difference is it?
  6. griffin036

    Toxic V Mbna

    I hope you still have the Default Notice as in #196 Should provide a good defence!
  7. I dont think didydicky is still around - mores the pity!!
  8. Would the £10 payment they are reffering to be payment for a SAR made by yourself? (maybe even if it wasnt you could say it was) ;-)
  9. Urmmm! The OP was paying £30 till Feb'10 so how can it be Statute Barred? I'd get a CCA request sent off to Wescot ASAP.
  10. I'm not disputing this quote, I just find it very hard to believe! Having in the past been offered a "discount" of 40% for partial settlement that they promise they wont chase the rest, I wouldnt trust a certain american bank not to take legal action.
  11. Is the default notice _b what has been recently sent, or is it the one sent in 2009? The one above seems to be asking for arrears - did the one sent in 2009 ask for the full amount?
  12. Dotty, if thats NOT a lba what does one read like?
  13. I wonder if the new buyer will get their hands on all the original CCA's that are currently? held at chester, or if mnba will have a mass clear out of old archives LOL! I seem to remember when marbles was taken over by another company, none of my old records were transferred. CCA .....what CCA?
  14. The latest DN was sent by the current chasing DCA who had asked for a copy of the DN from the OC. To all extents and purposes this DN now looks compliant, however it is not the same as the one I originally recieved. It seems that certain american bank who issued loads of dn's like mine asking for the full balance, are now trying to put right their mistake. Convincing the DCA that they are still in the wrong maybe a different story!
  15. Returning to this subject once again and the original post : " If a default notice is invalid due to penalty charges or overstated amount or not allowing 14 days to remedy breach should that be enough to strike out their claim. And if so can the claimant then re-issue a new default notice correcting the wrongly stated items, even if this is two years later!" I find myself in the same situation, HOWEVER, the o/c has reissued ( reprinted/conjured up/edited ) a default notice with exactly the same dates as the original ( 2009) but this time asking for the arrears and not the whole balance to be repaid. Surely this amounts to fraud and deception, as the original DN was defective they now have tried to correct their mistake. Account terminated and assigned during the default notice period to rectify in any case. Current dca is now asking for proposals to repay on the strength of this altered dn, how should I respond?
  16. I think it is just routine, a computer churns out an annual statement, I would jusy file and ignore.
  17. You might want to try asking on ADVFN bulletin boards, thats the sort of forum that knows about IG and their games, or try MONEYAM
  18. I cannot believe you havent had much help with your situation. Unfortunately I am not experienced enough to offer any constructive advice, but I sincerley hope if I was in the same position as you, more help would be forthcoming from those who have been through this before. I can only suggest you click on the triangle with the exclamation mark in it at the bottom of each post to alert this thread to the site team. I wish you all the best and I hope help comes along soon!
  19. There is a website that is used to detect if your images are being used ( copied, stolen, re-published ) elsewhere on the web without your permission. Its called Tineye, you upload your image and it tells you where else it appaers on the web. Very useful tool.
  20. It would appear that this response is now out of date, as all the things we tell them they cannot do, it now turns out they can do, and will do , and do do ( does that make any sense lol!) I beleive this is the link to the updated letter that should be sent: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?436-Failiure-to-provide-a-copy-of-the-agreement-within-the-prescribed-timescale
  21. Is this statement still true after all the recent rulings?
  22. An obvious fraud? I'd be very carefull about shouting that out! If you look at the diagram of how to fold the form you will notice there is three folds and four sections to the form, the address part has not been retained and photocopied as it was probably just thrown away. I would be more concerned about the legality of MBNA assigning your debt away in the middle of the Default Notice.
  23. So what specific part of the CCA1974 are they disregarding?
  24. Clarification on a relatively ( LOL!) simple question please.: Is a creditor lawfully entitled to issue a default notice demanding the repayment of the full balance of a credit card account, WHEN they are in default of a s78 cca1974 request, and have been reminded of their failiure to provide that information on more than one occasion? The balance of that default notice being inclusive of charges and interest accrued whilst they had not provided relevant information persuant to a s78 request.
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