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  1. Yeah i have said its an emergency for 3 weeks, everytime i rang them...i have checked they have recieved the form so hopefully on our way
  2. Its ok they have family visiting at the moment & the brother spoke english ...but they have now signed the form. Anything else can be dealt with by the water boar
  3. Contacted water again to tell them i wasnt happy doing the pushing. She went away for 20 mins & come back to tell me their form was recieved 2 days ago! And they will be in touch to say when tbey will be scheduling the work! Im going to complain about the way this was handled by them. 2 water vans have just pulled up outside. Apparantly there may be a leak 2 houses down now. Their communication is soo bad, the leak moves with each phone call or visit! This is now the 3rd house they have blamed. I willet you know if anything changes. Thankyou so much for your help
  4. I have just caught someone coming out of the house next door, a relative, i run up to the car & told him the situation, i said they must sign the form to get water on, he said they have no water either & will pass message on to his brother, i think they are turkish, or very similar. He spoke some english anyway. He said water board should tell them not me....this is why i really think that south staffs water should be pushing this
  5. Initially tbey said they could force repair...but i rang this morning & they said they could but they wont as its just the form they waiting for from nxt door. I asked what happens if they dont sign it & she said they must sign the form before we can schedule the work, maybe i should knock & ask or push note through telling them to sign I have but they wont answer as i explained ...i think its really wrong the water board puts it back onto me. As they have more legal power & persuasion than me, i dont want to look like im harrassing them, but obviously i need a water supply.
  6. Thankyou for helping. In addition to my post for anyone experiencing similar, we are a row of 4 terraced houses, there is no entryways to the back gardens. We have 2 main stopcocks on our proprty in the back garden, one serves just this house & the other serves 2 houses to the right. Investigative work was done with a machine that bounces a signal off the undergrond pipes, but as next door has a part plastic, the signal cant go through. No evidence of water pooling anywhere, so must be underground. The last house on the row has no water upstairs whatsoever, we, 2 doors up have very limited water, the shower wont work due to no pressure (its stone cold & its a brand new shower)..the bath takes an hour for an inch of water, the toilet cistern drips in after flushing & washing machine wont work, again due to not enough water coming in. The boilor is constantly losing pressure. Hope this info helps
  7. Hi Can someone help me please? We have a problem with very low water pressure for nearly 3 weeks now. We cant shower, bath wont fill, toilet takes ages to refil after flush and my washing machine wont fill. We have 3 adults in the house, myself, my partner & daughter We are block of 4 houses. South staffs water were notified of the prob came out & traced it to the back garden mains of one of the properties, but cant pinpoint which one. cutting a long long story short, they said they would dig & investigate. They got us to sign a permission form last week, which all houses did, except next door no 40. I only found out today that this is why nothings been started yet, as they need the form signed. Problem is they wont ans the door, ignore notes left. They dont speak much english. I suffer health problems and havent been able to get my hair washed for nearly 3 weeks. I can wash with a kettle of water but i feel so dirty all the time its effecting my mental health now. Ive tried citizens advice but i cant get through. 3 of the houses are brought & ours is private rented. She said they can force repair tgen charge whoever or all for it, but they are now saying they cant even do that if they dont receive that form from next door. We cannot live like this for much longer & i dont know what to do Thankyou for any help you can offer
  8. Hi hope someone can help me. My friend was recently homeless and he found a HMO studio flat which was no deposit but required 4 weeks rent in advance (£396). He got a crisis loan for this. In the meantime he applied for housing benefit which the local council sorted out prompty after 2 weeks. As he was unemployed he was entitled to £183 per fortnight (£366 month). This has to be paid direct to the landlord. So am i correct in thinking the first 4 weeks rent has been paid for twice? He is paying off the crisis loan at £5 per week out of his benefit. But surely the landlord should have returned the initial 4 weeks so it could be paid off the crisis loan? My friend has been in the studio 2 months now and asked the landlord about it, the reply was there was only £80 credit and not anywhere near the £366! So its worrying where its gone!! Also when he moved in there was black mould on the bedroom wall, they said they would fix it and replaster. Now they are saying they wont - all they will do is move the radiator off the opposite wall and put it on the wall that is damp! My friend has been to CAB with some issues on his contract, like being responsible for maintaining the gas and electric ect....CAB said the contract was laughable and gave him the number of the local council housing officer. But my friend is reluctant to contact the housing officer because the previous tennants got evicted for complaining to the environmental health about the damp. Would anyone on here be able to help put his mind at rest and clarify please thank you
  9. Im sorry Im at an age now where the old comprehend cell is on the wain lol. Okay so starting on week 1 (w/b 20th) could i take tuesday as my normal day off and be home on xmas day, without breaking any rules? Then 2nd week (beg 27th) there is a bank hol and ne w year day..........am i entiled to my normal day off that week - say tuesday again? then on 3rd week (beg 3rd) there is one bank hol.....do i get my normal day off that week? Sorry i might be able to get my head around it this way lol
  10. ahah i think i follow you now.........so w/b 20th i have to work 4 days because theres a stat hol (xmas day in there) - then w/b 27th i still have to work 4 days even tho theres bh's in there. So 1st week i have day off and xmas day - total working days in week = 4 2nd week i dont have day off because i have bh mon and new year day so i work tues, wed,thurs,fri = 4 3rd week i have bh mon off but dont have day off = 5 working days Am i anywhere near?
  11. so i wouldnt get my day off week before xmas! When it was easter or any other bh i had my day off, and only worked a short week ( ie bh mon off, tues day off, then 4 days in) and got paid, this is what i cant understand, if it like that for easter ect, why is christmas different?
  12. sos shoud be - 3 because of bh mon, my day off and new year day
  13. On the run up to xmas...i was going to have my day off within the week as normal, then we closed xmas day, boxing day. The following week there is a bh monday which we closed and then open on tues (this would have been my next day off) - then we closed new year day and have a bh on 3 jan. My contract just says " you are entitled to 25 days holiday per annum plus staturary public holidays" - thats it! Its retail industry
  14. but surely if my contact says 25 days hol plus stats (doesnt specify any number of stats), christmas day is one of those "stats", a public holiday. Wouldnt this be having my day off on a public holiday?
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