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  1. I started another thread on Link recently, but thought this deserved a thread of its own. Link have been texting and phoning my brother about my alleged debt. They shouldn't do that, should they? I telephoned Link a long time ago (before I learned not to) and used my disabled brother's cellphone as I didn't have one at that time. Link must have somehow retained the number, and now they're bombarding him with text and voicemail messages. When he received the first text (see below) he phoned the number wondering what it was all about. Link somehow knew the surname of the pers
  2. PGH Thing is, I've never applied for any credit whatsoever in over a decade. Yes, account in dispute letter was sent to them around 4 years ago.
  3. I'd been paying Link token amounts from the late 1990s' then in 2007 I stopped paying when they couldn't meet my CCA request. I've moved home since then, but my current address has been on the Electoral Roll since I moved four years ago. Just thought it strange to get the following letters in two different envelopes on the same day. Thanks in advance.
  4. Who's their CEO? What address do I contact him/her at? Thanks in advance.
  5. A year ago, I noticed that Lowells had done a couple of searches on my credit file. At that time I hadn't a clue what they were looking for. However, a couple of weeks later after receiving a letter from Lowells it was apparent that they had purchased my Littlewoods debt. The appropriate entry on my credit file (including the default) was changed from Littlewoods to Lowells. I cca'd Lowells, and after a few weeks they wrote to confirm that they were closing the file as Littlewoods could not produce a cca. I then wrote to Lowells asking them to remove their entry from my
  6. There are definitely no cancellation rights on the Agreement. The document was signed at home and posted back to them, How does that affect matters? Btw I'm still paying a token amount to them each month, but I just want rid of them altogether.
  7. I've often wondered about that Ida. How does it work? There must be husbands/wives whose other halves don't know about the debt situation. And there will surely be husbands/wives who don't know what their other half earns, even if they dared ask. How are these situations taken into consideration? Regards HT
  8. I've got a similar problem. There are a couple of DCAs' who have disputed accounts ie they have never been able to supply a copy of my CCA. Because of this, they haven't been paid anything for over 2 years. However, they've been sending me statements twice a year for the past couple of years, and it has crossed my mind that if they send the statements to my old address and they are returned to the DCAs' by the current occupier, perhaps they then would be so evil as to take legal action against me (without my immediate knowledge) using my old address!! On the other hand, if I writ
  9. Hi Lothianlass No one is going to judge you on here everyone has their own story about their reasons for getting into debt. Anyway your total debt is still lower than what mine was. Hopefully one of the experts will be along soon to give you advice re the aib and anyhting else you need to know. HT
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