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  1. Hi Cluelessmum Is the Decree granted to Nolans or the orignal creditor? The court/judge set the £20 per month rate, now as far as I know Nolans cannot change that without going back to court. Also you are under no obligation to complete an income & expenditure form unless the court has requested it. I think Nolans are just trying to get more money out of you. If you cannot afford anymore more than the £20 I would make this very clear to them.
  2. Hi Do you have a Decree against you for this debt?
  3. Hi hb Thanks for reply. There is a balance on account which we will continue to pay monthly. I am just worried that they will trash my credit report when we have not committed any breach of contract.
  4. Hi Have just received letter from Halifax advising that they will not be renewing Credit Card and are closing the account. This account has not defaulted, never had any late payments, have not broken any terms of contract. Does this mean that they will enter damaging mark on otherwise healthy credit report? Has anyone had any experience of this?
  5. Hi Does Fenton Cooper/Rockwell actually own the debt or had it properly assigned? If they dont then only the original creditor can take legal action against you.
  6. Hi I received a fixed penalty notice but there is no amount filled in the box. It states to pay the above sum. It is also not signed and the issuing officer box is not filled in. Can anyone advise what I should do.
  7. They have been in my files too which are very clean now and have been for a while. Is there anything we can do about this?
  8. Who was the CCJ awarded to was it AK or was it the original creditor?
  9. Hi Ida Surely the DCA applying for the transfer of name would have to have had the debt assigned to them by the original creditor
  10. How does a transfer of ownership work? Does the original creditor that obtained the decree do the transfer, I have never heard of that.
  11. Hi Im not very experienced with enforceability of CCAs hopefully someone will come along with more knowledge and have a look. I think you should SAR the Halifax to see if they assigned all rights and privileges to thames/AK. If they had then Thames/AK would have the right to take you to court but if not the Halifax would need to take you to court which I think they would have done by now.
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