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  1. so ive had a reply. they maintain that it is an agreement, what do i do now? this is what the email says. Thank you for your recent correspondence. Your comments have been noted and we can confirm that the documentation we have previously sent to you is sufficient. This matter has previously been investigated and you have been informed of the response. We can no longer freeze your account and intend to pursue the balance with immediate effect. As such we cannot hold any phone calls or letters with regard to this account and ultimately this account could be passed to our litigation team who could consider appropriate legal action. You are required to contact our company immediately to arrange repayment. We have a number of repayment options available and would be happy to tailor a repayment plan to your current financial circumstances. We thank you for your time and understanding with regard to this matter and we look forward to hearing from you at the nearest opportunity. Yours sincerely Samantha Barnard Customer Services
  2. hi slick, been ages but fortunatly ive had no need to come here, its Lowell. the document is also on post #123, i read my thred and saw id already been sent it once. do i just tell them the account is still indispute and ask them to send me a propper agreement? thanks for the reply
  3. btw its just the same as the one they sent me further up.
  4. barclays have sold the account to a dc and theyve sent me this claiming it to be a valid agreement, it has my signature on it but the agreement doesnt look right,could someone look at it and tell me where i go from here? i thought id heard the last of them as its been over a year.
  5. i have lost, i knew it, i have no idea what to do now, i physically can not work, i spend up to 4 days a week confined to bed which i told them, i take morphine daily. who will employ me? they didnt even put me on the work thing so i could get help. just told to claim jsa but told by jsa i cant because i cant work. so its catch 22. how does it work for the next stage of appeal? i was not fully informed of what was expected from me at the tribunal and i was only asked to send in further info 2 weeks before the tribunal, my gp was away on leave and i couldnt get any thing from him, i have a carer every day and i have just had a ground floor bathroom and bedroom built in my house. its crazy. i dont know what im going to do, im going out of my mind. ive started having panic attacts now. i was incap for 11 years and had a medical every year with no issues, its a condition ive had since childhood and i had a letter from my last consultant appointment saying i wont get better and he doesnt need to see me again as he cant help.
  6. thank you, i felt sick going in, i answered everything they asked me and i know that i cant work but im still so worried. the clerk said that we would be asked to wait outside and then go back in but they just told us to go. i will take it further though as i have no other option. x
  7. i had my tribunal yesterday, i will admit i was unprepaired. i had no idea what i was doing and was expecting them to write to me to ask for information before. i had just 2 weeks from the letter til the tribunal. i took my carer and my grandmother with me. it took 45 mins and i ended up crying. i have had my condition since i was 11 years old and have been told i will not improve. i ended up crying like a moron when the dr asked me why i had children when i have a disabiltiy, i said because i always wanted children and i didnt feel that my right to be a parent should be taken from me because of something i cant control. he said he agreed. they asked me everything in the worl, the esa medical was a complete lie! the woman had stated i could self propel a wheelchair for 800 meters, not true, she asked me if i have a wheel chair (i use crutches most of the time) i said yes she asked if it was manual which i said yes, i do not however push my self, i have a carer, but she did not ask and just made it up. she'd put i bent down and touched my toes in the medical, again not true, i couldnt do it even if i wanted to, but she didnt even ask me to. my carer explained about my medication (i take morphine) then my grandma said a little about how it has dominated my whole life. they said that was all and they would write to me, im now terrified ive lost, ive searched a little and from what i can see all but one person who was told they would write to them lost. is that how it works? i spend up to 4 days a week stuck in bed and am in agony 24/7, theres no way i can work.
  8. thanks for the reply slick, we have 14 days from the date on it which is the 16th so the 30th. He doesnt have all the statements. He's been to see a solicitor today and they basically said that because the debt is over 3 years old he cant contest it and they will put a charge on our home with a view to forcing us to sell it!! im so angry, how is it fair that an unsecured loan can be made secure? I need to do something with this court paper could someone talk me through how to fill it out?
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?168577-lloyds-blackhorse-ppi the cca is on this thread, post 18. He did get a default notice. He got a letter saying the account was no the dca debt. They carried on putting the payments down as default/missed even though he was on a repayment plan and never missed it. currently the paper work they sent us is a claim form, it says he defaulted on the agreement and then failed to pay off the loan, its then asking that we fill out an acknowledgment of service. I 100% sure this will count as irresponsible lending, he was off work at the time, they told him to consolidate an exsisting loan with a new one when he couldnt even afford what he had. He is disabled, they have been oppressive, my hubby has very bad depression and biploar. they have not helped when he uncounted finical hardship. he has never said he wont pay but that he cant, he has made the reduced payment but the balance never seems to go down at all. Any way, what do i do now? This is all new to me. He will not be able to attend court as his mental state is to fragile.
  10. im sure it must come under irresponsible lending, they gave him a 10k loan that consolodated his loan and lent him more money all the time being fully aware of the circumstances, they have been aggressive and uphlepful and they lent money knowing he couldnt pay it back. ive just been reading the oft guidlines and it seems to fit an awful lot of them, im just not sure where i go from here. what do i do with the court papers? also can they make an unsercured loan sercured? which is what they have been saying, they have said they intend to put the loan on our house. my hubby still can not pay the loan at the amount they want, he is still paying the reduced payment which he has done for years now, they refuse to agree to the payment thou but they do take it from him. we have until the 30th to respond to the court papers. any help would be great as to what i do and which way i take this now . x
  11. We got some papers sent to us this morning re court action. im not sure how to respond. they are offical from the count court, its headed as a claim form. can i use irresponsible lending as a defence? Im at a loss as to what to do, my hubby is on the edge of being sectioned again, he has bipolar and chronic depression, i need your help.
  12. ok really need some help now, the ppi was soredt and taken off the balance of the loan a while back, since then dh has been paying a reduced amount that was suggested by the cccs, they accepted the payments but now they are wanting more money, we dont have it to give as my husband is not working due to an accident and spinal injury. he has continued to make the payments which they keep saying they dont want. we still owe a large amount on the loan. hes just had a letter today from a solicitor saying they are taking him to court in Northampton which is at the other side of the country to us he can not travel that far and so they will decided in his absence . there are no court papers yet just threats. to clarify, he took the load weeks after the accident, they were fully aware of the circumstances and add ppi to the loan saying he could claim if he didnt go back to work, he was then signed off long term and tried to claim, he couldnt, he claimed back the ppi which was then taken off the balance of the loan. he has maintained the reduced payment ever since, not missed any but now they want to take him to court to secure the loan against our house!! the loan was unsecured. where do i go now? do we need legal advice? is it irresponsible lending? can they do all this? its making him very ill. he also suffers from very bad depression and bipolar so i need to sort this asap. thanks in advance.
  13. ive told him not to speak to them on the phone but he has no other way to pay them right now, will work on that and try get him set up with some other way to pay, ive fought other things and won so now i need to help him with this. he borrowed the money when he was first off work to live on and pay his other debts, they were well aware of this and sold him ppi stating that he could claim on it if he didnt go back to work, that did not happen and i claimed back the ppi but it seems it was eaten up by charges. im also going to ask for a copy of his cca seeing as he signed for it in a branch. the dca have sent a letter stating they will not accept the payment offer and are going to court for the charging order as they want security on the debt but that they will not force us to sell. i dont think he has much in the way of paper work. he suffers mental heath issues and has trouble keeping on top of things which is why im stepping in. he borrowed 10k and has paid back a fair chunk yet the balance still sits at 7.5k. thats after the pii was ment to have been taken off. do i respond to the letter or not? not do i say? tia
  14. ok i need some advice, my husband took out a loan with lloyds over 5 years ago. at the time he had just had an accident at work and took the loan to live on, he informed lloyds of this and said that due to the nature of his accident and spinal injury he may not ever go back to work. he is currently still off. they put ppi on the loan which we have since claimed back but they took the amount off the balance which included thousands in charges. he made an offer of payment based on an assessment by the cccs and has kept to these payments , lloyds still sold the loan on to a dca. now the dca are saying they will not renew the agreement even though we can not afford to pay any more than we are and are still making the payments. they have now sent a letter stating they are taking us to court and putting a charing order on our home! we took out an unsercured debt because we didnt want anything on the house, how can they do that? he is not saying he wont pay but that he cant, we have no more money to give. they make him pay over the phone and each mnth they are damn right nasty and tell him to get friends or family to pay the balance which just cant happen. so given the circumstances what can we do? will it stand as irresponsible lending given the circumstances and how do i go about fighting them?
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