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  1. Security guards are front line, they have direct contact with the public
  2. Ye I thought that renegade but have been reading its to do with the way they allow access, for example the entrance and exit routes are open and access can be gained at any time by anyone. Places that have stated cases that show them to be public places are: 1. A privately-owned Caravan site open to campers (DDP v Vivier [1991] RTR 205) 2. A school playground used outside of school hours as a leisure park by members of the public (Rodger v Normand 1994 SCCR 861) 3. The "Inward Freight Immigration Lanes" at Dover Eastern Docks (DPP v Coulman [1993] RTR 230) 4. A fiel
  3. The license part I'm guessing is just an off license. Thanks for the info so far . What happens when they leave the store? I know they are told they aren't allowedoutside the store. so if they chase someone into the car park ? I thought a car park was public space under the road traffic act, so this would be the same as them chasing someone on the street? Thanks
  4. Hi all It has been pointed out to me by a friend that works in a supermarket that their security guards do not have SIA licenses to carry out security guarding activites . I went and asked in the supermarket and spoke to a personnel manager , she told me she wasn't aware supermarket guard needed licenses as it was private property . But so are nightclubs . And also they are not employed as security they are just supermarket employees . My questions are . 1)Can these people wear clothing stating they are security ? ie jackets etc with security written on them 2)Can they l
  5. i have never paid them anything , i've not even admitted to knowing about them , as there is some confusion over who's they are , as they came about after a break up . they have never even had a correct address for me , the first i heard from lowells was the stat demand when it was dropped through the letterbox by hand . i only have 1 credit card and i have no need for finance , so i thought everything was fine , but i checked my credit file and they have been reporting defaults on it right up until 22/01/2013
  6. ok , thanks for the tip , they must have with held it themselves . i will get a SAR off to the original creditor ASAP
  7. hi , i spoke to BW Legal over the phone when i received the demand in november as i didn't even know what it was , they said they were putting it on hold as i disputed it and sent the cca . i also called the cardiff county court as thats the court they used , and cardiff then told me they know nothing about it and they don't deal with stat demands ??
  8. Hi guys , i received a stat demand from BW Legal on behalf of lowells i replied with the template CCA letter . they received the letter on the 29th November 2012 , and i am still waiting for a reply . I called BW legal to ask them what was going on , at first they denied receiving anything until i told them it was signed for and tracked , and then magically i was told oh yes we have it . they then told me i just have to wait for lowells to contact the creditors and get the details and that was it . so since it has been quite some time now , what do i do next ? thanks
  9. ye the repair was done , but wasnt' by bmw so he couldn't turn the light off it was a ELV problem , something to do with the steering lock not engaging and electrical fault , but speaking with a bmw mechanic he says he's seen some that won't start and some that go on for years with the light on. it's booked in with bmw tomorrow 29/08/12 , so just getting the thing done and getting rid cos its going to cost me too much money to keep before christmas , i been told my brake pads are goign to cost me £140 lol , last time i bought brake pads for a vauxhall they cost me £10 front and £10
  10. ah ok , thank you for the reply , i am getting the light switched off anyway as the new salesman was good enough to "loan me a car on his own insurance" , and it wasnt his fault but thank you for the reply
  11. my car recently developed a fault see picture attached , i took it to BMW and they wanted £650 to repair on top of the £100 i just paid to have a diagnostic . so i thought i would go see my friend that owns his own garage , so he rang bmw to confirm this could be done and they told him yes a second hand part can be put in and it will all be ok . so he fitted it , but couldn't turn the light , this can only be done by bmw , even though they told him he could do it . so i decided to get rid of the car , i got the service coming up the mot , it needs 4 new tyres and various other thing
  12. sorry to bump this thread guys i had an email today from the landlord , that she has secured the deposit even though we requested it was returned as we have been looking for somewhere as she requested us to do and is willing to let us go early ( we have this in writing ) what can i do now ? we asked for the deposit to be returned and she blatantly refused
  13. Yes the property I am renting is in England
  14. just a quick update , i have spoken to a residential law solicitor , she said that Section 48 of the LL and Tenant Act says the address must be in England/Wales: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1987/31/part/VI doesn't apply to assured shorthold tenancy only leasehold , so if i bought a leasehold flat it would apply then but not in this case cos of AST
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