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  1. Hi, I've just been looking at my Experian account. I had two defaulted accounts from back in July 2008. However, one is showing as settled (in July 2013) and the other isn't. If the 6 year rule applies then surely the one showing as settled back in 2013 was settled too early and should be settled in 2014? They defaulted within days of each other - why would one be settled and the other not?
  2. Update - already - it seems that DLC have now passed over the information to MDB (Mercantile Data Bureau) who are asking me to contact them to discuss the matter. "I have been instructed by direct legal & collections, an associated company of MDB, to contact you about the above unpaid debt. Your account has been transferred to me due to your continued failure to discharge your current liability. All future contact relating to your account should now be with me. I would like to give you the opportunity ti discuss your account with me before we undertake any action with your account. I will take into consideration your current financial circumstances and outline the many options available to help resolve this matter" ****** Would you suggest I send the drafted letter you wrote for me above, to MDB instead?
  3. Ok - so I can only assume that they're chasing the satisfied one? I'll send that letter off that you have drafted for me and hopefully that;ll be the end of it? Thanks for your help.
  4. Ah ok - so logging into Equifax as advised has uncovered some (not all) of my information... The current account from Lloyds is there, date of default apparently 2008 and date updated 17/09/2008. Why has it been so long since being updated? The loan from them is showing as settled though - with a date satisfied of 18/01/2008. This was updated 19/09/2012.
  5. I've a feeling it might be that I've created an account with my abbreviated name rather than full name perhaps?
  6. I've logged onto Experian. Last year there were records of things on there relating to my IVA and defaulted loans. Now there's nothing!
  7. Hi there. Ok so I've logged on to my credit report and there are no details whatsoever of ANY defaults on my file. None! I've checked all my addresses and they are correct so it can't be that they've given me access to anyone else's report (which is what I had initially thought when i saw my score). My IVA isn't even on there!
  8. Ok - thanks. I'll let you know whether it appear on my report as soon as I find out. Guessing the general consensus for now is to ignore it?
  9. Hi there. I've applied to see my credit report with Experian to check - they send out a PIN apparently, so need to wait for that before I can see whether it's on my file or not, however i would hazard a guess that it's over 6 years since the default happened. No-one ever agreed to a repayment plan and I kept getting passed around the house - then back to Lloyds - then to others etc etc.
  10. Hi can anyone advise? Today I received the following letter "Dear XXX We have chosen to send you this letter as someone who may be struggling to manage your credit commitment. One of the impacts of the "credit crunch" has been an individual's ability to obtain credit, particularly mortgages, with lenders scrutinising applicants' credit history and payment records much closer. In the future, credit is only likely to be available to individuals with good credit history, or those that can display positive efforts to pay off their defaulted accounts. Therefore we can offer you the choice of two options to improve your situation: a) £10 per month by direct debit b) Pay 50% of the balance now and have the remaining wiped If you choose to pay by direct debit return the completed DD form . ETC ETC." It then lists at the side of the letter, and old loan that defaulted with Lloyds TSB who now is apparently managed by Hillesden Securities. There's nothing mentioned of "further action" so I really am a bit confused. Also, regarding the loan, I've never received instruction that the debt was being passed over by Lloyds - it was a rather long time ago that the default happened you see. Any advice? Can i just ignore the letter from DLC? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Long story short; I defaulted with LS over a year ago as I couldn't keep up the repayments. I emailed them every month offering them what i could afford and requesting their bank details so i could set up a standing order and they never replied to any of them. Then, about a month ago, I received an email from them stating that despite their attempts to make contact (there were none) they have passed my debt over to CRS. Cue a bombardment of emails / texts from CRS who have now told me that my account is being prepared for pre-litigation. HELP! I actually don't know how much i owe LS now - god knows what charges they have added to my account! Can anyone advise on what i should do next? CRS are being rather persistent and although i've not replied to them directly, I've a feeling I can't hold them off much longer. Is there a letter / email i can send requesting a statement of account by which they have x amounts of days to reply? I can't find it on here but swear I've seen one. Thanks
  12. Hi Cait Thanks for the advice. How long should it take to have the credit agreement sent to you? They've sent me a PDF of mine on email - about 4 months after asking. Is that right?
  13. Hi Can anyone advise what the standard practice is regarding paying pack a load from Lending Stream? After months of me trying to arrange a repayment plan and hearing nothing, my account was passed over to Mckensie Hall, who took approx 4 months to forward me a copy of my statement of account and credit agreement. Essentially I am being charges £582 for a £200 loan, costs as follows: 23/02/2011 Advance £200.00 £200.00 23/02/2011 Capitalised Interest £60.00 £260.00 02/04/2011 Capitalised Interest £60.00 £320.00 02/04/2011 Arrears Fee £12.00 £332.00 30/04/2011 Capitalised Interest £60.00 £392.00 08/05/2011 Default Fee £10.00 £402.00 02/06/2011 Capitalised Interest £60.00 £462.00 02/07/2011 Capitalised Interest £60.00 £522.00 31/07/2011 Capitalised Interest £60.00 £582.00 Should I still only offer the loan plus one month? I can't recall how long the loan period was and the PDF stating this can't be opened as it needs a password - which I'm currently waiting for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. Will you be sending an 'Account in dispute' letter - I've seen that mentioned several times on this forum although not entirely sure what the procedure is.
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