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  1. Again, many thanks. I am learning all the time.
  2. Thanks. Sound advice again. I will tread carefully. I have checked the first correspondence that they sent to me and there is no sign of an offer of a speed awareness course, I do remember being offered one a good few years ago but did not take that up at the time. That may be the reason for it not being offered again. Looks like my only option now is to shut up and pay up. Thanks for your input which is much appreeciated.
  3. Thanks, everyone . You have been most helpful
  4. Thanks for your comments which are much appreciated. I did receive my own NIP and have notified the Police, in one of my letters, that I was the driver of the vehicle. You raise an interesting and valid point about the Registered Keeper perhaps not being the leasing company; I had missed that. I think that my next course of action is to ascertain who is the RK and ask when they received their NIP. The Police say that an NIP was sent out on 15/12/20 , a few days after the alleged incident. So, based on what you have intimated, they are probably not bluffing
  5. Hi All, I would appreciate a bit of advice re a speeding offence. I lease a vehicle and the leasing company received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) dated 7/1/21 relating to an alleged offence speeding offence (fixed camera) on 12/12/20. As soon as I heard from the police, I wrote back and informed them that the notice was well over the 14 days set out by the Road Traffic Act. and sent them a copy of the notice issued to the leasing company dated 7/1/21. The police persisted in simply replying and advising me that the it was issued within 14 days! Afte
  6. They have her new address; they found it somehow and that is why they wrote to her with their Welcome Letter.
  7. Thanks,. It was registered at a previous address, over 6 years ago
  8. Hi, I would appreciate some help and guidance please. My wife had a CCJ from HSBC for £3.1k over 6 years ago; it related to bank charges and on principle it was never paid. It dropped off the credit file earlier this year, just recently my wife has had a letter form Cabot who have now purchased the debt and are chasing; we have not taken any of their calls or replied to their polite letter saying "Welcome to Cabot" !!!! I have a little knowledge on the subject! I am aware that a CCJ never totally goes away, but anyone seeking to enforc
  9. Thanks. The car was on lease and the leasing co have already grassed me up, so to speak! I guess it is probably best to wait and see what POPLA have to say and then decide on strategy,
  10. Hi All, I would appreciate a little bit of advice. I parked in an NCP car park on a quiet Sunday afternoon and did not pay the parking charge due to the machine not working. When presented, many months later with a £100 parking charge, I appealed and they turned me down, without even addressing my specific concerns. I have just now taken my appeal to POPLA, but am not confident that they will help. From what I have read online, it seems that these NCP people are chancing their arm by asking me to pay £100 charge. If it goes against
  11. Hi, This is very interesting. It is a bit complicated and I am a bit thick. So I hope that I have this right; if not please ignore me and I shall keep taking the medication! I have a situation where I have 6 charging orders against my property. These were all forced by banks etc and 2 have statutory interest clocking up each month. After the mortgage, there is very little equity and the likely hood is that there would be little available in the event of a forced sale. The house is in my name only; my wife shares it with me and has done since I bought it. Funds were used from our
  12. Ha ha ha! Someone at North Lincs Council must have a nose that it continually growing.
  13. The attendance to remove fee, or enforcement fee as they call it, relates to a previous year. Having got them to refund all of such fees in the recent years charges, I then asked them for a refund in respect of an earlier years charges. Problem here is that it is all a bit hazy and I cannot remember what transport they turned up in! I made the mistake of cutting them some slack on this and asking them to check; however, they sidestepped checking and just quoted the regs at me! All that said - the enforcement fee was charged at the same time as the levy, which I understand is not correct.
  14. The visits were some time ago. I do recall that there were two - a first one when I was not there and then, a little later when, obviously, I was there. I have a vague recollection that they put a note though the door (so no one answered) but cannot recall any more! As for the Header Fees, you are correct in saying that no goods were removed.
  15. Hi All, Just had a reply from the Council regarding my Complaint against Ross and Roberts; please see uploaded letter. It looks as though I am going to have to press ahead with legal action since they have stonewalled me on refunding the outstanding costs. I have one query which I should be grateful for an informed view on : Visit fees are not supposed to be charged at the same time as levy fees. This is something that I have successfully challenged on and obtained refunds for earlier episodes of bailiff action (see earlier comments in this thread). However, on the remainin
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