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  1. Thank you, that's fine. No large sums in last 2 years and previous was 3.5K drawn down to repair roof ! Accounts are all low Thank you Antone
  2. Had interview with compliance officer re PC have to provide copies my wife business accounts for last 4 years - no problem sending HMRC accounts photocopies. No profit made. No savings but we took out a lifetime mortgage on house and draw down to clear debts ( Credit Card 11K) Would they regard this as income? does that leave me liable to interview under caution + having to pay back? How far can they go back? and can I stop having PC as I am ill and can't take stress? HELP! Thank you
  3. Not here to answer your questions Bazza just trying to help OP, not concerned with my ego - or yours
  4. I didn't state the Police would have been in attendance I stated they were needed to attend,recommendation because of it being an empty but occupied dwelling.
  5. Sorry should have stated-if a Warrant is executed they need Police in attendance, so there should have been Police details - shoulder board numbers, station etc. forgot to add locksmith bill if appropriate Regards Benjibutton
  6. Hi Firstly I would contact the Police as this is clearly breaking and entering, because you received no notice of Court proceedings. Secondly get 3 estimates for any repairs/ replacement of damaged items.This if applicable any medication costs for your animals. Copies of all of these to be sent to the C.E.O of British Gas for payment. It will be worth checking your Credit file - Experian etc to see what is listed against you by BG. If there has been no prior debt there is no reason for BG to insist on a prepayment meter. I would think Eon would be worth contacting to see the state of play with your transfer. This should provide enough information to proceed to the next stage Good luck Benjibutton
  7. Thanks Bazooka Bob Will send this weekend and update Appreciate your help benji
  8. Hi Bazooka Bob Phone call was from British Gas Customer Relations who are now involved, rather than Sainsbury Energy - their debt collection department seems to be staffed by DCA rejects . I will get relevant CEO's email and send all info.Biggest laugh was shortly after Brit Gas rang with a survey !! says it all. Have a good weekend BB
  9. Update My email was never received ! which meant complaint was closed!! I got complaint reopened, Case Manager removed and escalated upwards. Heard nothing and then received a deadlock letter today and first debt collection phone call. I am pleased to tell you the girl said she was also a human being?, and if I didn't pay they would issue a warrant and add interest to the debt.I explained process to her in case she had lost her script and asked her to check her facts. My next action will be to email the Customer Service Manager asking for a SAR, and cancelling their right of entry to my property, door step visits etc. That should start the ball rolling. Any other suggestions? Regards BB
  10. Hi Still waiting for response to my email of 19/102015 will give them until 28th (7 working days) then request escalation or answer - is this correct?
  11. Hi Bazooka Boo Always useful comment. Thank you. Have emailed then today, holding them responsible for the whole mess quoting their admissions from their email. Stated holding them responsible for causing the debt balance and amount is now in serious dispute Stated we will be meter reading each month and paying our usage If they don't resolve this matter to our satisfaction then we will require escalation up to and including the legislative process We await response
  12. Hi Bazooka Boo The Ombudsman they refer to is a internal ombudsman team !! in other words yet another "customer liaison" team, not the proper unbiased independent Energy Ombudsman. Therefore their opinion counts for absolutely nothing. I am prepared to push it all the way. - in my view if it arrives at Court the Magistrate will take into account I have not stopped paying ( therefore I am being reasonable) I am not scared of debt collection processes, I can handle that. By the time I add reasonable costs to the claim it will cost them more than £600 and all this is without media involvement - What do you think?
  13. Update Received email which states the following 1. Admission of wrong set up of D.Ds which has led to account going into debit balance of £846, because payments were not set at amount we agreed. 2.They sent energy statements in March and May. 3. Admission we contacted them in April to request an increase to our payment. 4. Refusal to offer more goodwill payment. 5. Admission that we received shortfalls in customer service. 6. Admission D.Ds were not set at correct amount, payments were not increased when we requested in April. 7. Apology offering £46.45 for above - their internal ombudsman has agreed this is appropriate amount. My thoughts are this is totally unacceptable I would think that we increase DD to cover usage from current month,state will not pay outstanding amount and let it go forward to Court action. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi Bazooka Boo Right, we will wait, I will let you know what's happening Thanks very much I do really appreciate your help and advice Best Regards Benjibutton
  15. Hi Bazooka Boo Thank you, I will pre empt her by writing to her and stating everything in writing only, I asked her for copies of all information held as per rules of disclosure and a copy of complaints procedure - which I have now downloaded. Next step write for disclosure? I have copies of my DD payments,copies of my energy usage graph - which doesn't show high enough usage to equate with their bills, and my email to them and her email reply stating she is "managing our complaint". What noone has said is why they could not find our gas account when, as previously stated we were with Brit. Gas for years before Scot. Power, and Sainsbury uses Brit Gas! Incidentally she works for Sainsbury Energy. I completely agree she is just a commission led DCA.
  16. Hi Bazooka Bo This is correct,and contact has been by phone - us ringing them - My wife sent them an email complaining we had heard nothing. We have now been allotted a Complaint Manager. She spoke to my wife the other day and wanted a payment of £500 against the debt of £840, despite admitting it is their fault. She rang back by arrangement yesterday and I spoke to her. As I am the account holder I stated no payment would be forthcoming, whatever she"agreed" with my wife. I told her this would cause me hardship and she couldn't see why as she said my wife said funds were available to pay them the £500 - my wife denies this statement - and, I believe her. She offered a £30 good will payment which I laughed at she increased her offer to £45 - I continued laugh!, I told her I would accept £600 taken off bill, (as I get a £200 cold weather payment this in my book would mean I owe £46) She stated an Ombudsman would not agree to that, and, anyway firstly it would be passed to their ombudsman department.She seemed very put out when this did not a/) make me cower with fear and b/) rush for my chequebook.
  17. Bankfodder A most helpful post! As far as "a bit of a laugh" is concerned, guess I am having a sense of humour failure
  18. Hi Thank you for your help - much appreciated. I have discovered the following:- We have made 12 payments to Sainsbury via direct debit - first was in Oct 2014. £9 payment for gas started in Jan 2015. We applied in July 2014 and changeover happened in Oct 2014 for elec and gas in Jan 2015. This was because they couldn't find gas account - yet before Scottish Power we were with British Gas ! In the light of the info how would you handle this? Regards Benjibutton
  19. Hi Yes I claim winter fuel. This has been over 12 months. I will inform you of response on Thursday - many thanks for your help - really appreciated.
  20. Hi Need advice please, with Sainsburys for gas and elec. After a fiasco with Scottish Power where we were over £1000 in credit, due to wrong billing we moved to Sainsbury Energy who have admitted they should have taken £50 + £80 per month from us. A total of approx £130. They took £59 !! Because of delay in changeover of gas - they couldn't find they were taking £50 for elec and £9 for gas - they have admitted this fault - and said Sorry . Now we are over £830 in debt, and they want £250 per month for 12 months to clear debt, or pay £830 off to start anew. We have contacted them twice - and been ignored. I am an OAP and disabled and was told - don't worry - now they want us to pay up - any ideas as I don't think this is fair. We sent email and now have a complaint manager who is phoning back Thursday ? HELP !!!
  21. Hi Daughter has a car on finance among many other debts.Just been passed over loads of debt letters from her old address including her car finance. She hasn't paid any payments for months and there is a Repossession Notice as well as a " nice, handwritten note" from a collection agent. I have her car gathering dust on my property.She owes about £8000 on it and it is now worth maybe £2000 - high mileage etc. I would not be adverse to offering them £1500 for it Would they be likely to accept this, or, am I putting myself at risk by getting involved? Any advice appreciated
  22. I appreciate the comments made by the member of Carcraft, and will of course ask my daughter to give them authority to speak to me, but, before speaking I still want to check the full implications of this situation. Perhaps someone independant would like to comment? Many Thanks
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