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  1. I am under the impression that the official receiver has absolutely no right to demand that your other half reveal his income...in an equitable relationship all expenses should be 50/50 regardless of who earns what. If he does not reveal his income, which is his right, then the assumption will be that he contributes 50% to all essential expenses.
  2. I'm slightly behind everyone else as I have just received a threatening missive from RMA...sent the bemused letter in response
  3. Hello everyone I have just had a letter from Marlin stating that they have had a Yorkshire Bank debt of mine assigned to them. The letter goes on to instruct me to pay them and helpfully encloses a direct debit mandate (yeah, right ). Attached to the letter is another letter purportedly from Yorkshire bank just reiterating what the Marlin missive states, it is unsigned. My question is, is this in order or do they have to supply me with anything else, specifically something signed direct from Yorkshire Bank? Thanks in anticipation
  4. The one thing they are not going to do is intimidate me...i've got a wife and three daughters at home who do a good enough job in that department
  5. Following this thread as I have just received a yellow card from Allied International...have just sent the bemused letter off
  6. Is there any way that you could post up the documents that you have received (taking out all personal info beforehand)
  7. Yes they can detect use of your TV either by van based or hand held detectors...potentially a very expensive mistake on your part. The fine is up £1k and costs
  8. I would always operate under the belief that they are not...no nasty shocks that way and helps stave off complacency
  9. Are they insinuating that they have not terminated the agreement?
  10. Good luck Smouk...cracking letters BTW
  11. It possibly leaves them up the smelly creek without a paddle Grab a big cup of tea and read this very interesting thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/170345-tale-dodgy-dn.html
  12. Well done Mrs Z...I am the proud owner of a defective default and termination by Tesco Personal Finance and this thread gives me real hope
  13. DinkJames How strange that you should bring this up now. About 6 weeks ago my wife and I both received statements from TPF relating to the perio Sept 08 to beginning of MAy this year. As far as I am aware it is the first time that I have received statements regarding this loan which was taken out in 2006. I will be watching this thread with some interest
  14. Why is everybody talking about the car....no one is going to take it
  15. Hello Everyone I know that a creditor can terminate a credit card agreement, but what is the process when it is a loan agreement rather than a CC...does the creditor just have to demand full payment for the agreement to in effect be terminated? (after a default notice of course) Thanks for any help
  16. As far as I am aware it is actually 12 days + 2 for service...so the 14 day clock starts ticking as soon as you send the letter, not when they receive it.
  17. Absolute nonsense...I think that you must have spoken to the cleaner rather than the expert
  18. Classic...i'll have to remember that
  19. Sorry, nothing to add as such, just to say that this is the type of thing that completely bemuses me. I have had nothing but trouble from RBS, and nothing but co-operation from Sharkleys and MBNA...why do creditors treat people differently and in such a seemingly random manner??
  20. If it was me who received that letter I would be responding to Regal Credit with the "i'm flabergasted that this matter has been passed to you whilst in dispute" letter
  21. Just play the merry-go-round and write to RBS/Tesco and ask them to clarify who you should be dealing with....don't stress, you actually can have a bit of fun giving them the run around.
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