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  1. Once again, thank you for all your help Ubiquitious. I've sent a request off to the management companies solicitors to provide me with a breakdown of the service charges. I'll also seek legal advice regarding the summons the mortgage company has issued me with. I'll let you know what happens.
  2. LOL, my fault. There was a period of time when we were the only ones living in the block. This was only for about 8 months. They could be trying to charge us for service changes during this period for the whole property as nobody else was living there during this time. Even if this is the case, there has been no servicing of the apartment. The fact that they’ve asked for the keys to the property only now suggests that they haven’t performed any maintenance to the property (internally at least). If they do start giving me the run around regarding the servicing hist
  3. Thanks for your advise Ubiquitious. It's really helped me to get a clear view of what I should do next. The ground rent on the property is £300 pa. There are three other tennants in the property. The total number of flats in the block is 5 so 1 flat is currently vacant. I'll get on to the management companies solicitors ASAP to get a full breakdown of all the charges in relation to the property. I've also sent a letter to the mortgage provider to stop any cheques going out to the management company as we are disputing their charges. I'm still waiting for the ammended summons t
  4. Hi, I have an urgent problem that I would like some advice about because I really have no idea where to start. Please bear with me, there’s quite a bit of history but here goes... I have recently been summons for a court appearance for areas on my mortgage account. I do have arrears on my mortgage account (1 month) but have an agreement in place with my mortgage provider (GMAC RFC now Paratus AMC) to repay the arrears owing which we have kept up to date with (I pay £50 a month towards the areas + my normal mortgage repayment amount). This arrangement is all up-to-date. On que
  5. Hi Guys, I need a bit of help. I received a letter today from one of the the DCA's who I've issued a CCA too, saying the following: "Thank you for yo letter dated 25th November 2006 regarding the above account. I can confirm and advise the following: 1. Hillesden Securities T/A direct & legal & collections are an agency collecting on behalf of our client, Volkswagen Financial Services UK Ltd. 2. Your request for information under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 is required to be made directly to the client that legally owns the above account; Volkswagen Financial Services UK
  6. Hi Fedup, Sod'em, great names by the way . Once again thanks for the advice. It looks like the best way forward is to wait for their response from the CCA and then send them the letter posted by Fedup. Cheers again guys and good luck with your S.A.R. NRTGUP.
  7. Thanks for replying Fedup. Do you think I shold wait for them to respond to the CCA first before sending an SAR? Also, the account which I believe may be status barred i'm sure I haven't had any dealings with for at least 6 years. The agreement was originally made aprox 11 years ago now. Once again thanks for your advise.
  8. Hi Guys, I've sent a number of CCA's off to a number of the DCA's who are currently harassing me. There are a few who I believe are acting on debts which are unenforceable. There is also one which I believe may be currently statute barred. What kind of response can I expect to get from the CCA's? Also, what kind of response should I give back if I’m not provided with the information requested in the CCA? There is one DCA in particular which I am currently struggling to maintain the instalment amount which they dictated to me. It is with DLC (Direct legal & collections). Orig
  9. Thanks for the welcomes guys, I'm just doing a bit of thread reading to get me up to speed to start off with. I have a few issues which i'm sure you guys will be able to help me with so will be starting a few threads shortly. Thanks.
  10. Hi Slappy Jack, first post for me today too. Good luck in your hunting.
  11. Hi everyone, This site is great!! I've been reading over a few of the threads over the last few days after coming across it on google. I've learnt so much already. My wife and I have been battling with dept, ruthless collection agencies, court action, bailiffs etc for as long as we can remember in fact over a decade since we originally got into dept back at university. We we're really starting to give up, feeling that we would never get out of this trap but finding this site has given us a new fighting spirit. It's so good to know that there is a community out fighting back and
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