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  1. PF thanks ever so much, i can not believe these figures! So realistically what one should i go for statuary or contractual? Whats the chances of being paid out on either? Again wow im gobsmacked!! Thanks again mcc
  2. agreement signed 31.07.06, first payment 26.09.06 and last 26.02.08. will pm you now my email add thanks again mc
  3. thanks slick, been reading loads and seems they're just sending out the same old stuff to everyone. I have sent off an SAR today too for these as i have no doubt got chagres and think i may have ppi insurance too. So will wait for that and see what happens. I have already sent the account in dispute letter but what do i do in between the SAR things arriving and being chased by BC? Thanks mcc
  4. we got the paperwork that they were asking the court to apply the order - we sent the form back asking for it to put on hold until we look in to account and have not heard back since. Although strangley enough when the paperwork came through from the SAR there was a default notice that had been sent to my OH previous address after they had already written to him here at our address. Also as well none of the court paperwork was in with the SAR and on the covering letter they have sent stated that this is all the paperwork they hold? should find out tuesday from Ogh Hr dept who is taking the money directly from his wages. Thanks mc
  5. wow pf thanks - i have another thread about the enforability of this account in the welcome forum and have posted agreements and things there. not sure how to do the link for it though? let me know if you want me to upload the again or not. thanks leah
  6. SAR done andwill be posted tomorrow Thanks leah
  7. Hi everyone. Just trying to sort out OH debts. I have rec'd everything through from welcome and PPI was added to his loan - Can someone help me out with figures please to work out what i should be asking back, if anything lol. thanks leah
  8. Hi all, Ok quick run down of what i have done so far. cca sent 24.06.09 - rec'd terms and conditions - account in dispute sent off 03.08.09 again rec'd letter which from what i have read on here is a standard one we have sent you what we need to so pay up blah blah blah. So what is my next step? Thanks Leah
  9. yep court a claim number and court, sent back the form stating that disputing then recieved a letter stating transfer from my oh old local court to new one. but not heard anything about the action being stopped or put on hold? court did get the documents as we sent them courier and they were signed for with in the 8 day limit we where given
  10. also, my oh has had extra money taken directly out of his wages. normally its just his csa, but the amount has doubled? waiting to hear back from hr on what this is for, but on the statement from welcome it does show as 2 lots of court fee has been added although shockingly none of the court documents have been sent to him and on the covering letter it does state that these are all documentation that they hold relating to account. connected?
  11. Got SAR stuff through today, have scanned in some of the things they have sent . will try and figure out how to upload. I sent cca request 24.06.09, no response, sent account in dispute letter and SAR rerquest 03.08.09, according to details that they sent there are 3 defaults entered. sept 08, oct 08 and 12th august 09. after account in dispute sent? Amazingly recieved sar and a previous letter at this address but latest default was sent to my partners previous address? Hope someone can help and offer next steps. Thanks Leah
  12. Hi, Just a quick run down of what i have done so far. CCA sent off 24.06.08 Application form rec'd and currant terms and conditions. Account in dispute letter sent 03.08.09 Again rec'd a letter from co-op 13.08.09 stating they have fulfilled the request and what they have sent is what is required. Although prescribed terms are missing, no crdit limit for a start no interest rate mentioned. So what is my next step re this cca. May sar them to check what the charges are too, noted from application form that PPI was ticked so will get that back to. This is all for my partner who has recently moved in with me and had previoiusly been burying his head in sand. Thanks Leah
  13. Hello, Quick run down so far of what i have done so far. cca sent 24.06.09 cca rec'd shows as signed by my other half dated 10.05.07. This is only the application though and shows this. No credit limit is shown and also states that interest is 0%, purchases on this account are interest free. So this is not a valid credit agreement as not full prescribed terms. Well if i am correct in thinking this anyway. Sent off the account in dispite letter on 03.08.09. Recieved a letter from bryan carter solicitors enclosing alleged CCA again now asking for payment. whats my next step? Thanks Leah
  14. just an update, have recieved an acknowledement letter from welcome re SAR. Also sent off the letter to Basildon court disputing the case and have since had a notice to transfer the case from Basildon to our now local court. Is this normal or should i do something else? thanks
  15. have a First Direct currant account and the £500 o/d came with it. Stopped using account earlier this year due to severe financial diffulcities. Moved all wages ect to a basic account. Anyway have now gone over the limit due to charges and am being hassled by dg solicitors and metropoltian for over £750. From what i can make out in other posts you can CCA the account, is this right? I have previously taken FD to the court stage back on 07 for unfair charges and won. But want to sort this as i dont think i should pay all this back. They have ceased my internet access to the account so am asumming that they have closed it. Can i send a cca request? Shall i send off the full SAR request for everything? Thanks Leah
  16. it is acctually an attachmentn of earning thing although it does just look like a photocopy not an offical court document, but was stamped with basildon county court. I have got my partner to do his credit refernce thing but he has had to send proof of address off as he has only really recently moved in with me. so will wait for that to see what ccj and defaults show up on his!
  17. this is the thing, my partner moved in with me beginning of may but never changed his address to mine, he was very much at the burying his head in the sand stage. so this attachment of earning thing is the first thing we have recieved for him at this address. Not sure when the ccj thing went on whether it was because he was not opening his mail or if it happened after he had moved out. Either way he has no knowledge of ccj or any other paperwork. i have sent a SAR request to welcome also now to see what the charges are and stuff. Suppose we will be getting lots of letters now then too.
  18. i have today sent by recorded del of course a account in dispute letter to welcome. i have also asked the court to suspend any action until matter is resolved included all previous letters sent. Also sent off a Full SAR to welcome to look at PPI and what charges have been applied. Just a quick question, if i am putting account into dispute can i then still claim back PPI and any charges or should we just leave it at that? Thanks Leah
  19. Thanks for replies - have completed account in dispute letter will be sent recorded del tomorrow. Have also filled in court paperwork and sent copies of letters sent to welcome and also a covering note giving a brief run down - again will be sent recorded tomorrow. Thanks again for your help and will keep you updated. Thanks leah
  20. Sorry, can some one please post up a template letter to put the account in dispute - cant find it now but was looking at it last night!! thanks leah
  21. Hi, yes this is a cort document, stamped basildon county court. Stating that the judgement was made at northampton. Have they done this because they know they cant enforce this loan as they have provided no paperwork to our CCA request. Just wanting to know what our next steps are now? will get my OH to ring the court tomorrow to see what they say? Any further input from anyone would be much apperciated. Thanks Leah
  22. Hi, Writing this on behalf of my partner who with in the last 6 months has moved in with me. I am trying to work my way through his debts as he got to the stage of burying his head in the sand. Anyway i sent a CCA off to welcome on the 24th june and we have received nothing from them but i expected this from what other people had commented. Anyway we have just come back from our weeks holiday to have received a notice of application for attachment of earnings order. Its dated the 30th July and we have 8 days. It states that a judgement was issued by northampton county court and he has ignored it and that we have 8 days to respond. My partner doesnt remember recieving court papers about this before but then he was ignoring everything, or it could have been sent to previous address as he didnt update any change of address details. So my question is if we are putting the accound into dispute what are our next steps to prevent welcome taking money from our account? Would be our account too as its a joint one. Also had ppi on this which im trying to get back too to know avail. Help please i dont know what to do next. Many thanks Leah
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