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  1. The Price Promise applies when a local RETAIL store has the EXACT same item in stock either available for delivery or to take on the day. You'd be hard pressed to find a local Dixons store I'm afraid. The reason we don't price match Dixons is because it is now (barring a few exceptions) run online. So yes you will get charged less for your product, BUT here is the catch. Washing machine, Dixons price £259.95, Currys price £279.95 That same washer will be £279.95 on Currys.co.uk and more than likely be FREE to deliver. In store delivery charges are £19.95 for your SDA's and £5 for each additional item with no extra charge to take your old item away. If you mention politely that the item can be delivered for free online, we will match our own website. Not only that, Dixons will charge you £20 for the delivery, then £10 for every item you want recycling. Obviously this is just a guesstimation on the prices but it'll be similar, and if you came into a Currys store you'd get a chance to actually see the product before you bought it and have a chat to a collegue about whether or not it's right for you (yes I know no Currys sales assistants know what they're talking about because we just want to take money from you and push you for that 5yr WEH cover, or so it would seem everybody thinks)
  2. ALWAYS ask a sales assistant to show you the product working if it is not out on display, it is both goodwill and a LEGAL requirement. But no, that is the company policy, once you have purchased it, and there is no fault with it... Currys will not accept it back.
  3. Well Renzo, like you I have recently been sent on the FIVES training (I only did the 1 day course) and must admit I did find it quite strange. However I don't see how you could call it 'brainwashing' or anything of the sort, it's just about maximising sales for both the customer and yourself, I'm sure you're well aware of your KPI targets and I don't know about you but I don't really mind reaching mine... There are a few things I don't really find necessary regarding FIVES, infact I think they're abit pushy (I'm not that kind of person) so I don't really use 'Room 2'. I don't think it's right to "plant" whateverhappens into someones head before you even establish what they want. The customers I have spoken to about these new techniques have actually been quite impressed with the service and they found that they got the most out of what they initally had in mind (whether it be a TV, camera or whatever...) because of this "Brainwashing" you call it. Don't get me wrong I'm not the biggest 'company man', I go to work to pay the bills, but I think that what you have said is a bad misrepresentation of Currys staff, we're not there to rob you blind, it's to make sure that when you buy your £800 TV, you don't end up with the type of quality picture you'd get on a £300 set.
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