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  1. I sent off a basic letter to Santander regarding 2 old accounts that I sed to have. Both now closed down.


    I do not have any paperwork just found an old credit report in my files so thought I would try.


    Like I said it was a basic letter. Just giving the account number/ credit card number and saying that I was mis-sold

    as I have a pre existing medical condition dating back to 1997 and also I was entitled to full pay when absent through work.


    Today I have received a letter from Santander offering me £439.18 as full and final settlement on ms sold ppi for my credit card.

    It's broken down as monthly premiums £420, interest on total monthly premiums £19.18.


    My question is,

    sorry questions are t


    hey haven't really provided and breakdown or what Interest figure they have given?

    Is this normal?

    Is it really this easy?


    They ave asked that I sign a return the form and money will be paid to me in 28 days.


    I had done a previous one with a nat west loan a couple of years ago

    and it was so difficult I cant believe its been this easy?


    1 letter and an offer in 3 weeks?


    Mrs mcc

  2. Once again thanks for the replies.


    My partner, now my husband left the company last year as he had a breakdown of his own. In fact alot of the staff their over the last 2 years have left due to the either the way they have been treated or the amount of stress and pressure placed upon them.

    Yes i do think that my depression is not helped by lack of adult company and that is a reason why i do want to go back to work. I have always worked and i like having that "me" time and also being able to contribute to the household costs, although that isnt necessary.

    To be perfectly honest childcare as such isnt the main problem as my husband is now self employed and my mother is retired so they will be looking after my children whilst i work. But being mindful that my husband is very busy and that my mother is 66. i also need to be with my son for his appointments. Which is why i felt that working monday and tuesday for a total of 10 hours is a good balance.

    Thanks x

  3. Thanks for your reply!


    My health issues are not related to my pregnancy. i was diagnosed with UC which is a bowel disease when i was 18, nearly 14 years ago. This condition is actually on my application form so my employer knows about this right from the beginning.

    My fall at work only injured myself, thankfully and this is not what has caused my sons Autism. Dont think anyone would be able to say why he is like he is. But i am happy enough to say it has nothing to do with either my on going illness or my fall.

    Yes i imagine from a management point of view i am a difficult case to manage. But up until my recent long period of sick, i have always been a valid memeber of the team and worked really well. They have no question over how well i carry out my job and i always give them 100% of my time when i am there.

    I have no problem what so ever seeing a doctor and to be honest i totally expect them to not keep my confidentiality, its not a problem to me as i have nothing to hide in that respect anyway!

    I am just really dissappointed that i have always followed the guidelines that, they as a company set out. Yet they cant? if it was the other way round and it was me that had failed to respond in time, i would be held fully accountable, yet again they are not! For such a very large well known company, i am but a mere number to them and just problematic!


    I hope i have answered all your questions x



  4. Hi everyone,


    I am hoping for some advice about a rather long winded on going problem. So please bear with me whilst i try and give you the short version, without leaving out any info.


    I work for a VERY large worldwide company and have done for nearly 12 years. I have 4 children and have had them all whilst being employed with this company. In fairness i never had any problems until the company was bought out in 2006. Previously i worked for a Large International company and then was bought out by an even larger one!


    I fell pregnant with my 2nd child and left on maternity leave in early 2007 and return Jan 08. This is really from when my problems started, once i returned i worked really hard like always. I used to train new members of staff, cover other staff for holidays as i was only a handful of staff that knew how to do most of the jobs in the office. I even covered my line managers role when she was absent!! I done lots of overtime and even went into the promotion process.


    In the summer of 2008 is started going out with one of the company drivers and this is frowned upon by the company. Although they normally let relationships continue as long as one side is part time, as i was. In the October i found out i was pregnant with my 3rd child and decided that i would not do all the extra overtime as i needed to concentrate on the pregnancy and my family. I informed my manager pf my pregnancy when i was around 16 weeks pregnant. I guess this is when the problems began. It took a while and a few reminders until i got my risk assessement carried out. I was still told to go into warehouse and collect packages and deal with paperwork relating to warehouse.


    I had stopped all overtime by this point, so was therefore not covering other staff. At around 25 weeks in my pregnancy i fell over in the warehouse as a spillage had not been cleaned up properly. After being checked over by hospital i was given some strong painkillers as i had knocked my pelvis out of line. I left for my maternity leave in April 09. In the Dec time of 09 i wrote to my employers asking for a flexible work request as i was due to return to work in the Feb 2010. I was working Mon-Fri 9.30 am - 2.30 pm and i was requesting an intial change to 2 full days a week.


    I heard nothing from work, when i chased up my request i was told it was being dealt with and when they could fit me in to have a meeting they would. as Christmas is their busiest time. I reminded them that they should of had to arrange a meeting within 28 days. I was then offered a meeting date in the Jan 2010, well after the 28 days. I attended the meeting to find that my centre manager was not available and i had a meeting with our centres HR rep and all that was done was the letter was read through?!


    I rec'd another letter giving me a second meeting, at this meeting which my manager and HR rep atteneded, i was told that my request could not be granted and was given an option to work evening. ( please remember that my current partner also worked for the same compnay as a driver and worked very long days!) i said that due to childcare i couldnt do that as i would have no one to look after my children from 6.00pm onwards until my partner finished work, which had no set time as he worked to his load per day! I asked if there was any room for change or to come to another arrangement and was told a flat out no! At this point i was told by the HR rep that i had a right to appeal. I put my appeal forward and recieved another meeting day, on this day which was approx 2 or 3 weeks before my return to work date and also about 60 days after my intial contact!


    I arrived at my centre andc was kept waiting nearly 30 minutes pass my meeting time. I was then called into the office by just the HR rep to be told that my area manager had been caught up in something and would have to cancel the meeting. I later found out that he was at a regional meeting at another centre and it would have been impossible for him to attend my meeting as at the time he was on a conference call! The HR rep gave me details of a HR manager that i should now deal with. I had to return to work on my previous hours which caused some pressure on childcare issues. In this process i found out that i was pregnant again, I found out unexpectedly as i had some health issues and it was determined that i was actually carrying twins but had sadly miscarried one of them. I know that it was a very stressful period regarding work at that time.


    On my return to work i did not recieve a back to work interview like i had previously and there had been major changes and i was not offically aware of these! I came back into the office without a work station and then being given new job tasks. I put in a a major complaing about everything to the HR Manager. Things seemed to move a lot quickly re my flexible work requests with new meetings being put in place, but it was also apparent that i had put other staff members noses out of joint so i was being ignored at work. Very child like behaviours to be honest!


    Anyway after much stress, this was all resolved in about May 2010 so nearly 6 months after my itial request. I was finally granted reduced hours of 9I left .30-2.30 wed, thurs and fri!

    To be honest i felt that awful at work that i asked to leave for my maternity leave as soon as possible so taking all my holiday entitlement i left in July 2010. My 4th child was born in the Oct. Around the Christmas 2010 i wento to my health visitor with concern for my 3rd child and was referred to see the Paed at our local childrens centre. this took place in the Feb 2011 and we was given an intial diagnoses of autism! My son requires so much extra help and support as he is non verbal and extremely delayed in development. As it stand we currently have play therapy sessions on a wednesday, Portage visit on a thuirsday and play therapy on a friday. which obviously clashes with my days at work?!


    Now i was due to return on the 23rd Aug 2011 but have been off sick as i had to have an operation on my bowel. I also have been having treatment for severe depression and with all this stress my ulcertive colitis has really flared up and im struggling to control it all. Now i had been having issues with work regarding my sickness as i was given a certific iate for 6 weeks after my op then all my other certificates have been for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. i have now been given my certificate until the 8th feb 2012 and hopefully in that time i should of had another endoscope and seen my consultant again. But in a phpne call to work that was about my sickness, i was told that i would be sent to see their own doctor.


    I have no problem with this and asked them to send me through appointment details. I have heard nothing since, but i also asked to have a meeting with my line manager and centre manager as i needed to discuss a change in my working pattern. I went in to see my managers at beginning of 23rd nov 2011 and requested that i change my working patterned to mon and tues with the same times that i previously work.


    I have since heard nothing from them regarding this matter although they have phoned me to see how much longer i was off sick for?!


    Im just stuck at what to do to be honest. I dont think i have it in me to fight them again, not with everything else i am dealing with right now. I feel like i just want to hand my notice in, but i have always worked and i just dont see myself being able to find another job with the hours i need. Seriously who would want to employ and mother of 4 young children, 3 under 5 and one of them is disabled?!


    What do i do? Any suggestions?? if you have got this far then thank you soooo much! x



  5. Hi all,


    I have today received my SAR details from Black Horse and was wondering if some one could help me with figures?


    Loan was taken out in June 2004

    Loan amount of £1500

    APR 39.9% Monthly rate 2.837%

    monthly repayment £74.93

    Total charge for credit 747.90

    Total amount payable £2247.90

    Number of monthly replayments 30


    then i have finacial details (the second schedule)


    Cash price of the PPI £267.40

    interest rate pr month 2.837% APR 39.9%

    monthly repayments £13.35

    Total charge for credit £133.10

    Total amount payable £400.50

    number of monthly repayment 30


    Total of combined monthly repayment is £88.28


    made the following payments


    02/08/04 88.28

    01/09/04 88.28

    01/10/04 88.28

    01/11/04 88.28

    01/12/04 88.28


    then made no payments for 2 months, i then at the time joined a debt manhement company and started paying them through these at the following amounts


    10/03/05 15.35

    07/04/05 15.67

    11/05/05 11.76

    08/06/05 11.76

    08/07/05 11.76

    09/08/05 11.76

    07/09/05 13.02

    10/10/05 15.77

    08/11/05 15.77


    Then my money problems grew even worse at that time so i stopped making apyments again.

    Blackhorse sold the debt off in december but i cant find who to? Think it was Rockwell Debt collection agency.


    I then done a final settlement to rockwell on the 16.02.06 for £1700??


    So im really confused over PPI amounts and things? Could some one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me?


    Many thanks



  6. Hi,


    Havent updated for a while, as this has been on going with FOS.


    Had to chase up as FOS as after hearing from them saying that welcome will look into our case again, had not heard anything from them directly. Although we had to give them an additional 12 weeks which run out on the 22 july.


    Have since had a letter from FOS which inclided a letter from welcome which they apprently sent us on the 5th may. Which we never received and that they have never chased since????


    Anyway the letter says as follows:


    I write with regard to the above complaint made to the FOS.


    The above agreement is currently in arreas of £1935.36 and the agreement exprired on the 01/09/2008. We are therefore unable to undertake a cancel and rebook on the agreement and will use the insurance refund to reduce the arrears.


    The breakdown of this figure is as follows:


    PPI refund (premium + interest - rebate) = £673.77


    8% interest (will be used to redused arrears = £131.40


    Total to be applied to expired account = £805.17


    Please contact your local branch to arrange an ongoing payment arrangement.

    I trust that this matter has now been concluded to your satisifaction. Should you have any further queries please contact your local branch.


    Carol Smith



    So this second offer is only slightly better than the first. There is not the interest rate on there that they charged me, only the stat interest rate.


    Im a bot confused here as what to do now as i think that this is now classed as a final settlement???


    Advise please??





  7. Hi,

    Thanks for replies. I knew about the CCA to HFO and SAR to OC. But it was more the picture and contents of letter that threw me TBH. Have seen from other HFo threads about complaining as threatening but these seems slightly older letters and thought my wording had been changed ever so slightly?

    I was personally worried about the mention of a charging order being placed on the property. Which is in my sole name and DH has nothing as such to do with it on paper. Or does that change because we are married? Only been married 4 weeks lol.


    But DH will be on the phone to FSO first thing in morning.


    As for further details on debt. DH had the bury head in sand approach to his debts and when he moved in with me march 09 i started going through his debts from letters that he had. But dont appear to have anything other than some old statements from barclaycard. So have no notice of assignment or anything relating to HFO being sold this debt. Presume that this would of been sent to previous address as DH didnt change address with Barclaycard.


    The debts admittly took a back burner as we had a baby and also got married so was too much to deal with all at once. However i have been saying that i really need to get this sorted and then HFO arrived in our lives.


    So i will do the CCA to HFO tomorrow and also the SAR to barclaycard tomorrow too.


    Will post up about FSO complaint and will follow through.


    Thanks for advice



  8. Hi All.


    I am hoping you lovely lot can help me with this one. Its on behalf of my husband. I have just read a rather long, but interesting thread on HFO and seem to get the impression that these are a bunch of ruthless cowboys??


    Anyway i shall start at the beginning as it where........


    Last week recieved a few phone calls from a 0203 number and also a mobile number. Asking for my DH - advised that he was at work. Was asked if i was his partner and when i confirmed that i was his wife, they asked for my details???!!! Just said you can call me Mrs mccarthybaby lol.


    Anyway received this huge letter dated 14th July. Regarding a debt from barclaycard for £6361. Amount has to be paid in 3 days, in full. After 3 days account will move to solicitors desk for legal action resulting in total balance, court fees and costs.

    That DH dossier indicates that he can make contributions towards this debt, that once HFO obtains judgement they will seek to enforce it by way of a warrent of execution. Bailiffs will visit you at .....our home address......(currently registered in the name of) They will seize assets to be sold to pay the debt. Or HFO may also instruct solicitors to secure an order to obtain information against him, which may mean that he will have to produce finacial documents.

    Hfo would wish to avoid such an outcome which makes paying off this debt a far more expensive option. Please contact HFo for an amicable resolution.


    This was just a condensed version and i have included the bits which i thought were important.


    With this letter they have included a print out of DH credit check which lists other debts and previous address on it, although our current address is not on there and another address is wrong???

    A leaflet from HMCS entitled I can not pay my judgment - what do i do?

    a Photo of our home, which we think is taken from google earth.


    They havent included any employemnt details for DH, which i am surprised at as he has been at the same place for 8 years so if they no all this why dont they know that? although they have spelt employment wrong on this letter.


    Secondly in the letter they have said that the address that he lives at now is registered in his name. Which it isnt this is my home from before i even knew DH. So the mortagage is in my name solely?


    So where is the first place i should go...........


    Help needed please?







  9. Hi all, Got my decision letter back from natwest today.


    they have said that they are satisfied that i would have been provided relevant information and any exclusions etc with this policy, so will not uphold my complaint.


    However as a gesture of goodwill they have offered me £328.15, which they say is the insurance premiums and interest that i have paid. excluding the amount of £146.09 which is what was credited back to the account when it was paid off.


    Must say im a little dissapointed. i tried to call them to ask them to explain their figures and they baffled me with numbers!


    they said that my APR rate was actually 15.9 % loan was over 24 months.

    they say that they work their figures out on the base rate which he gave me of %8.096. Still i dont know what to make of it.


    Any suggestions? Does this seem right?


    i feel that i may have to accept as i could really do with the money i have things to pay lol.





  10. Hi all,


    I work for a very large worldwide company and am on Maternity leave at the moment. When i informed them that i was pregnant i was issued a letter, which stated that i had to give 8 weeks notice of my intent to come back to work if i require to change anything. Otherwise it would be deemed that i would return on my exsisting hours and days ect. My mat leave runs out on 01.02.10 but then i have to take my holiday that i have accrued whilst on leave so shouldn't actually go back until 01.03.10.


    I took the flexibile working request letter from the direct.gov website and filled in the blanks. ( i want to work 2 full days a week between 8 am and 5.pm, used to do 5 days of 9.30 am til 2.30 pm. Said i could do any 2 days at their choice - to what ever benifits the company) i sent this letter to my centre manager and also copied HR. done this on the 01.12.09 so this was 8 weeks before my mat leave finished.


    I should have recieved a reply with in 14 days, recieved a letter dated 23.12.09 stating that centre manager was too busy to shedule a hearing and i will be contacted as soon as possible to have a hearing? I have heard that another member of staff has also requested a flexible and whilst they have agreed to it they have told her that until they have found a replacement for the hours she has to work them. ( hope that makes sense lol)


    Anyhow, My problem is that i need to know ASAP if my request is going to be ok as i need to sort childcare. Now to be honest it isn't a major problem as my mum is my childcare but she has a life herself and would like to re-arrange things to know what 2 days she will have the children.


    Can they just take their time when they told me that i had to gove 8 weeks notice - what was the point in that???





  11. Hi,


    Well i had all my info back from natwest, well say all - Just statements.But from that i got my loan info and emailed Natwest asking for details about this loan.


    Recieved a replay saying that they could not locate any agreement, which is no real use to me as i have paif this up. But they inclosed a printed out statement.


    I have found a APR calculator thing and if its correct then my APR from my repayments was %32.2 :eek:


    Just wondered if someone could check my figures as i am useless at numbers and its over my head.


    ok so loan was for £3000, PPI was for £408 monthly repayments were £164.99. I made 1 repayment of loan £122.83 and also loan interest £42.16 then monthly from then at £164.99. I made 10 payments then paid a lump sum of £2139.49 to clear the loan.


    i have used the simple calculation spreadsheet and enters all the figures as i see them. It is saying that i should be asking for £2770.92???


    Can someone please check and let me know if i am doing things right?





  12. Hi all,


    Recieved a letter from barclays saying along the lines of they will not send SAR info until they have confirmed identity. Changed address and didnt formally inform them. They want me to go to nearest branch with details of new address and confirm signature again too.


    Then i will have to request any info that i require and new time frame will commence.


    My question is, they have been sending countless letters here saying account overdrawn and also DCA stuff so they do have my currant address??? They are well over their 40 days for SAR.


    i'm a bit stuck at what they are playing at really??


    What is my next step??

  13. Hi,

    Had another thread as we had an attachment of order earning, So posted agreement in thatere. I dont know how to link it to this ine, aklthough they are 2 seperate issues IMO. But its in the welcome forum, Attachment of order earning help please.


    If i need to repost the link to the agreement. Just let me know





  14. Thanks AA


    So have the just added on the interest to the PPI amount where as in my calculations i added on the interest to each payment that had been paid to them? What would the FOS award their calculations or mine? Could i accept the amount but ask for payment towards me rather than on the loan? As we are disputing the loan to due to inaccurate CCA?


    we dont need the money straight away so the FOS is an option even though it will be timely.


    Tell me honestly, what would you do???






  15. Hi all!


    Well yesterday i rec'd final response from welcome as follows:


    Dear Mcc


    I have investigated the issues raised and can responde as follows. Although we do not agree with your assertions, i have as a matter of goodwill, decide to refund the full PPI policy plus associated interest to you as a full and final settlement.


    My calculations are


    PPI premium £481.08

    Associated Interest £192.69

    8% interest £53.90


    Total £727.67


    If you accept offer of above amount will be refunded back on to your active loan account. pls sign and date the form and return within 14 days. If however you are not prepared to accept our offer please respond to the above address (complaints dept, ruddington)


    In your letter you have stipulated a figure of £5660.78 that you are prepared to accept. You also state these figures include the PPI, associated interest and statutory interest that you have paid on these premiums. However the offer we have made includes these, therefore we are not prepared to increase this offer.


    In addition you have stated that we breached 8.6 of the banking code. I can confirm, the banking code is a voluntary code of pratcise and we are not a member. Therefore i can not agree with your assertions.


    I trust that this resolves the matter. Should you remain unsatified you can escalate this complaint to the FOS within in six months of the date of this letter.



    So is this bog standard and what is my next step??





  16. No credit cards were taken out 1998 but i did have a direct debit set up as its shows on my statement as card services payment???? Please can you find the needle for me.


    Interestingly too, i have today recieved a letter from natwest regarding a loan that i had with them in 2002, they can not locate agreement but have supplied statement of payments. I do not not apr, but assukme from figures that ppi was added as i had loan of 3000 gbp and amount withdrawn is 3285 gbp then another amount of 509 which is interest? can i take this any further to get a more detailed breakdown????





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