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  1. I have AA cover and also the break\down repair cover as a joint member ship. This entitles me and my OH to up 7 call outs a year. A few weeks ago we was out in our car, went to my mum and the car would not re-start, infact wouldnt even turn over. So called the AA out. Patrolman said that it was a burnt out cable attached to starter motor. Problem solved, car starts - all ok. Yesterday (first day out shopping since having my baby 3 days ago!!) upon returning to car, car wont start, wont turn over so again call AA. Patrolman arrives this time its a cable problem earthing the gearbox? patrolman - repaired and did not fix it, car start and gets us home. after being at home for an hour or 2 OH wants to pop out - car again wont start showing same problem - wont even turn over. Called AA again first of all they wanted to charge me to come to my home as i dont have home cover, i expained that as this was 2nd time in the same day with same problem it was an ongoing issue? After some uhming anf arghing they agreed sent a patrol to my home but this has gone as a third call out. By the time patrolman arrived car was now turning over so patrol seemed unhelpful. With a bit of pushing from my OH patrolman said sounded like startermotor and to get it repaired under the breakdown repair service. So this morning take car along to local garage as they wanted to check which starter motor to order. Car goes up on ramp and mechanic takes a look - apparently positive wiring is so bad they will not remove from ramp as they are deeming it too dangerous as could burst into fire at any moment. they wont start the engine to check if starter motor for fear of fire! they say problems of non starting are more than likely to be wiring than starter motor but are reluctant to check at present. So my query is should i be charged 3 call outs for potentially the same fault and even now its something that they seemed to have overlooked - apparently as soon as car was up on ramp this wiring issue could be seen. Car was put up on jack on very first call out. Also feel really angry, i dont have a clue about cars which is why i have AA cover and to now know that i have been driving around in a car with all 3 of my children on a daily basis that is potentially a fire trap is really unsettling. knowing that i have on 3 occasions asked for their assistance in trying to rectify a problem. Just feel let down and not happy with service. I have the number to complain to AA but am waiting for full diagnoise from garage before i complain so i know what im saying. Also just to add this is my local garage and i have always used and trusted them and never had any issues with them so know and believe that what they say is accurate. If anyone could recommend next course of action or some advice would gratefully appreciate it. Thanks Leah
  2. Ok just done 7 letters to be posted tomorrow. Littlewoods catalouge x 2 wellcome finance Northern rock cc Halifax cc Asset link 3 accounts all comet, time card barclycard cc So will wait and see what happens. Just one thing who do i make cheques out too? Take it the companies i am sending them too as some of these are with DCA now. Thanks L
  3. Thanks for your response, very much appreciated and just what i was looking for. Thanks L
  4. Hi, Am just getting some info together to start off the process for Credit card charges, PPI and CCA if this last part is an option. What i am having difficulty in finding though is one letter template that icovers all of this. I am assuming that i will need to do an SAR but want to also get all info relating to any PPI that may or may not have been included and also signed copies of agreements. I have for instance a closed account with natwest which i have successfully reclaimed back charges for (thanks to CAG) but i can not find any details of a loan and credit card that i took out with them which i assume was linked to my currant account? I know the loan was treated as a consolation loan as they wouldnt extend my overdraft but gave me a loan. Obviously these have been paid and settled but i think i had PPI on the loans for sure was told that it had to be part of the agreement - even though i have a long standing illness so this would never have paid out. Not that i was ever asked for medical history. Sorry seem to be going off course here. Anyway could someone please either help me with a template letter that asks for all above info and anything that i may have missed off or point me in the right direction. Need to be able to amend for loans, credit cards, store cards, catalouges and everything in general as between myself and my lovely OH we have a lot to get through. Many thanks L
  5. Hi everyone. Am just finding my feet on here and trying to read as much as possible. I have got my credit file and have had a cahoot credit card, which i settled at a reduced rate. There is still a default listed on my credit file even though shows as settled? can i ask them to remove this now? Also can i still go back and claim any charges that may have been applied? And again what about PPI? would this be an option too if i had this taken out too. So my first point of call is to do a SAR? is this correct - then a CCA? Sorry if this seems so waffled but really want to get this sorted? So if i get the CCA and this is an unenforcable agreement what happens as i have already settled this account? If this makes sense to you then hopefully you will be able to advise next xourse of action for me. Many thanks Leah
  6. Just starting on the process so will keep an eye on this thread. Thanks Leah
  7. Thanks for replies, have just requested a copy of partners credit report!! should make interesting reading - even he is worried lol. No user name is not my own name, so hopefully shall get no come backs if companies check out this thread. Will keep you updated as i progress and hopefully this will not be too much of a long drawn out battle. Just one more thing - should we enter jointly into a DMP with payplan or CCCS or should i wait untill i have all infomation from outstanding creditors? Also what should i do about phone calls and token payments etc? is there something i should be telling them like i am looking into to enforceability of debt? Have just been saying that i am out at present :-| Thanks Again! Leah
  8. Hi, Need to sort out my debts badly and that of partner who has recently moved in with me. Sorry if this comes across as waffle but am trying to read as much info as possible and try and find my footing here. Anyway i propbably have around 12k of unsecured debt although havent actually looked at figures recently as have been burying head in sand so could possible be higher. Did start the process with payplan but then said partner moved in and we decide to hold off and clump all debts together as thought that may be better?? Anyway partner really is worse off than me has been running from debt and not paying anything so completely unsure of how much he owes and to whom? Can we do a credit report in him and get everything that way? How would we get account numbers and things? Have been reading about PPI and CCA and weather some loans/credit amounts are enforceable. This is slightly confusing for me as i did borrow money from these companies so should be paying it back. However could someone explain this too me. Also again with PPI how does this work? I took a secured loan out in 2005/6 i think and paid alot of unsecured debt off with that. I am sure that some of these had PPI insurance attached to them. Can you reclaim this is you have settled the debt? Also what about if a debt that has been settled in unenforceable? Can you chase these? Is it best to start off obtaining both our credit files and taking from there over a period of the 6 years? from there i take it we would know what we owe, to whom and for how much? Sorry this seems a long post and is all over the place. If you have managed to get this far, well done you!. Hopefully someone can help me or at leats point me in the right direction. Many thanks Leah P.S Reason i really want to get this sorted in i am currently a week over due and what with my money pratically halving thanks to maternity leave money is top of our agenda so every penny counts in this house hold! This is #5 between us!! Thanks again
  9. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am getting to the end of my tether now!!! Nearly 2 weeks ago my boyfriend, who does not live with or have any association with me finacially. Used my house phone to call HFC to try and get some up to date info on his account (we are tryingt o sort out his debts) He asked them to send through a statement of accounts and then he will be in contact to arrange payment of the loan ect ect. Anyway since the day after i have had the same man ring me at least 3 times a day asking for my boyfriend. At first i explained that he is nothing to do with this house and there is no need to ring this number for him as he does not live here. The gentleman tried to tell me that my boyfriend had provided them with my number - which is rubbish as i was there and that did not happen. It turns out that they took my number off an automatic machine type thing and they wont remove it. I have told them several times that i have no assocation with my boyfriend and to stop ringing, that i am classes these calls as harrassing. But this same man word for word told me that he will have every person in his department ring me until they speak to my boyfriend. I have tried speaking to the manager but they are trying to tell me that until they have spoken to my boyfriend they will keep calling me. My boyfriend does not want to speak to them on the phone and has put something in writing regarding payment plans and such. How do i get them to stop calling???? Thanks leah
  10. Hello from a newbie *waves* I am trying to read as much as possible to get as much knowledge as possible. But i actually dont know where to start?? I have my experian credit report and i am assuming that some or maybe all of the account have PPI on them. I can be certain that i have been mis-sold on every single one of them as i have Ulcertive Colotis as a pre exsisting medical condidtion and have never been asked any medical history - so this would make all PPI agreement void?? I am really terrible with paperwork and some of the accounts have been cleared now due to a remortgage. If i dont have the account numbers how can i get the information - Would a SAR be enough even though i can not offer them my account number?? When asking for information do i act like i know i have been sold PPI when infact i dont know if i had it or not? Hope someone can point me in the right direction as i would love to get some money back! Thanks if you got this far Leah
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