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  1. Off the court tomorrow AM to contest Cabot's Claim for an old Capital One debt. 4 weeks ago, FIRE Debt Collectors write to me to chase the same Cabot debt. Should I raise this in Court tomorrow? Should Cabot be instructing debt collectors prior to a hearing? Urgent comments appreciated please. Thanks simongee
  2. CitizenB Thanks for attaching the judge's summing up on an older Cabot case. The information is useful. Just wondered whether there was anyone on this site that has just gone through a similar situation and what defence they presented at trial. My hearing is next Thursday and I am getting a little edgy that I am not properly prepared and completely out of my depth. Any help gratefully received. simongee
  3. Hi Does anyone have any experience with preparing for trial against Cabots? Consumeredge has been helping me but may have stopped following this thread. Thanking you all in advance. simongee
  4. Hi Molly I'll have to get back to you with the address. I don't have the paperwork in the office with me unfortunately. Simongee
  5. ConsumerEdge Are you still following this thread? simongee
  6. Hi Molly Thanks for your message. The package and without prejudice letter is definitely from Morgan Solicitors. There isn't a telephone number and at the bottom of their letterhead it does state than Morgan Solicitors is the in-house litigation department of Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited. The mailing address is in West Malling, Kent. I have to presume that in some form they're still going. They've listed a Mr Dickon Edwards as their counsel. Ring any bells with anyone? I can see from his chambers website that he is more of a generalist. Simongee
  7. Apologises for the last document upload. I have saved it as a pdf so hopefully it will be more visible. fire 7 june 2012.pdf
  8. Hi ConsumerEdge Apologises for the radio silence over the past 2 months however there has been absolutely nothing to report. My case is now 2 1/2 weeks away and I could really use your advice on how to prepare for court. 2 days ago, Morgan Solicitor's posted me a large file with copies of all correspondence and supporting evidence from both sides. There is nothing new in there apart from their breakdown in legal costs. They did attach a without prejudice letter offering a deal of £8,000 in full and final settlement to be paid in instalments. I have not replied to this let
  9. I will scan and upload the documents submitted by Morgan's that they blanked out in the next few days. I appreciate your interest.
  10. ConsumerEdge Thanks for your DM. I tried to reply but your mailbox was full. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Kind regards simongee
  11. Hi ConsumerEdge Sorry to follow up so soon. Just wondered whether you have had an opportunity to review the documents Morgan's Solicitors have sent me. Kind regards Simongee
  12. Hi ConsumerEdge I hope all is well with you. As discussed, I sent a letter to Morgan Solicitor's quoting the case you commented on. I received a reply and have scanned and attached same for your comments. Along with their reply, they sent me the Claimant's Listing Questionnaire and the Estimate of Costs. I would appreciate your thoughts as to what I should do next. With thanks. Kind regards simongee Morgan Solicitors 11 Apr 2012.doc
  13. ConsumerEdge Just a short note to let you know I have posted a letter to Morgan Solicitor's for next day recorded delivery with the contents of your earlier reply. I have given them 7 days in which to respond confirming that I will be filing my 2nd witness statement upon receipt. Kind regards Simon
  14. ConsumerEdge Thank you for your comments and DM. I have tried to reply to you directly but the error message received when I pressed the send button stated your mailbox was full. Kind regards Simon
  15. ConsumerEdge Your mailbox now works - I sent you a DM and it went through this time. Kind regards Simongee
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