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  1. a scott schedule is simply a scedule summarising the mani issues in your case. Here is a brief guide. http://lawbarrister.net/middleton/what-is-a-scott-schedule.html also read advice on www.etclaims.co.uk and dont panic
  2. unfortunately in reality many people are being treated unfairly or illegally. proving it is the real issue
  3. i think the other factor to bear in mind that you might actually win your case by the use of covert recording but then be dismissed any way because of a 'breakdown of trust' see aziz v trinity taxis.
  4. well done on the job!! Emm is correct. Ask for a 'without prejudice' meeting with the HR person. Be very polite but make it clear you are not accepting any of the allegations and you will fight it all the way and beyond. Then ask them if they are prepared to settle through a COT3 agreement. point out your new job is less pay. Ask them for a figure theyd be prepared to pay in addition to giving a good reference. It will cost them a minimum 5k if a case went to et.
  5. Surely the fundamental issue is whether the employer can simply terminate a contract and replace it with another one - there is a consultation period and certain procedures to be followed.
  6. i dont know why you simply dont ask the boss why you avent received full pay. If he says its policy then ask why the other person got it. keep it calm and non-confrontational
  7. I would also look at Data Protection issues here - they cannot hold your information /use it in this manner. Is there any merit in looking into making a complaint to teh information commissioner. Also worthwhile getting a subject access request in to find out what information they are holding about you
  8. I had a friend who got offered a job whilst on suspension and his union negotiated a settlement by way of a £35k payment and an excellent reference. This was the same place that suspended me and I think even though his case was not as strong as mine, they were glad to get rid of at least one problem. I went for two interviews whilst I was suspended, the first one, early on, I didnt say anything about being on suspension (because it was without prejudice) but didnt get the job. For the second one, by then I had enough to know that I was going to win, so I took the view that I wou
  9. Not only did they pay me, they also gave me annual payrise and also I kept my lease car. The lease ran out after 3 years so I extended the lease and got a new car just after the suspension was lifted. I even had to force them to take disciplinary action through ET - I asked ET to take over the disciplinary action because they said they would charge me but was not holding any hearing . They charged me with 36 offences and I won on every count, they were all false allegations, exaggerations (they asserted calling someone a dinosaur was swearing), etc. I hope your suspension is nowhere li
  10. I know its hard, but you must be patient - been thru suspension myself (in my case it was three and a half years though) but eventually came out on top at the other end. Just be patient and remember they are paying you all this time. Hopefully your situation will be resolved sooner.
  11. I would be tempted to write to them and point out that not paying you would be an unlawful deduction from pay and could be actioned at an ET
  12. although becky2585 is correct, they still have to have a justifiable reason why they choose to believe the other account. so it is very important that you are not evasive or give conflicting account jn your statement. also ask to see the other statement- they might not let you, but ask anyway.
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