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  1. Hi guys, please help again, i have been getting from Northern Rock again, they are asking me to sign new agreement without the PPI and then they will process my refund. I have refused. I am worried & not sure what to do. I don't want to enter another agreement new agreement as i will not be able to maintain. please help.
  2. Hi All, can someone help me to understand this CCA from Cahoot and if it's enfoceable, I have tried my best to settle reasonably however cahoot are not intrested http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=5313&d=1231378274
  3. interested thread.. I have got a cahoot flexi loan which i am sick of. initially the intrest rate was about 6% now about 30%. I have not paid them anything for last 2 years. they are still holding on to it. I offered to do full and final for around 25% they were not intrested. not sure what to do
  4. Hi All, Possible good news.......I have been speaking to natwest directly and offered full and final for both loan and overdraft, they agreed on the phone, waiting for written confirmation. They said it will be partial settlement on credit file, fully satisfied on their end. does this matter? also insisted on payment over the phone with a debit card. any advice please many thanks
  5. its impossible to set a settlement figure from NR, it got front loaded interest basically the cash loan was for £25,000 at 6.9 APR over 120 month payment, monthly payment inc. interest is £286.83. I have paid 38 month payment at £286.83 totaling to £10,899. What is the settlement figure ? can any one help please.
  6. Hi Thanks for the advice, I really don't want a new agreement or loan. Ideally want tobe in a position so i can agree some sort of full and final.
  7. Hi All, I am planning to send the letter below, need some help to tidy up please, is it ok to send letter of Account in dispute with a Full and Final Settlement offer? Dear soandso, Re: Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Thank you for sending me what you have confirmed to be a true copy of the credit agreement that exist in relation to this account. As you have sent this document in response to my requests under Section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, then this statement by you is now binding on you as per section 172 of the Act. The document
  8. Thanks Everyone, My Initial Loan was for £25,000 with PPI and Interest over 10 Years comes to £47000.... Thanks makes me sick. From my understanding I have paid approx £10,000 the remaining balance approx £15000. If i get the full refund of the £5.5k of PII i am planning to offer Full and final settlement on the account using this full refund. I am not sure if i am approching this in the best way. I will not agree to sign any new agreement, I plan to do the following:- 1. Ask for full refund of PPI and not agree to sign anynew agreement and then use this fund to do ful
  9. I am thinking of sending this - any advice please Dear I am in receipt of your letter dated xxrd December 2009 in which you respond to my assertion that Northern Rock has Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) to me when I took out the above loans. I am please that you agreed to refund in full including interest of £5xxx.76 and not use this fund for any offsets, which resulted from deliberate mis-selling of the PPI initially. I will not accept to any new loan agreement until my PPI is fully refunded. PPI is not a compulsory product when taking out
  10. Hi Pipster, I have found your posting and everyone’s comments extremely helpful. I am in similar situation, I have loan with Northern Rock with PPI; due to financial difficulty I have not paid them over 1 year and requested my refund for mis-selling PPI. Finally they accepted to refund the PPI but asking me to sign a new loan agreement without the PPI not sure how to proceed. Help from anyone would be most appreciated. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/173700-northern-rock-cca-enforcable.html
  11. Thank you. sorry, does anyone have a sample of letter before action please. Any other comments or advice on how i should proceed.
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